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Famitsu awards FFXIII-2 a perfect score

December 6th, 2011 by Tony Garsow

This week’s Famitsu contains a review of the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2, in which the game has been given a perfect 40/40 score. Each of the four reviewers scores on a scale of ten points. Final Fantasy XIII scored 39/40 upon release. Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases on December 15th in Japan.

Via: 2ch, Nova Crystallis


  • Kaien


  • LordGfet

    Does not mean the game is perfect, just that is better than 13

  • BLK Magus

    Which means nothing, really. Let’s face it – FFXIII was a game that cannot be described as “near-perfect” in most any aspect (except graphics, and maybe battle themes). A majority of FF games are better than FFXIII. For FFXIII-2 to be better, well, that just means that it might not be so tedious or repetitive.

  • AgitoXIII

    Famitsu doesn’t have a shred of credibility on reviewing a game. Just a bunch of fanboy indunced people who praise all things FF, and barely know anything about western gaming.

  • SQEX_Me

    This review doesn’t mean much, TBH. The gave FFXIII 39/40 so they basically trapped themselves into giving FFXIII-2 a 40/40 as the game was made to improve every aspect of the flawed original.

    Famitsu have been giving out too many 40/40 scores since the DS came out. Their last legit 40/40 was FFXII.

  • LordGfet

    Agreed with you SQEX_Me
    I think FFXII had the BEST start EVER in any final fantasy,
    I love it haha’

  • dan hibiki

    Funny. I remember, when FFXII was just released almost everybody used to hate it (me too, I admit it). Now FFXIII is receiving the same amount of hate, and FFXII is loved by everyone: in every website I go I read stuff like “FFXII (or FFX) was the last perfect FF game”. When FFXV will be released, most of the “fans” will loathe it, I’m sure. And maybe someone will start to say that FFXIII was the last perfect game blah blah blah…this really pisses me off to no end.

  • meep

    Meh, Famitsu.
    The only FF game I know they never gave one of their high scores is DoC, and even then, their review didn’t come out until a few weeks after release.
    I smell a conspiracy

  • lalik

    @dan hibiki I totally feel you! When FFXII came out everybody hated it, I was one of the few who loved it, and now since FFXIII is in the spot light of their hating FFXII is praised to be good? WTH? That’s so dumb.

    Anyways, good to hear it got a perfect, even if it might mean much from everyone’s comment, gonna have to wait and see. The Japanese one is releasing soon!

  • hi

    take that haters

  • Nico

    It’s appalling to me when people say such things as, “Just a bunch of fanboy indunced people who praise all things FF, and barely know anything about western gaming.” Famitsu is a JAPANESE magazine, not a WESTERN NATION magazine. And trust me, they know plenty about western gaming, they just choose to do their own region the honor of making games more suited to their style, as they should. Western gaming companies such as Bioware, Bethesda or Valve all make games that are generally loved and accepted as amazing games here in the west. Mass Effect? Skyrim? Left 4 Dead? Half Life? All extremely high praised games that were made in the west FOR the west (to a certain extent. That’s not to say that eastern gamers can’t or don’t enjoy them a lot). It’s always going to be hit or miss. Both the west and the east have things they love and hate about games and their styles. Final Fantasy has slowly become a franchise that doesn’t do well in the west, as it continues to boom financially in Japan (although the release of some FF games in the west has hurt Square Enix majorly before because they did so poorly to western gamers).
    Anyway, I digress.

  • Glenn

    Actually, I remember reading that Famitsu also gave Skyrim a 40/40 review, so they’re not blind for western games or gaming culture.
    I’m glad the game got a perfect score. If they improved on 13 it’ll be an amazing game. I haven’t been regretting buying FF13 at all, so I’m eagerly awaiting 13-2.

  • Apple

    Love or hate, FF 13 fans are generally split between which FF you started with. Start with 10 or 12 and you probably liked 13. Start with 9 or lower you probably disliked it. Whether you like it or not, FF is changing. There are plenty of other fantastic JRPGs out there too, so if your not a big fan of the changes you’ve got plenty of choices.

