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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Releases 12/26 in Japan

October 9th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD will be available on December 26th, 2013 in Japan for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita (sold separately). These definitive versions of both PlayStation 2 titles will receive updated textures and a remastered soundtrack. Additional content that was present in the International versions of both games will also be included — and yes, the Last Mission side game with Final Fantasy X-2 will come along as well.

Square Enix will also include the additional video content “Eternal Calm” which bridges the two games together, as well as a brand-new audio drama featuring the game’s original voice cast.

No release date for North America or Europe has been announced yet, but localization is already underway.

Square Enix has also re-opened their official site for the game here, featuring some new music from Final Fantasy X-2 Last Mission.

tidus fullres yuna
resolutionbox VITA

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  • Terrorofzanarkand

    Yay, I seriously cant wait to start this adventure once again.
    After 400+ hours, I got all charas in full lvl + almost all I could collect of stuff and complete
    Al Bhed translation *starts finding excuse to stay in on new years*

  • AnimaMagna

    That keyart is gorgeous. ANd yes! Maybe, just maybe, we can hear Last Mission in English. That would be wonderful.

  • Seriously, I know that they’re a Japanese-based company, but I’m beginning to get a little annoyed with these antics. Can’t they just announce it worldwide already? I mean, it’s not like we haven’t waited enough. Considering LR releases almost 4 (!) months after it’s Japanese equivalent, I would say this could get a March 2014 international release date. Then again, they already have all the audio for this game available (with the exception of the last 30 min audio drama), but this IS Square-Enix we’re talking about. They shouldn’t take too long announcing the worldwide release date.

  • Chris


    Release dates for other regions haven’t been announced, but it has been announced for worldwide release (I’ve already pre-ordered my copy). I would agree though that they should announce the other release dates by now.

  • masterlobo

    Tidus looks too girly now. Just sayin’ :/

  • he always looked too girly

  • Nice CG, as usual. No stable dates for the west, as usual.
    While “girly” wouldn’t be the word of choice, both Yuna and Tidus appear here effectively younger. We all know SE is afraid of mature-looking characters though; I’m pretty sure FFLXVIII will feature some newborn infants as part of the cast

  • Bekas

    Both Yuna and Tidus are 17 in FFX. I don’t think they look too young at all in this picture – they look just right.
    Tidus appears to have learned how to dye his hair properly since the game’s first release, tho~~~

    I just want the bloody release date for non-Japanese players, Square. Just give it to us, jfc.

  • Ry

    (Repost without links. Did not realize posts with links are not visible without approval.)

    Track #3 that plays on the website is not new. It is the theme that plays during International Last Mission for X-2. The song is called “風紋 ~3つの軌跡~” (“Wind Crest ~The Three Trails~”) And was also featured as the first song of the Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collection.

    Youtube search “FFX-2 wind crest piano” to hear the piano version.

    (I bought the sheet music when I was in Japan, this song is an absolute joy to play)

    And yes, the new key artwork is beautiful! If I am correct these new renders are based on the artwork released for the Final Fantasy X Vocal collection CD market in Japan.

    Google image search “final fantasy x vocal collection” to see the original picture.

  • Indeed, none of the music on the website is new but most likely Tony wrote that in the sense that most people did not play Last Mission, so they might also not know about the track, whence it will feel new. Anyone who goes after soundtracks knows about it, particularly, as you mentioned, the version from the Piano Collections.

  • In regards to the previous statements about young looking protagonists, I find that a positive thing. What’s the point in having to play as someone as, let’s say, Auron, who even though looks cool and badass (one of my personal favorites), has no further character development capabilities? Young characters are more usually than not chosen because they’re able to mature throughout their journeys and reform their personalities. That’s something easier to do for someone of a younger age than a 45+ man. I understand that their designs might not be the best in the world but, oh well.

  • Someone told me this when I, at the now gone times of holding game booklets (FFX), voiced out loud that the characters “are so young”: “That’s when life happens, when people set out to really change something. It’s the perfect age for it.”

    I don’t have any genuine critique/argument towards it at all. Fantasy players, particularly of gaudy videogames such as this, will much likely feel more comfortable with someone young exactly because they are young as well. It’s a known anecdote that the infamous MGS character Raiden was created for MGS2 because Kojima (principal creator) learned that female players didn’t want to play as an “old man” (Snake). As far as Auron goes though, he’s probably the coolest “uncle character” in the series.
    But to be blunt, a mature-looking character will outright alienate potential young buyers, SE knows this, we know this. Hence that joke.

    As for “girly” by the way, I’m guessing some of these users must have had trouble with Cecil from the DS remake onward, when he started appearing pretty much as the gorgeous-long-haired-knight that creators -might- have initially imagined.

  • Ry

    It looks like Tidus got that surgery available in Korean that hooks the edges of your lips to improve your smile. lol.

