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Rumors of Third Final Fantasy X Game Abound

December 26th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster has just recently released in Japan, but the latest buzz about Spira doesn’t have to do with remastered visuals or soundtracks — but a third game potentially in the works. In a recent interview, scenario writer for Final Fantasy X Kazushige Nojima commented about his enthusiasm about working on a possible “Final Fantasy X-3″.

While this may have been a one-off comment about desire to work on a game that continued the saga of Tidus and Yuna, fans who have purchased the side novella “Final Fantasy X-2.5″ that takes place after Final Fantasy X-2‘s conclusion have discovered new story details that supposedly set up a new game. What we’ve heard so far is that Tidus and Yuna’s relationship comes to an end, with the heroine vowing to fight a newly-awoken Sin.

New illustrations of Tidus and Yuna by Tetsuya Nomura have also appeared, as well as the two young characters that are featured in the epilogue audio drama included with Final Fantasy X HD Remaster.

Would you want a third Final Fantasy X game? Leave us your thoughts in a comment below!


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  • schen60

    Wait, when you say “Tidus and Yuna’s relationship comes to an end”, you mean they broke up?! I hope not because after all that happened in the first 2 games, they just broke up kinda saddens me.

    Anyways, I’m all for a third game as long as it’s done well. Though I wonder what kind of battle system they will use.

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  • cwk34

    I’m torn, I would love a FFX3 but Tidus and Tuna breaking up and Sin coming back would also undermine everything that happened in X and X2. Although the new audio included in the HD collection led me to believe they were going to go down this route anyway. Oh well. I’ll still preorder nonetheless.

  • (Tidus really looks like his father for some reason in that first drawing…)

    They should do one where they actually save the people that were dreamed up by the Fayth and all the people who had died fighting it. The can emphasize more on the what the Farplane is and how to get that to work in their favor by using the Guado. The material is there, they could totally pull this off.

  • anony

    Cool, I would want Nomura to b more involved in next game in spira, less with toriyama. hopefuly ff15 should be a great hit! I hope toriyama creat his own series instead of involving with ff series but I doubt this will happen. Nomura and Nomija rocks

  • surakian

    They definitely have a great world with a rich history to work from, but it just seems like an odd decision after the lukewarm reception FFX-2 received. Nobody’s opinions have changed & the story had a solid ending as far as “happy endings” go. I don’t have much faith when we know Toriyama will be at the helm of this game. I’m not so worried about the gameplay or art direction, either. Those will be fine. They can expand on X-2’s ATB system & the job system because those were the highlights of X-2.

    What I am worried about is the writing. I really want this story to be smarter than X-2 and get back to the roots of X. I also want it to make sense. I want to play it and fall in love with it. I haven’t done that with any recent Toriyama games. I didn’t even fall in love with X-2 all those years ago. Square Enix needs to convince me this game is going to be great, and it’ll take some solid writing to do so.

    I just can’t shake off the dread, though. Regardless of how happy or angry I am, I just really dislike that they’ve decided to continue to milk X. It feels like Square Enix hasn’t learned a thing these last few years.

  • Marcus J. Hopkins

    GODDAMN IT! Stop making freakin’ trilogies that are unnecessary!

  • Tiamod


    Please Square Enix, if this happens, don’t f*ck it up….

    So much nostalgia right now. Of X and X-2. Those were my favorite games ever. (They were my first FF games, and I’m glad, cause X-2 deserves more credit than it gets.)

  • AnimaMagna

    I think they’ll stick with turn-based. Maybe an upgraded version of the Conditional Turn-Based Battle system.

    Still, Tidus and Yuna breaking up. I know there was a possibility of that in people’s imaginings going on from X-2, but I never thought the creators would do it. And what’s all this about Sin reappearing? Yu Yevon’s destroyed, the source of Sin is gone. What could possibly be calling it into existence now? THey need to provide an answer, ASAP.

