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Lightning Returns Demo Is Out Today

January 21st, 2014 by Tony Garsow


A demo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will become available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live today, featuring an early segment of the game where Lightning must track down Snow in the city of Yusnaan. When you beat the boss of the demo you’ll score a special Utsusemi Samurai garb (exclusive to PlayStation Network), and if you enable the Outerworld feature to share your scores with social media, you can score an additional Siegfried outfit from Final Fantasy VI.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releases on February 11th, and fans who pre-order from Amazon.com will be able to snap up Yuna’s Summoner Garb and Staff from Final Fantasy X. This outfit is an exclusive preorder gift from the retailer, but Square Enix has let us know that the outfit will become available for purchase later this year. If you’d rather have the outfit sooner for your initial run you can head on over to Amazon now to place a pre-order.

Cloud Strife’s SOLDIER Outfit is available with pre-order of the game (non-exclusive), and Aerith Gainsborough’s outfit can be obtained by purchasing the Collector’s Edition.

For those of you who give the demo a spin today (or already have), give us your impressions in the comments below!


  • Finally!!

  • Daniel Masterson

    Ooh just started downloading it now!

  • AnimaMagna

    I saw a video of it and I was blown away. The framerate appears consistent and, even though it’s on a heavily-modified engine and it’s last-gen, it’s stunning for a third game in a series which has had its troubles. Though my favorite piece is the final scene where Lightning fears that Snow has gone insane and Lumina appears after Lightning’s departure and critiques her. Who voices Lumina? Despite the body movements not matching very well, it’s music to the ears.

  • I’m an EU PSN user, so I have to wait till tomorrow but hey, what’s one day compared to the months we’ve been waiting, right??

  • Daniel Masterson

    Totally and plus we get some costumes with it! thats what I call incentive!

  • Daniel Masterson

    What troubles do you speak of?

  • surakian

    Gonna start downloading it right now. I guess I should delete my Japanese demo. Thanks for the news, Sham~

  • Daniel Masterson

    Hmm I thought I was going to download it right away but for some reason its not up on the PSN.

  • AnimaMagna

    Note: I am a supporter of this series.
    The production of the first game, as attested to by members of staff, was not the smoothest. Then there’s the flack it got for its story-driven approach, which I can understand despite my feeling of support. The second game was, again according to staff, very much built on criticisms the first received, and it shows it here and there. The third was much better in that respect by a long way, and I’m genuinely proud of what the team have done between May 2012 and November 2013.
    Sorry if I was appearing down. I really like the games, their story and their characters (My favorites: Lightning, Serah, Fang, Caius, Noel, Snow)

  • Monique Trudell

    I download the demo and I love it. But if you have Xbox make sure you have gold membership to play the demo.

  • Tiax

    Ugh. I hate exclusive pre-order incentives. I wanted Yuna’s garb sooo bad. Now I’ll have to wait months >.>

    What about Yuna’s gunner outfit? Is it DLC, on disk, or have to do with X/X-2 HD?

    Also, you still get Clouds outfit for preordering the collectors edition from the SE store, right?

  • Tiax


    Also, how do you know that you’ve obtained the Siegfried outfit? I enabled Outerworld services and posted my battlescore, but received no notification that I obtained anything.

  • Daniel Masterson

    I was wondering the same thing! I saw that I was able to post my score to twitter. Maybe when the game comes out you unlock it or something?

  • Daniel Masterson

    Ya you still get clouds outfit for pre-ordering and if you ordered the CE you get aerith’s costume as well, and yuna’s X outfit and her gunner outfit will be paid DLC.

  • I’m downloading it right now. I read somewhere that it would only be 1,4 GB, but it appears to be more than 2 GB! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into this!

  • Tony Garsow

    There’s no notification for the outfit unlock, but we’re told that it -does- in fact unlock for the full game.

  • Daniel Masterson

    It’s a great demo but it is super short! I played it through about 3 times in 30 minutes but it gets you familiar with the battle system so now i can just jump in and skip the tutorials!!

  • I just played it, it was awesome!! The battle system, the schemata, the outerworld function, but most of all, the story. I’m so hooked on that story, I didn’t want the demo to end! Who’s Lumina? What’s up with Snow? Argh, c’mon February!!

  • Daniel Masterson

    hahaha just 20 more days for NA or if you are in EU just 23 more days! Ya it’s a very fun demo and I am excited to get into it.

  • I like the story as well! After playing this demo, I really can’t wait to see what happens with Snow and who this Lumina chick is. My faves are the XIII-2 duo, Noel and Caius! It’s as you say, there’s so much improvement between this and XIII-2, and it’s obvious from just the demo.