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Sample FFX/X-2 HD’s New Audio Drama

August 12th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

A brand-new 30-minute audio drama will accompany Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD written by the game’s original scenarist Kazushige Nojima. Originally revealed at this year’s Japan Expo, you can hear an excerpt from the drama in the video above featuring the English voice cast.

James Arnold Taylor returns as Tidus, and there are some new characters that make their appearances as well. The drama is set two years after the events of Final Fantasy X, perhaps providing a welcome epilogue over ten years since the games’ original release.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD will release this year for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita (sold separately). The games will include remastered music, trophy support, and the International content that originally released in Japan. Extra features such as Eternal Calm and Last Mission have been rumored but are yet unconfirmed. By preordering the game from participating retailers you’ll be able to score a special artbook.

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  • AnimaMagna

    I’m not sure, but Tidus is sounding a little like something went wrong, or his time is ending. Please, SQEX, don’t give them a downer ending after all they’ve been through.

  • alexsam

    I… LOVE that music!!!

  • This “Audio Drama” thing is a pretty Japanese business, as far as large games go, minding that expression, the West is most unaccustomed with such deals. I suppose they’re adding this for some higher value, even though X had a proper ending and X-2 felt most unbecoming, but that’s a personal look.

    You mean “To Zanarkand” plus waves? FFX did greatly at setting a particular flow to itself, this was also helped with the repetition of some melodies in different tracks (to the understandable disliking of some) throughout the game. It was also the last entry to have a video-game-feel sort of music, bordering on something between the now gone synths and proper instrumentation. It was great.

  • foreveranxman

    So this is AUDIO only? I figured there would be, ya know… Visuals to go along with it. But it’s basically just an mp3?

  • masterlobo


    Yes, only audio. As someone already stated, audio dramas are fairly common in Japan. They even sell audio CDs of that stuff.

    I know it’s a bit here in the west. Think of them as radio shows.

  • alexsam

    @Lilay Yes actually, I was talking about the Zanarkand anthem. For some reason, every time I hear it it brings back a lot of memories. And that’s why I cannot wait to hear it on PS3, remastered. It seems there are a lot of these tracks in FF (such as “Melodies of Life” from IX, “Eyes On Me” from VIII and “Aerith’s Song” from VII) that people are able to make an emotional connection with. This is my favorite one though! Just goes to show you how much a good soundtrack can boost a game’s success!

  • Oh god, the horrible dub. Where’s the original audio?

  • AnimaMagna

    It’s not as bad as some Resident Evil dialogue I’ve heard. And the voices for Ninja Gaiden 3.. Eugh! Compared to them, this is Uncharted.

  • @alexsam
    I’m not sure what you mean with “anthem”, considering it’s a piano piece. I’ll take it’s your way of saying the theme is so rooted into what the game breathes that it’s anthem-like in scope. Yes, there are themes which brand the games in memorable, and then nostalgic, ways, this has always been common with videogames, but it is undeniably famous when it comes to FF as both running series and single entry. But, as I hinted, To Zanarkand is different from those themes you mentioned, one is an end-game ballad, the other a late-game ballad and the third the most famous of all character themes. These three are all different, in FFX you haven’t even began playing and the game greets and infuses you with the nostalgia you sense you’ll have in the tonnage by game’s end. A sort of dramatic quietness. It was really nicely done.

    @Boshi & AnimaMagna
    Never really had a problem with the “bad dub” in FFX. I’ve heard some complain of insufferable scenes such as the laughter one in Kilika, but I seem to find the original no less awkward, and a reason for this, I think, is because the scene is intended to be strangely uncanny.
    In any case, here’s the ultimate “defence” in favour of the dub: Auron. That’s it.

  • AnimaMagna

    Yes, I’m not sure “To Zanarkand” can be classed as an anthem. And yes, I remember when I first heard it. It was…breathtaking. And when it was played with full orchestra with that final cutscene.. I really did weep(the only time I’ve done that recently was which watching the finale of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind). I think possibly the only game ending that will make me weep in the future (provided I watch all the cutscenes first) will be LR.

  • Terrorofzanarkand

    To Zanarkand and KUON;Memories of Lightwaves – two of my top 5 FF-songs of all time!
    To be honest, those songs are so perfect, they dont need any touch ups.

    AnimaManga: I cried at the Ending as well (come ooon, who didnt?) and I was lucky enough to see Distant Worlds in London last year, so to hear it all “up in my face” – lets just say my mascara was no longer where it should be. *Waterproof next year*

    I really wish to see pictures of FFX-2’s characters Lenne and Shuyin soon. My opinion is that Shuyin look so bad in game compared to the high end clips (name just slipped my mind).

  • Terrorofzanarkand

    If I remember correctly, have two more of those Audio Dialogues from FFX and FFX-2 on my PC from when the games first was released in english (Both taken from James Arnold Taylors own official page).
    FFX – Thinking outside the box
    FFX-2 – The one where Lenne meets Shuyin (and his blitzball 😉 ) She is humming 1000 no kotoba or something. Anyone knows more about these?

  • @AnimaMagna
    That is indeed what I referenced in the first comment, the “Ending Theme” is the main melody of “To Zanarkand” fused with “Hymn of the Fayth”, music you hear throughout the game, which pretty much melted the scene into a dramatic climax that previous FFs could not reach due to various constraints, particularly the cinematography of it all. This was the first game in which the creators sacrificed some mechanical freedom for progressive linearity, creating narrative that is film-like. And then you get a sweetened “Suteki da ne” in the credits. Tear-jerking game.

    Nausicaa hey? It was a nice film, yes.

    About LR, I think when a universe breaks over different games, the player inevitably feeds it’s own nostalgia with the “lack” of input, as in, waiting for what comes next. This alone, when you watch the conclusion to LR, will likely make you swell and feel that teary half-consolation of seeing the last part of a story you cherish finally reaching a high and/or final point. To this, surprises and such unexpected things can be added, all contributing to how much that last portion of a story takes you in. LR could even come to be a terrible game, but for you and those who feel alike, it could ultimately mean little.
    For a personal example, I really didn’t care how X-2 was or was not a good game, it felt pointless to me in relation to X.

    I can only agree, even disregarding X-2, it was hard to snap out of letting the pre-credits with those fuzzed out images and Memory of Lightwaves playing on and on.

    Never had the opportunity to attend Distant Worlds, I don’t think that any of the venues in my country will ever receive it. I suppose I do wonder what it’s like.

    The only thing I “dug up” from FFX after-game were the Unreleased Tracks, mainly because of “Nostalgia” which I heard by noticing it on the music list at Luca.

  • Terrorofzanarkand

    Lilay: Like Distant Worlds would ever come to Norway – had to go to England xD
    Hopefully *in cinematic voice* They will be in a theatre near you 😉

    Unreleased tracks? Illusion and Nostalgia are the only ones Ive come across (havent been searching that hard either, tho). I will make sure to check my old harddisk and find those audio clips.

    The FFX one was Auron and Tidus I think – talking about “thinking outside the box”, but I havent heard them in many years, so I might be wrong about the content. Just know it was from JATs official, and Tidus and Auron.

    Second one was Shuyin and Lenne. It was right after their meeting, and he just finished a match. A kid asks for his autograph and another (or the same kid) gets pushy with Lenne, and Shuyin shoots the kids blitzball away. Dont remember the mid-part, but at the end Lenne is with Shuyin, and she starts humming 1000 no kotoba/1000 words, and he asks if that is a new song, and she says “maybe”, and giggles. End.

    I’ll make sure to find them – feel like hearing em again :)