  • Krijn van Alten

    I think trilogies are all right, but then they should start with the idea of a more parts right at the beginning of the development of a main number, not years later like with IV, VII, X, XII and XIII.

  • AnimaMagna

    Yeah, it’s alright, if done right, and planned ahead. Mind you, you also need to ensure game quality/sales. There are cases (Too Human, Advent Rising, Darksiders) that just vanished for various reasons.

    The combined audio drama and sequel book is just screaming “sequel”! I am sort of hoping the company don’t decide to make a sequel to every main FF, but this one needs telling now. Even if it’s a film like Advent Children.

  • Krijn van Alten

    I think the idea of making sequels/prequels will be more common in the future. SE has problems with more the costs for a production new main title, since they become more and more expensive. So, in order to make money for new projects, the make sequels/prequels, because they are less expansive that producing a brand new game, while you can use elements you already made for the previous game.
    And to be honest, When they came up with the FNC idea, I think it was a wonderful idea. There was only one problem: they were tree different worlds. That was way to expensive, and SE messed it up completely with making sequels within the series. I hope that the XV compilation where Nomura already hinted at, will be one world, in which some different stories are told. Not on the same place, and not on the same times, so there is enough variety. If that is the case, than XV should be truly great. So I rather would see SE putting time in FF XV, then making X-3.

  • Tommy

    Thank this that i have FFX series from all the most like, i want next game :) but i dont know if by this series by thumbs

  • Lalik

    I’ve always wanted another X game since I’ve got 100 percent on X-2 and wanted more during the PS2 era. This is great news if it’s true.

  • Daniel Mayor

    Oh please! No more unnecessary games just for the money. Stop living from the glories of the past.
    BTW, happy new year. Odine.

  • GamaMoya

    NO Thank’s Leave the pass behind it wont be the same! Hironobu Sakaguchi is gone. I ‘ dont think anything FF from pass can be made very well with out Sakaguchi.

  • Gfet

    I’m really excited and afraid, Final Fantasy X was the first FF game that i felt so alike with the main char and all that happens around him, i never grew up so much on a game, this turns this FF my favorite (i learnt english thanks to it!haha), i always wanted one more game for them, so let Tidus tell us a story, one more time :)
    Ps:I’m done with the franchise if they screw this up, sadly :/

  • peggy

    if tidus and yuna split, I wonder who would be the lead character then?

    although the whole idea worries me a little bit, due to the fact that it might rain on what was already a good two games… I think I’m excited. I mean, if they make a whole new game that means they would have to rebuild spira on a current-gen console. the remaster looks freakin awesome, but can you imagine if it was totally rebuilt? hmmmm.

  • WonderSquid

    Eurgh. Looks like X got infected with VII’s Disease.

    This is why I can’t get excited about Final Fantasy games anymore. There’s no effort or soul or enthusiasm put into any of them. They just keep cranking them out to make money, regardless of whether they’re needed or if anyone even WANTS them made (fans or creators) or not.

    This is just… sad.

    I’m gonna go back to pretending there were no spinoffs for any games and that each installment was lovingly crafted with care by the companies for the purpose of making a fun game and enjoyable story for millions of people.

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  • Meep

    “In a recent interview, scenario writer for Final Fantasy X Kazushige Nojima commented about his enthusiasm about working on a possible “Final Fantasy X-3″.”

    “This is why I can’t get excited about Final Fantasy games anymore. There’s no effort or soul or enthusiasm put into any of them. They just keep cranking them out to make money, regardless of whether they’re needed or if anyone even WANTS them made (fans or creators) or not.”

