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Retailer Reveals FFX/X-2 HD Int’l Content

May 6th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


Retailer Best Buy Canada recently put up a listing for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD on its website and included some interesting details as to what’s included. Previously, Yoshinori Kitase hinted that the team would work hard to include all of the International content like “Last Mission” from Final Fantasy X-2 in the release, and it looks like that may be happening after all. Via the listing here:

“Contains content not previously released in North America, including the optional superboss “Penance,” the “Eternal Calm” video that bridges the gap between the two titles, the “Last Mission” dungeon with 20+ hours of battle and story, and bonus dresspheres and garment grids”

Also included will be the “Eternal Calm” trailer that was released with the International version of Final Fantasy X to tease a sequel; this video takes place after the conclusion of the first game. Extra content like Garment Grids and Dresspheres such as the Psychicer and Festivalgoer will be included from the International release.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD will release in Japan and abroad this year for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The PS3 version will include both games on one Blu-ray while the Vita versions will be sold separately. With all of the International content included, it appears North American fans will be treated to the most definitive version of these two PlayStation 2 classics yet.

Want to know more about the extra International content in Final Fantasy X and X-2? Take a gander at our write-up by clicking here.

Update: Best Buy Canada has removed the information about Last Mission from their product listing. In this week’s Famitsu, a blurb about Last Mission states that it’s inclusion is not yet decided. You can view that here.

Thanks: Seda, ArikaMiz


  • Odine

    Just wanted to detail that in Europe, the “Eternal Calm” DVD was included with the Unlimited Saga game, and not with the international version of FFX (the common version in europe).
    I’m a bit upset because this change make the original released Eternal Calm dvd a bit less exclusive, but at the same time I’m glad I can have all FFX content in one ps3 disc.

    Btw, even having the int version of FFX in europe, I only managed to kill 1 dark aeon, Valefor. This time, with the addition of trophies and stuff (i’m an achievement/trophy-hunter), i won’t surrender that quickly =)

    Nice news!

  • alexsam

    I think that this title may pleasantly surprise all those at Square-Enix, who are expecting to sell millions of Lightning Returns and ARR:FF XIV copies and not so many of this. I think this might be the most high-selling FF title this year! It’s really anticipated and after this bit of good news, it just makes it even better! FF X already has a lot of fans and for them, this is a dream come true!

  • i totally agree with you alexsam

  • dream come true .. amazing

  • AnimaMagna

    Square Enix are putting a lot of effort and money into all their upcoming FF projects. I really think they’re trying to get the brand properly back on its feet again, so of course this is more than just an HD port of the games, it has everything a fan could want. Sales of two million at least for the PS3, and maybe 1.5 million for the Vita.

  • alexsam

    @AnimaMagna Considering the original sold about 6 million and most of those people were satisfied with the end product, I don’t really see a reason why this couldn’t sell in the area of 4 million, realistically speaking. As for Lightning Returns, if it sells 2 million I would consider that big news. Don’t get me wrong, I like the XIII franchise and am totally getting it the day it comes out, but all you need to do is mention it in any forum to realize it’s almost a bad idea. As for ARR, I just don’t know. They seem to be putting a lot of effort in to it and considering their previous MMO, XI, was the most high selling title to date, it’s too unpredictable. But if I were to make a bet as to which FF title will make the most sales, I’d put my money on X/X-2.

  • Liz

    This is definitely a dream come true!
    I am a huge final fantasy x fan and have always wanted to play “Last Mission”. I was going to import a japanese playstation 2 just to play it, but then this happened! I am so excited!

  • Best part of this release will be all the frustrated gamer’s who rush through the game to see the extra content. I can just imagine all the people who are going to rage when they fight their first Dark Aeon and get owned hard!! Getting left with the realization that they got hours upon hours of leveling up ahead of them before their next attempt rofl

  • AE

    Hmm says nothing about the Coliseum content for X-2 Int. Too bad, I’m playing it now with the fan translated patch and it adds so much more fun to the game. Hopefully it stays in as well.

  • Ehren Rivers

    @Alexsam: Final Fantasy XI is the most profitable Final Fantasy title, not the highest selling. Final Fantasy XI sold 2.61 million physical copies globally (1.32 million in NA), with a project additional 50% in digital sales. Final Fantasy XI is a subscription-based MMO, which means steady money over time.

    For the record, the highest selling Final Fantasy is still VII with 10.35 million physical copies sold globally in its lifetime, followed by Final Fantasy X with a current lifetime haul of 8.32 million. I don’t doubt that X|X-2 HD will sell very well, although we need to keep in mind that the current North American gamer culture is one that consistently games used wherever possible to save money.

