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Final Fantasy XIII-2 TGS trailers in English

September 20th, 2011 by Tony Garsow

There were two trailers for Final Fantasy XIII-2 shown at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and the second one for the Xbox 360 is now available. Also, the PS3 version is in English! Enjoy!

Trailers courtesy of RPGSite.net!

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  • Steven

    Amazing, and this definately hyped me a lot !!!

  • Steven

    by the way, its not at E3, but at TGS they were shown… in the article, not the title.

  • Tony

    Fixed that typo. Thanks. ;P

  • dan hibiki

    What a stupid music… who the hell is Charice? why isn’t Uematsu doing all the job?

  • gmoyajp

    I agree with you Dan hibiki.

    kain voice from Duodecim on that guy?? wtf…. lol

    anyways am not hype for this at all as a day 1 fan of the series, am more hype for type-0.

  • Von

    Haha, Kain is back :p

  • Bekas

    … Is it just me or does Hope now have a lisp? ‘SsssssHerah’

  • lalik

    Hmmm.. I don’t know, I don’t really like the English version of this song, the Japanese was more powerful to me. And I don’t know but Kain’s voice seems weird on that purple guy. Anyways it looks like they just dub the Japanese trailer because the voice don’t sync with the mouth at all. The official English game might be different.

  • Blaster

    @Dan Hibiki: i feel ya bro, i feel ya.
    awesome trailer/s nonetheless

    and holy crap, that purple dude.. it’s funny when i first saw him, i immediately thought of Liam O’Brien then bam! the guy ends up sounding exactly like Kain. haha

  • Aluminah

    @dan hibiki
    Pop ballads have been featured since FFVIII and Uematsu left SE about 7 years ago, just what are you trying to imply here?

    Don’t quite get SE’s rush on releasing trailers with English voicing over Japanese scenes, it doesn’t aid them in any way.

  • Cody

    Um… major spoiler in that one trailer lol. Then again,…we could just go back in time and keep Noel alive .. ha

    Btw, is it just me, or does Kaias’ sword look like a the soul caliber sword? hah

  • Aluminah


    It does look like Soul Edge from the most recent designs as Nightmare’s weapon. eh

  • dan hibiki


    I’m not “trying to imply” anything (read: I don’t want to start some complaining about how old games were better than XIII, if that’s what you were thinking), I just think this stupid song is inappropriate for the atmosphere of this trailer (or the game in general), and that Uematsu’s songs were always perfect for the place and time where they played.

    And, as I see, someone agrees with me :)

    By the way, Eyes On Me, Melodies Of Life and Sudeki Da Ne were all composed by Nobuo Uematsu, not by some random pop singer like this song

  • Aluminah

    @dan hibiki

    That’s something else, you thinking the song doesn’t fit is fine.
    This new age of gaming requires games to have trailers that try to be appealing so I actually understand how SE has been consecutively using more or less “famous” stars in the “Pop music scene” in order to boost, well, everything they can.
    You mentioning Uematsu doesn’t strike any particular point because it was a different era and the use was by all means different too.
    They were still Pop ballads, doesn’t matter how good or bad they were, that’s why I addressed you the way I did.

  • dan hibiki

    Err… I see your point, but I think the issue is not so simple..
    First, surely you’re right, but I don’t see why SE has to resort to pop music for a franchise such as FF …i’d understand if it was some “less established” franchise. In fact, this deserved to be criticized more than the trivial stuff I’ve heard and read about FFXIII.
    Second, I’ve mentioned Uematsu but I could have mentioned Hamauzu or Sakimoto (still, Uematsu is the best :P), that’s was not my point, as I wanted to allude to the uselessness of a random pop song. But you’re right: the use was different, and I don’t like the use of this song.
    Third: it’s not a matter of “good or bad” (I am aware of the insults that I could receive but, personally, I label them all as bad), but of appropriate or inappropriate, as I already said.

    Well…that’s just my opinion. Hope I did not seem too picky 😛

  • Aluminah

    It’s because it’s not simple that I tried to find out what exactly did you mean, and now I know.
    FF is becoming less of a phenomenon in terms of surprising the “game communities” and more of just a series of games trying to live up to something no one really knows what is. SE themselves made the leap with FFXIII, they themselves consider XIII to be a “new way” to approach the franchise.
    Even though no one talked about it much, the fact they used Leona Lewis’ “My Hands” pissed a whole lot of “fans” off.
    I didn’t like it much but I quickly realized it was for a completely different reason, “My Hands” wasn’t the English version of “Kimi ga Iru Kara”, it was just a random Pop song and that felt somewhat disappointing. Perhaps that’s exactly what you’re seeing here, you hear it and you just see “another Pop song” and that I can relate to.
    Even without the big names, for example, I think Ishimoto did great with the soundtrack for CC and I think “Why?” worked ok, even if it didn’t then “Fulfilled Desire” would have made up for any underwhelming feelings.
    I guess the bottom line is, the song didn’t work for you.
    Furthermore, I also don’t think you deserve insults.

  • yahya

    is it just me but think ive figured this out? lightnings rival ( kias or w.e) IS noel in the future?his own self????

  • yahya

    *Caius is NOEL? the future?!!!!

  • rattyinc

    @ dan hibiki
    “What a stupid music… who the hell is Charice? why isn’t Uematsu doing all the job?”

    Like someone else said … Uematsu resigned from SE a while ago.

    On a side note this game looks epic. But i feel it will be as confusing as hell with time jumping and all. So if they can keep the story flowing well and not confuse a lot of gamers then it could work out to be a great game.
    I don’t mind the song, sounds okay, maybe it just needs to grow on you, if they use the theme in the game and have different variations then i can see it working well.

  • lalik

    @yahya No I don’t think so, if he is Noel then wouldn’t he die in that trailer too? When he stab Noel, he would have created a time paradox, and besides they’re both voice by different people, I doubt it, but yes Noel and Caius seems to have known each other before. Maybe Caius is like Kain whereas he’s a good character but doing things on his own kinda guy.

  • dan hibiki

    @ Aluminah

    I completely agree with you, just let me add one last thing. You made a good example mentioning “Why?”, but I have a better one: Melodies of Life. The difference between Melodies of Life and Another World, although they’re both “pop ballads”, is that the first is a part of the plot and was even sung by one of the main characters in-game, while the second is just for commercial purposes…
    If you remember, in the last Versus trailer they had put a great song made specifically for the game, and that was really awesome!

  • TheExile285

    Yea I’m sold. Probably gonna pre-order next week. not to fond of the songs in the trailer but meh

  • ViralZero

    As if Caius wasn’t a bad enough rip off of Kain lol. Game still looks pretty sweet. I hope they don’t mess it up with another Square-Enix over convoluted plot. That’s their trademark these days. “Let’s make it overly complicated so it sounds like we’re intelligent” seems to be the motto.

  • Aluminah

    @dan hibiki

    Indeed, that’s quite a good reference.
    Last? I think all the music for Versus so far has been done from scratch by Shimomura, the first being Somnus and the second being a longer, more heartfelt/pumped similar composition.
    Versus just seems to be aiming a lot higher then anything else on SE.

  • Silverfang

    Wow those were awesome, I know I’m hyped. But one thing, why in the world are SE putting so many spoilers in their final fantasy trailers? First Type 0, now this.

  • Aluminah


    It’s not a spoiler when no one actually knows the context, everyone calls it spoiler, myself included, because it’s a way to refer to scenes that are put in trailers to purposely create hype.