    Sounds contradictory :/

  • Meep

    NAH Mistwalker is rather shakey in game quality. And Sakaguchi founded that after leaving Square

  • You should just admit that you like to complain for the sake of complaining and that you’re what is known as a “hater”. Watch how easily all of your “complaints” are demolished. Firstly, there isn’t a FF X-3 yet, there’s just a thought about it. They have laid some foundations and depending on the sales of X/X-2, they’ll move on it. If it doesn’t sell, it won’t happen. So, they’re not “milking” anything. Second, on that whole “no effort and soul” thing… the Final Fantasy franchise alone is full of innovative games that take the RPG name way over it’s limits. You don’t like spinoffs, wait for XV, you like MMO’s, play XIV, you like more action-oriented games, play LR, if you have a thing for nostalgia, play X/X-2 HD… I really don’t think they have a need to “crank” anything out, and the only sad thing around here is your reasoning. Btw, Crisis Core was a spin-off too.

  • The funny thing is, it hasn’t been confirmed yet and people are already complaining about not wanting it. I don’t get that messed up logic. How about they make it for the people who actually do want it and the rest of you just ignore this? Does it have to be NOT MADE? There are fans out there that have been crying out loud for a X-3 for years!

    Btw, Nojima says “depending on enthusiasm” (which literally translates to “depending on sales”). I wonder, would people NOT buy X/X-2 HD (even though they wanted it) if it meant X-3 not ever being made, simply because they disagree with the idea of “milking the franchise” and “unnecessary trilogies” (which, to me seem like extreme exaggerations, you play what you want to play and you leave out all the rest, but hey, just wondering)?

  • WonderSquid

    Of course it does. He likes money. I mean enthusiasm for the product itself. I’m not explaining this very well, so as an example, I’ll use TOME (which I really hope you go watch because it’s amazing.) TOME is a flash series that is actually a reboot of a much, much older one — a little sprite animation thing on Newgrounds called TTA. It was… okay. It certainly had some interesting ideas, though I will be the first to admit that Season 1 was cringeingly awful. But seeing the reboot… not only does the voice cast do a phenomenal job, you have to remember that apart from ad revenue, Chris Niosi, the creator, does not make money off of this. And yet, the sheer amount of care that has been put into every aspect of the series for the sole purpose of telling a story to entertain and amuse others, is really astounding. (Go watch TOME. It’s great. I promise.)

    I could just be imagining this, but it just really doesn’t seem like that sort of effort is being put into the game for *that particular reason*. You can sort of feel when you’re playing/watching/reading something that had that amount of care put into it. I didn’t get that feeling from these spinoffs.

  • WonderSquid

    People are allowed to complain about games they think will be stupid. How is that warped logic? Some people will like some things, others won’t. Some things are designed to appeal to a specific audience, while the other part of that audience will be disappointed because they enjoyed the game for a different reason and feel like the new game/direction is a cheap shark jump. That is how the world works. Not everyone likes everything. This is an exaggeration, but if someone came up with a new idea for a game where, say, Yuna was a prostitute and fought enemies by chewing their eyes off with her thousand mouths, and Tidus was a dog now for no adequately explained reason, and also they fight crime and Rikku was secretly behind everything and was also an alien noodle monster, and there was a popular enough demand for it, they would probably make it, according to enthusiasm. But does that mean it would be good? Would it be needed? Wouldn’t you be upset? That’s how people feel about this. I hope this helps.

    (And for some reason my previous reply isn’t showing up. Buh. Give it a minute.)

  • I read both your replies, but I’ll only answer you once here to save time.

    First off, you lost me at “Crisis Core was terrible”. If you didn’t like CC, then I can imagine why you have a hard time with anything.

    You are a “hater” because you cannot tolerate the idea of something that you don’t like (or potentially might not like in this case because, again, it’s just an idea and not an actual game) exists and want to see it purged, along with the people that actually do like it. To you, those people are nothing but “mindless fanboys” that “eat everything Squeenix puts out for them”. You aren’t even opening yourself up to the possibility of maybe, maybe, enjoying any of these things when (and if) they eventually come out, simply because of a few bad past experiences (I’ll assume the number “13” had a lot to do with it).

    Then you go on to say “people are stupid and will buy anything”, but “gamers are a fickle, demanding audience”. So, what exactly are we gaming humans?? You’re not making proper arguments. Although I will agree that sometimes people can be like mindless sheep, other times they may appear to be as judgemental as Gordon Ramsay on a cooking show!

