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Last Round of FFXIII-2 DLC set for May 15

May 9th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

It’s been a few weeks since our last Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC update, but on Tuesday, May 15th, we’ll be getting the last batch of downloadable content announced for the game. This includes a White/Black Mage outfit for Serah and Noel, 16 outfits for Mog, a DLC fight with Valfodr, and DLC scenarios for Snow and Lightning.

While pricing has not been announced for the North America region, expect outfit, Coliseum, and scenario DLC top be priced similarly to those in its category.

Via: PlayStation Taiwan, Nova Crystallis

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  • lalik

    So did they ever tell us if we’re getting a XIII-3 or a DLC ending? Cause I think the Lightning DLC is going to show us how she got turned into crystal but it’s not the ending right?

  • The_Joker_gamer

    Another “To be continued…”?

  • Azuardo

    @lalik: I don’t know if it’s confirmed either way. If it isn’t the real ending that’s supposed to conclude the ‘To Be Continued’ part then maybe a XIII-3 will happen. To be fair, I can see XIII-3 happening because the mythology with the gods/goddesses/Fal’Cie looks like it was only starting to be explored with XIII-2 and its talk of Etro etc. I can imagine a XIII-3 would delve deeper into that side of things.

  • dan hibiki

    I used to be excited about FFXIII-2, then I took a Toriyama in the knee

  • The_Joker_gamer

    And the prada costumes DLC how much?

  • Steven


    The prada costumes like you said, aren’t DLC, they are real clothes for the PRADA brand, they just used FF13-2 characters as models instead of real human beings.

    As much as I would like FF13-2 story to end with the DLC, it seems very unlikely, because I would think that if it would be the real ending, they wouldn’t charge for it, so most likely a 13-3 is in the works, either as a game or as a movie.

    Never believes developers when they talk about what project is in the works or not, they’ll lie if they have to in order to keep the company’s secrets.

    Anyway, I loved 13 and its universe so I would gladly buy a whole trilogy ! Maybe they can take the best of 13 and the best of 13-2 and make a real final and complete product with 13-3. But please, release it AFTER Versus XIII.

  • Azuardo

    I’m the same, Steven. The characters and XIII in general receive a LOT of flack, but I’ve been in love with everything about XIII from the very beginning. I’ve been captivated by the characters and the universe it is set in, making sure to read both Episode novellas (reading Zero gave me a much better appreciation of the characters and changes the way you look at XIII-1 afterwards).

    I think you could be right – Square wouldn’t just be so obvious as to release the true ending through DLC, right? That would be a huge bitch slap to fans. They did mention in the past that they want to give Lightning a happy ending, so whether that will be the case for XIII-3…maybe. Nothing about the ending of XIII-2 was happy for anybody, and I sure as hell don’t think everything will be cleared up and “sunshine and rainbows” with the Lightning DLC. I’d be more than willing to buy XIII-3, and at this rate it’ll come out before Versus!

  • Light-San

    Ummm…. I thought the Snow DLC was a Colosseum battle? When did it suddenly become a Scenario DLC?

  • The_Joker_gamer

    @Steven I knew that the prada costumes were just a joke but it was too late for April fools maybe Nomura was involved in that. I also like 13 & 13-2 but if 13-3 is real then this will interfere with the release date of Versus and/or Type-0 (NA). Has anyone noted the “nod” before Valhalla is alone? Funny thing that the other “nods” lead to paradox endings or is the Void Beyond.

  • Update

    it became a scenario because what im assuming is that after the battle against snow, there would be a cutscene afterwards saying that he’ll congratulate you for defeating that many enemies and therefore transform into his ultimate form and fight you head on but that’s my theory.

  • NecroMage

    I guess the days of free secret characters and super-bosses are over. Thanks, Square. It’s been fun.

  • Axwind

    Can anyone remember when games were complete right out of the box, rather than being sold to us a piece at a time? Mercantilism is destroying every creative industry and product nowadays.

  • Chaos

    @NecroMage The game is complete. The additional scenarios won’t add to the ending. SE already said the TBC was so you can get the paradox endings. What ever they release now doesn’t further the story so yeah it’s complete. You want to prolong the experience with new content they develop? Fine, pay for it. Nothing is free. Shouldn’t expect it to be free. The game starts and finishes. You can do everything the game said you could at 1.0. It’s at 1.06 now I believe so anything after 1.0 is outside the product you purchased unless its bug fixes.

    Not having a go but your comment was a little unfair to the dev team working. If the finished the story via DLC I could agree with your comment. As such it doesn’t and wanting things for free just isn’t how the world works anymore…