  • alexsam

    @Ehren Rivers Thanks for clearing that up. I didn’t have a reliable source on that, someone just mentioned it in another forum and it really didn’t make much sense to me when I heard it. And if you put it that way, Square-Enix is probably not looking to sell that many copies of their new MMO, XIV.

    As for X/X-2, if it sold as high as 8 (seriously?) million copies, then considering it’s price which should be about 40 euros (or whatever your currency is), I realistically can’t see it selling under 5 mil. Sure, there are people who dislike Tidus and some of the other characters, but I don’t think that alone is enough to make someone turn away from this.

  • AnimaMagna

    Really looking forward to E3 now. I’m sure this will be there in some form. But there is one thing I really wish for: a Final Fantasy game on PC, so that Luminous engine can really shine.

  • Tony Garsow

    Considering the profitability of Final Fantasy XI, it becomes clear why Final Fantasy XIV is still valuable to Square Enix.

    (Sorry off-topic on my own post!)

  • Ehren Rivers

    @Alexsam: The 8mil figure is JUST Final Fantasy X. If you add Final Fantasy X-2 (which was 5.58mil global/1.92mil US), the sales of the Spira games are approximately 13.9-14 million globally, and 4.8-5 million in North America. The games were very popular despite the number of people crying about X-2’s ‘girly feel’. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game sold 5 million, but right now I’m expecting in the range of 2.5-3 million.

  • alexsam

    @Tony Garsow That’s alright, we’re all basically off-topic at this point!

    @Ehren Rivers That “girly” feeling is exactly what kept me from buying X-2. Even though I desperately wanted to know what happened to Tidus, I couldn’t handle the feeling that I was playing some sort of Disney Princess Adventure instead of FF. The sales X-2 made are beyond me, but I guess people have different tastes. If a game like that can make 5 mil, what makes you think X/X-2 HD, which is a well known and appreciated title, will only make 3??

  • lalik

    I had so much fun getting 100% in X-2. Here waiting to do it again.

  • Ehren Rivers

    @Alexsam: There was absolutely nothing wrong with X-2, and people had a habit of pre-judging it because the playable characters were all female and the opening song was poppy. I won’t go into a rant here, but this is easily one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of the fandom being involved in. Have fun with that though.

    The reason I say I’m expecting the HD collection to sell at around 3 million (And there’s nothing ‘only’ or ‘just’ about that number, those are damn good sales numbers) is that this game is a RE-RELEASE. There are plenty of people who are of the mind that they don’t need a new version and can just go back and play the old. These people have been screeching as much on nearly ever article regarding the collection up to PAX East and even a few weeks beyond. And on that note, nearly every person interested in this game that I know in my offline community (granted only around 50 people) has said that they simply will not have the money, and will have to pick the game up used. I’ve seen this sentiment echoed in the online community as well, because as I mentioned gamer culture (at least here in North America) is in a bit of a strained position financially and tends to buy more games used wherever possible. I won’t be surprised if the sales rapidly hit that number, but I am expecting the initial sales (which are what Square Enix cares about) to be around 3 million globally.

  • AnimaMagna

    I’m more expecting LR to sell roughly the same as XIII-2 (about three million). It’s reaching out to a wider audience than the previous two games. I’m expecting the majority of sales to be in Japan and Europe.
    @Ehren Rivers
    I think you’ve got your sums wrong or something. X sold 6.6 million and X-2 sold about four million (both worldwide of course). That comes to…ten to eleven million. Unless there are sales not take unto account… I’ve got nothing against X-2 either, though the opening was a real shock.

  • Ehren Rivers

    No, my numbers are current and correct barring used sales figures. I’m using the up-to-date sales numbers as kept track of by VGChartz (which is pretty reliable) and other such websites which continue to monitor new sales of games years after their release. The numbers you’re quoting are nearly a decade old, and they do not cover the full lifetime sales. The 6.6 million FFX figure was as of January 2004, approximately 2 and 1/2 years after the game’s release. The ‘about four million’ figure for X-2 was within nine months of the game’s initial Japanese release, and again is NOT lifetime sales. The figures you’ve mentioned sound like you pulled them off of Wikipedia and old articles, and either way they’re incredibly outdated.

  • alexsam

    @AnimaMagna Lightning Returns should sell as well as XIII-2 because the people that bought XIII-2 were the ones satisfied with XIII. So it makes sense they would carry on with the franchise. 2,5-3 mil. is something to be expected. And I really don’t think Square-Enix will mind all that much since these games aren’t really costing them all that much, considering they’re being made from what was left over by XIII.