    I think you do like games, I think you’re the type of person that goes out, buys anything “Squeenix” releases, enjoys playing it, but then criticizes it on the internet and to his friends for some reason. You’re not uncommon, there are literally millions doing that. It’s like a spreading virus.

    As for the stupid reasoning I mention in my last comment, I would get why people wouldn’t be behind a game that has been officially shown to the public or a sequel to a franchise that people didn’t really seem that interested in (a.k.a. 13, even though I liked those games). But having the potential of a sequel for a franchise that most people loved (some even call it their favorite game ever) and people complain about it, that’s something I’ll never understand. See it first, then decide.

  • WonderSquid

    Huh. Dunno why it’s appearing for you and not for me, then.

    By your own logic, wouldn’t that make YOU a “hater” for absolutely refusing to accept the fact that someone might like and dislike different games from you?

    I have stated my lack of faith, and my refusal to keep throwing myself under the bus for disappointment after disappointment. Nothing more.

    “So, what exactly are we gaming humans??”

    What does this mean? That’s not sarcasm, I am legitimately not sure what this sentence is trying to say.

    “First off, you lost me at “Crisis Core was terrible”. If you didn’t like
    CC, then I can imagine why you have a hard time with anything.”

    And this is simply a matter of personal judgement overriding any logic I might have said. Is it that hard for you to image that I just happen to not like that game? This? “You are a “hater” because you cannot tolerate the idea of something that
    you don’t like (or potentially might not like in this case because,
    again, it’s just an idea and not an actual game) exists and want to see
    it purged, along with the people that actually do like it.” This applies to you. Read what you said. Read it. Does it really piss you off that much that you would claim I am complaining for the sake of complaining when I am providing clearly-stated reasons for not liking things, just because I happen to dislike the idea of something? You didn’t even hear me say WHY I didn’t like Crisis Core, or why I didn’t like any of the other spin-offs. You just made a snap judgement and assumed I was “that kind of person”, whatever “that kind of person” is based off one sentence.

    “I think you do like games, I think you’re the type of person that goes
    out, buys anything “Squeenix” releases, enjoys playing it, but then
    criticizes it on the internet and to his friends for some reason. You’re
    not uncommon, there are literally millions doing that. It’s like a
    spreading virus.”

    Wha…? I’m sorry, but it really is very rude of you to call everyone who happens to dislike something a “hater”, and claim that they like to complain about things they like. How does that make sense in any way? Why would I spend money on a game, decide I like it, and then go and complain about it anyway? Wouldn’t it make more sense to defend a game that I like, that a lot of people don’t like, because I enjoyed it? “For some reason” is right. There’s some warped logic for you. I honestly think even you are not sure what you’re saying anymore. Half of that rant was me defending my right to enjoy the series despite the company that made them producing some other games that I happened to NOT like, and that’s the conclusion you draw?

    Take some of you own advice. Have an open mind.

  • Gfet

    *Random Comment*
    Wait a sec, how can anyone think CC was terrible?
    You may even say sad or confusing, but terrible?I cannot get it, CC had one of the best story i saw in the FF franchise e.e
    I even like it more than FF7

  • WonderSquid

    I thought the story was one of the worst, partially due to retcons. Not a big fan of those, and they didn’t feel needed. Not to mention… some of the dialogue wasn’t the best. I liked what they did with Zack, but I really felt it should have been more his story, and it didn’t. It felt like Genesis’s story, and let’s just say the problems I have with this game largely trace back to Genesis and Gackt, though I had numerous problems with the story as well. The materia fusing system I thought was neat, but the armour and weapons just felt kind of busy and cluttered to me. I also thought the materia system could be easily broken, which I will admit was also a flaw of the original VII. (KOTR + HP Restore, anyone?)

