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Change characters in battle in FFXIII-2

September 15th, 2011 by Tony Garsow

One feature fans will enjoy in Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the ability to change the party leader mid-battle. The following screenshot shows the battle HUD, and the fourth selection down is “Leader Change”. We assume from this you’ll be able to switch between Noel and Serah, but we don’t know if you’ll be able to directly control the monster in your party’s arsenal during combat.

Via: DipuSurotu

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  • Bekas

    Sort of like FF12, right? Sounds good, especially if we still have that ‘if leader dies, it’s Game Over’ rule in 13-2. This way we can escape it.

  • Shadowcatdoll09


  • rattyinc

    I’m wondering if the leader dies, will it change for you….OR … you need to manually do it before you die…i think the latter will suck ass.

  • lalik

    Yay! This is a great update!

  • Bekas

    I don’t it’s that bad… I mean, we’re already used to changing paradigms fast like for example, quickly changing to SEN/SEN/SEN when Roar or Ultima is used by a Long Gui in order not to die on the spot.

    Having to act quickly to change the party leader doesn’t look much like an issue… Unless, of course… You have the necessity to change both leader AND paradigm… <_<'' Then it'd be troublesome, especially if the change takes a few seconds like the paradigms.

  • giolimcaoco


  • Mike H

    I’m pretty sure I’ve heard there is no direct control over monsters.

  • von

    Honestly, this is a feature that should have been in the 1st game, Iplayed XII after XIII & was dissapointed that you could do it in XII but they didnt think it was necessary for XIII :/

  • InPain

    How do you do that? I’ll admit I’m probably over halfway through and in the middle of a big battle, I’ve just started causing this on accident and don’t know how & it’s getting me killed, I don’t want control over the second member that deals with Rav/Med/Sab stuff mostly, it’s the fact I have control over the medic that’s getting me killed, the computer does 50 billion times better than I do at healing and stuff! hand me a Commando I’ll kick but, hand me a Medic and I’ll die, hand me a leader switching thing and I’ll die in 2 seconds because I’ll no longer know what I’m doing, tell me how this is happening, i want to avoid it, I hate restarting battles 50 friggin times

  • InPain

    I’m such an idiot haha, i didn’t even look below abilities