  • lalik

    I agreed with Apple, many people I know that love FFXIII start with X, I start with IV but I like the fact that they’re trying to change as time goes by. I love ATB battle system. If they go back to taking turns it’ll be too slow pace for me. The only time I’ll play turn base game is when I go back and play old FF or JRPG like Dragon Quests and Persona etc.

  • Meh, I’d rather trust Gamespot’s rating more than this. But I hope the game would be extremely better than X, XII or XIII. I’m really hoping to be able to use Fang or Vanille again though :)

  • dan hibiki

    The Final Fantasy series has always been changing. If someone recalls, FFII was completely different from the first installment: they were trying to make a series in continue evolution from the very beginning. Each game is a totally different universe, for both the story and the gameplay system, and must be accepted as such: it’s childish to keep arguing about which game is better, is now clear that for every episode there is people who wholeheartedly loves it and people who loathe it. This is why I appreciate every improvement they try to do, even when they digress from my personal tastes.

  • SQEX_Me

    @dan hibiki

    Not each game is an improvement on the last one, though. Some games are actually worse. Prime example being the game design of FFXII compared to FFXIII. One is an offline MMORPG and the other is an interactive movie.

  • dan hibiki

    I didn’t meant exactly “each the improvement of the last one”, more like that each game is an experiment on his own, indipendent from the others. Besides, the development teams of FFXII and FFXIII were totally different, and were used two different graphic engines for the games.

    It’s a bit difficult to me to explain this, since I don’t speak english :)

  • SQEX_Me

    @dan hibiki

    FFXIII was a fine game as it was intended to be an evolution of FFX (the last game by that team) and it did so very well. The only downfall was they got rid of towns and NPCs and it therefore made the game feel like a straight line with no life. Both FFX and FFXIII were linear but FFX still had towns and NPCs all over the place.

    We’ll probably see the HD evolution of FFXII in FFXV.

  • dan hibiki

    I agree with what you said, althrough this has little to do with my point…well, whatever.

    Just one last thing: is not just a matter of “HD” evolution.

  • AntagonistGB

    I trust nobody’s opinion but my own. FFIV and FFVII suck. FFII is underrated. XIII-2 is going to suck. There’s nothing we can do about it.

  • dan hibiki

    ^ the icing on the cake, lol

  • lalik

    @AntagonistGB Yep agreed, FFII IS underrated.

  • my name is _

    looks fun as hell, i’m in love with the whole ‘time travel’ thing but seeing as i haven’t even played it yet i’m not going to get my hopes up. i’m pretty bummed that you play as serah and noel most of the time but i have a feeling it’s not going to suck as much as people swear it’s going to be.

    @ hi – lol ‘haters gonna haaate’

  • Kaien

    Evolution – It happens.

    We can be descriptive about it or prescriptive about it but things change and we gotta accept it.

    So to all the haters, keep your opinion to yourselves. Don’t ruin the game for all the thousands of other fans around the globe.

    Anyway, this game is lookin’ a bloody hell amount of fun! Definitely improved from the original! 6 more days everyone! ^_^

  • rattyinc

    I think you should agree with a review score if you know that you and the reviewer have the same opinons and taste. Gamespot i believe is done by one reviewer, famitsue is done by 4 different reviewers…japanese reveiwers i might add.
    I started final fantasying from 9 then went backwards and then all over the place, love all of them, there is not one that i loathe or complain about. 13 was great, 13-2 will be greater (as promised) from a ff13 fan perspective it will be great but i don’t know how a ff13 hater would feel about the game….we’ll just wait and see once its released.

  • LordGfet

    I always loved FFXII ‘-‘
    And also X, that was my first final fantasy
    Bought it in the day it came out haha’
    But really, all ffs had a wonderfull start, but the Rek’s is by far
    The best

  • KakuroDude

    Most of you THINK you’re fans. Only real fans play them all and give honest reviews.