    Also, the ending scene felt cheesy to me, rather than touching. I thought it was a lot sadder when this great guy just gets unceremoniously gunned down without any fanfare or even a last goodbye, and Cloud just stumbles off, trying to cope with the fact that he woke up just in time to lose the only person he had left, and promptly brainfucks himself as a coping mechanism. The speech in CC just seemed to drag on forever, seemed kinda cliched, and again… wasn’t too well-written, in my opinion.

    And WOW I’m really off-topic.

    Lessee, here… if this does get made, and Sin does come back through retcon magic, then the least they can do is give us Auron back, too. And Kimahri needs more screentime. Hell yes. Between Cid, Kimahri, and Freya, the dragoons always wind up being my favourite parts of any FF game. Maybe he’ll get a subplot better integrated into the main storyline? Eh.

  • I already said “see it first, then decide”. Why would someone hate the “idea” of something?

    CC is a beloved game that was a turning point for the action-RPG franchise and literally sold thousands of PSP’s by itself. I rarely hear anyone say anything bad about it, in fact, when people talk about Square-Enix’s “glory days”, this is one of the titles that they refer to. But sure, you have every reason to hate it.

    “So, what are we gaming humans??”, refers to your contradicting “arguments”. That a) “people are stupid and will buy anything” and b) “gamers are a fickle, demanding audience”. Last time I checked, gamers were still human. Your “clearly stated” ideas for complaining, are barely ideas.

    The term “hater” points to a disturbingly growing span of people that like to complain about things without any adequately explained reason, seem to dislike things that other people enjoy and have unnaturally high standards, to the point of being disappointed very easily.

    I played FF XIII, XIII-2 and I will play LR. I played XIV, but I quit it cause I didn’t like it. I consider GTAV a demeaning game for the human race, but I went ahead and played that too. I like to see things before making up my mind about them and until then, I remain indifferent. But yeah, perhaps I do need to open my mind a little more…

    Just one last question. If you have pretty much given up on the franchise and don’t like all the “milking” and trilogies and all that’s being going on with it, why do you still follow it? Why have you given time and money into more potential “disappointments”? I mean, even if you picked up FF XIII from the “used and returned”, I highly doubt such a fed up gamer would pay the extra 20 just to play a game and then complain about it..? If you don’t like the way this franchise has gone, why are you even in this website?

  • Rokan

    I would be okay with an X-3, but only if they release Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 first. I want to see those two completed before they worked on any more sequels to previous Final Fantasy games.

  • BemaniAK

    I’d be okay with X-3.
    As long as they don’t act like the 100% ending of X-2 was canon.

    That ending completely shat on X’s ending and diminished one of the very few story elements (Shuyin) that it had going for it.

  • Gfet

    Hahaha, sometimes it’s good to go off-topic, justto stress out at least, i know what you mean about CC, yet, i couldn’t help myself, the soundtrack, how things came out for Zack, were just too touching for me, was on of those FFs i took the entire role of the MC. :)

  • lightsan

    I would be okay with x-3 if toriyama is less involved and nomura, ito or tabata take jab at directing that next game

  • GamaMoya

    Nah no one’s talking about Mistalker.and was Refering Sakaguchi Returning to SE. Get your your…. clear bro.

  • Necromunkey

    I’m not to fond of companies attaching sequels to games intended to
    be stand alone. Where as the Uncharted games lend themselves well to
    sequels (perhaps like a movie serial, or an episodic TV show), and Mass
    Effect was designed as a trilogy from the beginning, most (if not all)
    mainline Final Fantasy games seem to be designed with the intent of
    being a solo release and probably should not be made into extended
    universes without considerable planning from the beginning.

    I’m on the fence about XIII and its sequels (they weren’t planned as a
    trilogy from the get go, but the time between games wasn’t super long
    making it viable I guess), but IV, VII, and X are too long gone for me
    to consider their sequels to legitimately be part of the same narrative
    fabric. Consistency problems, retro fitting, and that overall “milked
    franchise” feel spew heavily into the sequels and prequels of IV and
    VII, and to a somewhat lesser extent X-2.