    @Ehren Rivers I’m just saying how I personally felt about X-2 after playing it. I gave it a chance, didn’t like it and dropped it. Other people had their opinion of the game. I’m just a bit surprised there were so many of them. As for the financial situation, sure gamers have become overly critical nowadays, but this is a title that had overall positive reviews and a good reception. If it’s released at a low price and the first couple of million that buy it enjoy the experience, I’m sure even more will go out looking for it. As for the people that you say prefer the old edition, excuse me but never in any forum have I seen anyone complain that Square-Enix is ruining this game for them by updating it. On the contrary, all I would see until a couple of months a go when we had no news on this was people asking about it. For those reasons, I believe it will sell way more that XIV and LR and probably about 5 mil by the end of the year.

  • Odine

    Nothing wrong? X-2 was unsmokable, and it’s not pre-judging. I remember the hype I had when bought it first time, and when executed it my face was like “what the hell?”

    The script is poorly developed. The characters are mentally like pre-teens, even Yuna looks more mature and prudent in the original X.
    The lack of aeons (due to script requirement) is a notable absence and a big gap for the game.

    That said, it has in my opinion, the best combat mode of the whole FF saga, and one of my favourites FF secondary characters: Leblanc. The job system is deep and varied enough to keep you jacked quite some time to have them all mastered, and it feels fun to level them. But as said, the script is soo porly developed and seems it is focused for a teenager audience like the vampire saga “Twilight”.

    Overall is a good game, gameplay speaking, but the teenager-crazyness/love/adventure atmosphere (sphere hah!) killed part (mostly) of the FFX magic essence.

    I’ll buy it anyway, and if I had to prioritize the FF games that SQEX are launching this year I would put X|X-2 on the top, followed by LR and XIV (we will see at E3 when Versus will launch, but I don’t expect it to land in europe as soon as 2014).

    BTW – i’m gladly following your 3FP event, but you missed the friday’s update (last is from monday 28th april). Something happened? Hope to see the updates again, was fun to read and remember that games. Thanks for sharing!

  • AnimaMagna

    @Ehren Rivers
    They are from Wikipedia, which doesn’t accept VGCartz as a usable reference given that it does not give its sources. Sorry if I rubbed you or anyone up the wrong way.

  • Tony Garsow

    VGChartz is generally not a reliable source for sales numbers.

    Also, I’ve updated the above post with some new information.

  • alexsam

    So they did pull it down. I had a feeling about that. It was weird that we would learn something so significant as the fact that both “Last Mission” and the “Eternal Calm” clip will both be incorporated in the final product through Best Buy Canada! Not the most reliable source. Not that it makes any of this news false though! It’s just that I expected to find out from Famitsu or some other source like that…

  • Chris

    This will be the only FF title I will be buying this year if Versus XIII isn’t released stateside until next year (likely). I will even be pre-ordering X|X-2 and getting it day one. That’s how hyped I am for this. Forget about LR and XIV. Hopefully sales are good with this and KH 1.5 ReMix so we can see more HD remasters (like a KH 2.5 or FFXII HD remaster).

  • Ehren Rivers

    @Alexsam: XIII-2 reused a lot of assets, but most of LR is being built from the ground up. They’re using a bunch of the old monsters, but there’s nothing else confirmed to be reused from older games. (Including battle animations such as Blizzaga, which have definitely changed) That said, I’m sure they game will be profitable for them.

    If you’ve really never seen anyone complaining, then you must never go on Siliconera or Nova Crystallis or any other number of gaming news sites. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve read the sentences “Maybe if they add something new” and “It doesn’t look any better than running it on an emulator” in the comments sections of various news sites. Whether they are a majority or not isn’t really my point; It serves to highlight the fact that as a re-release, the game may not be a purchasing priority over new games releasing in the same timeframe. Especially in a year where Square Enix is releasing all of the games in the universe (hyperbole obviously, calm down) seemingly in a row. The game will no doubt see impressive initial sales, I’m just saying I don’t expect sales on that level right away. A major factor in sales will be whether the games are released in digital format. Not only would it be cheaper to slowly buy the games one at a time via PSN, but Sony doesn’t really like sharing digital sales numbers.

