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E3 2011 Coverage Starts Tomorrow! Let’s Discuss

June 5th, 2011 by Sharjeel Hanif

Well, this is it folks. We are one day away from E3 2011 and Final Fantasy XIII-2’s big media debut. For Final Fantasy fans, this year’s E3 will likely all be about our first in depth looks at the title. Although E3 has been known to lead to surprises when it comes to the Final Fantasy series. (Anyone else remember the out of nowhere Final Fantasy XIV announcement during the Sony press conference two years ago?)

Just wanted to give everyone a head’s up that the crew will be working fervently this week in order to provide the best Final Fantasy E3 coverage available, so please check back regularly. E3 is just as much about the experience as it is about the news and we want to enjoy this E3 with all of our visitors.

Since the day before E3 is always the most mind numbing, I thought a fun way to pass the time would be to have some discussion going. Here are two questions in particular I think are interesting:

Discussion Questions

(1) What has been your favorite moment of past E3’s and why? [Note: This does not have to be Final Fantasy related.]

(2) What would be your dream Final Fantasy announcement at E3, knowing that this is probably not going to happen? [Note: This does not have to be a realistic announcement, have fun with this.]

Here are my answers:

(1) My favorite E3 moment would have to be the E3 2008, during the Microsoft Press Conference, when Square Enix President Yoichi Wada took the stage to announce that Final Fantasy XIII was also coming to the 360. Now, I was always certain I was going to buy the game on the Playstation 3, but that was one of the biggest bombshells of the generation, and got everyone talking about Final Fantasy XIII. It was a fun time to be a fan.

(2) I could not pick between these two, but I would love to see an HD port of Final Fantasy X announced (lots of other games, such as God of War, Sly Cooper, and Metal Gear Solid have gotten HD ports). Another would be some sort of announcement about Final Fantasy Type-0, since technically it has not been announced for an international release. I would love to see the game in English.

We want to hear from you, please answer the questions using our comments system! And if you are looking for a fun group of gaming fans to enjoy E3 with, feel free to join our forums.


  • wotwotindabot

    1. I don’t think I have a favorite moment. Though I guess if I had to pick a memorable time, it would have to be Ratty from X-Play. You know, when it was still good. He made E3 hilariously enjoyable.

    2. An unrealistic final fantasy announcement? A city from FF appearing in a KH game. If that’s not quite relevant enough, then a port of FFVI to the PSP or PS3, since I never played that much.

  • Jeels

    Well it looks like the PS1 port of FFVI is already on the Playstation Store in Europe wotwotindabot, so you are in luck. Although, I would prefer a remake over a port.

  • gmoyajp

    Secret of mana being a remake for psp and some more versus gameplay.

  • The_Badass

    (1) Without doubt, the announcement of Zelda: Twilight Princess at E3 2004. That was just beyond epic. The crowds reaction and Miyamoto coming on stage with a sword and shield. I’ve yet to see a reaction at E3 top it.

    (2) FFXV being announced. It being made by the FFXII team and set in Ivalice. It to have everything that FFXIII and FFXIII-2 is lacking such as towns as big as those in Assassin’s Creed and full of crowds, fully seamless battle system evolved off FFXII, a huge explorable world on par with Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls IV. Scenario writer being Yasumi Matsuno (as a freelance) and the director being Hiroyuki Ito (FFVI, FFIX, FFXII). Seriously, if this happens then I will make a fan site the same day. I can only imagine the crowds reaction to the trailer if it shows all the above.

  • Jeels

    @The_Badass: Hopefully the Skyward Sword demo this year will impress!

  • The_Badass


    I’m actually already more hyped in seeing what the visuals of the Zelda for Wii 2 will be like. Call me a graphics whore or whatever, but the graphics of SS and TWW just don’t do it for me. I prefer the style of OoT/MM/TP. The saving grace for SS is that it’s not using Toon Link. If it was then I wouldn’t be buying it.

    I hope they show off a lot of Skyward Sword gameplay and also have a long trailer that’s reveals aspects of the story.

  • Jeels

    That’s really interesting. See personally I am one of the few that loves the style of Skyward Sword, I feel like its colorful without being that cartoon Link people dislike. In all honesty though, I wouldn’t mind if it ended up being up-ported to the new Nintendo console like Twilight Princess was if it meant HD visuals.

  • madammina

    1) Kevin Butler at the Sony conference. He gave this little speech about how Gaming is what unites us, no matter what games we play, where we’re from, what we prefer, what kind of person we are… it was just so fantastic.

    2) Final Fantasy VI getting a remake, with CG models (or VERY good sprites) Voice Acting, etc.

  • lalik

    1) Yes as someone mention above the reveal of twilight princess at e3 way back. It was the most epic thing I have ever seen.

    2) And yes as someone also mention above a remake of FFVI, or HD port of FFX. Doesn’t matter. And yes yes I loved FFXII, having another Final Fantasy that is similar to FFXII playstyle would be great.

  • Brad

    1) Kevin Butler’s speech in 2010. Can’t wait to see how he handles the whole “PSN Outage” tommorow!

    2) Square acknowledges in a press conference that they have been “foolish” to not heed fans requests over a VII remake, and go us one better by announcing Final Fantasy VI/VII/VIII/IX/X remakes (Kingdom Hearts includes FF, so I’d say KHIII as well, being released sometime while we’re still young).

  • Devon

    1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl at E3 2006. Drove me fucking WILD.

    2. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy gets released in North America for the PSP Remaster series. Oh, and an FFVI remake on either on the 3DS or NGP/PS Vita. Note to Nintendo and Sony: I don’t have a 3DS and am relatively uninterested in the NGP as of yet. An FFVI remake would 100% secure my purchase for either handheld.