    Maybe a “X-3″ would be good, and I’m not saying it can’t be, but I can’t shake
    the feeling that it would be messing with a fine piece of fabric that
    doesn’t need to be altered.

  • Necromunkey

    Just noticed, Krijn van Alten said something similar below =P

  • Meep

    No I’m saying bring back the guy wouldn’t change anything, silly!

  • GamaMoya

    forgot you work with SE how the…. would you know if it would change anything or not. your the silly one.

  • Daniel Masterson

    I can’t wait for FF X-3! It’s going to be awesome.

  • Noctis2014


  • Felipe Medeiros

    Just saying.. FFXIII sequels have been planned since the beginning. Just look at the Analects of FFXIII. Much were just left for the other games.Square-Enix not say it, dont mean it isnt planned before. Its like FFXV, Nomura said the game will have sequels, but after returned to Japan, he say its not certain anymore. In truth they just dont want to tell us.

  • Ixbran

    The whole purpose for X-2 was for Yuna to be reunited with Tidus, before suddenly all this crap with Shuyin and Vegnagun happened. Finding Tidus is her primary goal in X-2. Not to mention the audio Drama that takes place after X-2’s ending, with the two new characters, uses X-2’s 100% Complete Ending as its canon. They even mention Tidus by name after seeing him in a nearby crowd.

    So yea, if there is a X-3, it will take X-2’s 100% ending as it’s, and in all honesty, why would they go for anthing other than the 100% ending as canon?

  • jimmyforeskin

    X-3 Seymour as the new sin

  • regularjoe321

    I knew as soon as I heard there was a new audio coming out at the end of the re mastered version that I knew there was going to be a x 3. A company would not take years to re master a game spend all that money on re doing a game top to bottom plus bringing back alot of actors to record a scene. No company especially square enix a money whore company would not do all this work for nothing.i am expecting a brand new game in x-3 and wouldn’t be surprised if they made more after that cause you have the updated graphics and landscape in the world of spira no qyestion im buying x-3 been waiting ten years almost half my life hurry up square. I said im looking forward to it but I also wouldnt be surprised if square completely ruins it as well
    See im rational as well

  • matthew decker

    sure why not? only this time have them all as playable even paine. she was really a kick ass cutie.

  • chaoscreature7

    If you have to view it as if everyone came back from the farplane at this point. Seymour Sin Jecht Auron Shuyen and Len. Not to mention many more possible enemies don’t forget M’hen and what about the entire place of Zanarkand. If we look back as well the Al Bhed had been uncovering may ruins and lost tech. if you could assume how much more could be put into X-3 Spira could get a lot bigger. With Yevonners and and the Youth group still trying to cause a commotion on Spira. Yuna’s selfishness and Lulu and Wakka still playing guardian not to mention some other personal issues that’s one hell of a calamity still ongoing lol.

  • chaoscreature7

    Well they still would get a lot of profit remastering Final Fantasy X. Cloud might be the most famous Final Fantasy character ever since he whacked his first enemy on tactics with a purse lol (not ff7) but the most popular final fantasy title in japan is Final Fantasy X and still was very popular with the rest of the world. I have to say myself that Final Fantasy X was my favourite title and after that would be Dirge of Cerberus (aside the fact of the game glitch after playing through the extra missions and then playing the story again to find out that the extra missions were glitched right after and unplayable.)

  • chaoscreature7

    Oh by the way to correct you no XIII was not meant to be a sequel and many people were unsatisfied with 13 as it was too linear and had hours of pointless grinding to get anything done. Square came out with 13-2 to fix the issues over 13 and Lightning returns was because the fans wanted more from the ending of 13-2 as it seemed unfinished People loved Final Fantasy Sequels that but were unsatisfied about X-2. People loved Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus. Sequels and prequels were decent but ya X-2 was a terrible sequel to the series. I hope just like the audio going back to it’s routes of Final Fantasy X that if they make X-3 that’s what we’ll be expecting a bit more of not the popstar act of X-2.