    @Odine: I’m really not going to respond to any of that, as I said I wouldn’t rant. :3 Here, have a stuffed Chocobo! In regards to my 3FP, I regret missing both the Friday and Monday posts. I had a very busy weekend, one of the busiest I’ve had in a very long time. I have people with birthdays from the 3rd to the 7th or so, and for the first time in years all of these people were in town and wanted to celebrate, and none of them wanted to combine. I’ve been run ragged baking cakes and taking care of children and being dragged all over town. I wrote up this week’s article (I reached the end of IV) and got it in late Monday night, but Erren didn’t get a chance to look it over until this morning. The article was posted about three minutes ago, and it should show up soon. Also, I continued to edit it until last yesterday morning when I finished -Interlude-

    @AnimaMagna: You didn’t rub me the wrong way, I was just letting you know where I was getting my numbers from. Even if the places I’ve been looking were all unreliable (And I don’t think VGChartz is, I’ve watched them remain pretty consistent for a few years now), the Wikipedia article even states that it only has X’s numbers up till January 2004, and that the X-2 numbers are within the first year of the game’s release. These games were released 10 and 12 years ago, and even as late as 2007 I’ve seen new copies of X/X-2 in the PS2 sections of stores. Whether you believe the numbers I’ve given or not, they’ve definitely grown passed the previously given earmarks.

  • alexsam

    @Ehren Rivers In regard to Lightning Returns, I did hear that more than 50% of the game would be built from the ground up. But still, it’s on the same engine, and the backgrounds and characters are all created in the same way. Nothing original has to be manufactured in order for this game to be released. This and XIII-2 were both easy money for Square-Enix, which is why they were able to release them in such a short time.

    About X/X-2 HD, of course I’ve read the “hate” comments, but it’s usually those people that go buy the game just so they can rip on it in the forums afterwards! Anyway, I have my own personal opinion about “haters” with which you may not agree. I find them extremely annoying. But we’re practically saying the same thing here. I may be exaggerating a little when I say it will sell 5 mil by the end of the year, but we both agree that it will sell most impressively than any other FF title this year (unless they pull a fast one on us and release Versus at xmas, but I think that will remain a dream). As for the digital format, not too sure about it. Maybe for the Vita editions.

  • Ehren Rivers

    Square Enix’s official statement was that the entire world would be built from the ground up, with only about half of the monsters in the game being reused and the other half being brand new. There have been a few NPCs in the early look video and one in the March screenshots that are recycled, but the video was stated to be made before they began their graphical focus (during a time when much of the game was placeholder graphics and systems were the focus) and there’s no confirmation that these will remain in the game.

    Crystal Tools is still the base engine, but that engine has been heavily modified to allow for new parts to the game. (And on top of that, all of the FFs of this console generation were to be built on Crystal Tools regardless of setting) The Garb system is entirely new to this gameset, as are many of the additions to the systems that have been mentioned. We know there are new characters too, and while the game still has characters from the previous games this by no means indicates that ‘nothing original’ is being created. The very fact that the environments currently shown are completely original goes against that. As for this game’s release period, the team is simply being much more efficient this time around. They’ve got people simultaneously creating the different areas, and from what I hear they’re doing their playtesting in alternating rounds rather than in little bursts as they did with XIII-2.

    Sure, it helps to not have to build your own engine from scratch every time and to have a basic cast already ready to go, to build the rest of your new characters and world around, but the way you’re talking about it makes it sound like they’re barely putting any work into it at all. This isn’t some cheaply-made cashin.

  • AnimaMagna

    @Ehren Rivers
    I agree. I mean, the battle system alone must have been a lot of work (nice combination of the Dressphere and Paradigm systems I thought) and the setting is totally new (a whole desert to explore, Etro’s temple in full, and it’s an open world, too).

    On a more on-topic note, a little annoying that the info was taken down from the site. But I’m confident they’ll at least put the Eternal Calm piece in. And if they have any decency, they will make it so people can get the happy ending no matter how much of the game they complete. I can see the appeal of earning a happy ending, but really!

  • alexsam

    @Ehren Rivers I think I’ve been misunderstood. The fact that they’re able to incorporate all these new elements within the game and still be able to release it in such a short time is based on the fact that they’re going with the same engine. But that doesn’t mean they’re not putting any work into it! The new battle system, new locations, new characters, even the renewal of the old ones (from what I’ve heard even Snow and Hope will get a new outfit), all that means that there’s a lot of work put into this. XIII-2 was pretty awesome in some people’s eyes. And I have a feeling Lightning Returns will be even better.

    @AnimaMagna It was to be expected that that piece of info was going to be taken down. Did you really think Square-Enix was going to let Best Buy Canada release info about one of their own products?? That doesn’t mean it’s not true though. If anything, it confirms it!

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