  • You need to take a look at his smile in Dissidia’s ending sequence. If he had other clothing you wouldn’t recognize him, his facial structure looks plastified. Come to think of it, Dissidia had odd CG faces in general.

  • TerrorOfZanarkand

    He got more “babyface”-ish, which I think is fine.
    Cant wait to see if theres a big difference in face from X HD -> X-2 HD.
    Hope they dont make Shuyin the same way – wont fit at all!

  • Liz

    All I can say is LOVE!

  • The “girly” character (especially main character) has sometimes been an issue in previous Final Fantasy entries. I don’t know about Cecil, since I regrettably haven’t played FF IV yet, but Vaan (if you could call him a main character, considering the plot would work out fine without him) was the most feminine character I’ve had to put up with. At first sight, Tidus looked a little girly as well, but as soon as the game started, he looked more like a pop-star (for some reason he kept reminding me of Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, I don’t know why!), which I think is what the developers were trying to do. Then there were some villains who looked kinda girly… Genesis easily comes to mind. And then there’s Kefka. Kefka wasn’t just girly. He was a full on gay clown! (lol’s implied) So all in all, yes I’d say the franchise has had it’s fair share of girly-looking characters and from what we’ve seen (XV) this might go on. But, luckily, this is the exception and not the rule.

  • Not only FF, but Japanese fantasy (mostly anime) can get pretty crazy with female-looking males and straight-up (pun possibly intended) androgynous ones, but a cheap counter to this is always the: “Oh yeah?! Do males all need to look a certain way!?”. Fantasy is fantasy, and getting bothered with someone’s smooth face is as relevant as complaining about their extra-extra long hair.
    As far as Kefka goes though, he was just insane and his imagery aided that, this villain is easily one of the most destructive in the series, he actually acted and presented himself as one with that now classic insanity and hidden existential issues. Kefka could have worn diapers and he would still be more impressive than most of what came after him. Also because SE didn’t just make one-centered villains for all games, for example, FFX’s root of annoyance is Seymour, not Sin.

    As for XV, that might really be a “western perspective”. To a teen in Japan, that all-male cast might appear as masculine as the A-team, we have to account for different perspectives because they most surely exist. They are, however, nothing like the casts up to VI, and they are also not that similar to anything onward, they really look like some anime gather-up of “cool dudes”.

    And Vaan… who genuinely liked Vaan?

    As for Tidus, he did look like some sort of star and that worked because he pulled that Zanarkand Abes stuff for the first few hours, he played the pretty boy sport-star until he realized no one believed/cared.

    All n’ all though, taking into account Amano’s contribution to FF, I think the series is (or was at least) naturally inclined towards very, let’s say, conspicuous characters with fine semblances. Of course, there’s the Nomura formula: the more zippers the better.

  • TerrorOfZanarkand

    I think Nomura has a thing for earrings as well XD
    The majority of the male cast has it! I dont know why, but
    Ive always noticed (Maybe because Im not the biggest fan of it).

  • Indeed that’s probably what modern Japanese culture would think a “normal” or “attractive” male figure would look like. Let’s not forget, it IS a Japanese company making the games and there’s only so many places they could look for inspiration. As for the characters before VI, don’t forget they were created solemnly in sprites. It’s not like you ever actually got to see them until Dissidia, you more like had to imagine what they looked like back then. They just gave you a small image of them at the bottom of the screen while they would talk but it’s not like you would ever see them in motion. For example, Cyan from VI, is a person that his looks contradict with his personality to me. He has a ponytail and a mustache and he looks like a pirate, yet he’s the kingdom of Doma’s most faithful knight..? I believe this is one of the main reasons that Square Enix doesn’t go on a full remake with most of these games. Because most people would probably end up disappointed with the character designs. And another thing. The characters in the games before VII represented a different era. An era of castles, no electricity or telephones, etc. Of course they would be different from the modern designs. (This is also the case with IX).

  • Sure, that stands well, but Amano’s artwork is still known and it -was- the visual base for the characters up to VI, and these characters are very easily depicted as flamboyant. As for Cyan, I simply disagree: he looked like the mature, collected samurai he was, this was before samurai began being depicted as ultra-slim individuals devoid of any facial hair or other basic male traits.
    As for the distinct art of the games being remade in 3D, yeah, sure, I will obviously concede it could easily go wrong. On the other hand, that’s a challenge.
    And of course, characters go with their worlds, their settings, this is only obvious. But the way these builds are coupled is entirely on the team that raises them from sketches and descriptions, they make these things work on the pre-set idea that they don’t really make much sense before they become visually constructed.
    I imagine that your last point there was: characters from the Amano style moving around in the settings of, say, XV would be tremendously off-putting, maybe even stupid. Well, I find that hard not to agree with. That’s the whole idea of the game, a stable similarity: they have jeans, they have cars, they have streets etc. I suppose in this sense the cast for this upcoming game is the least “colourful” of all.

    That Nomura joke stems mostly from Kingdom Hearts, easily the most abusive in terms of useless zippers. As or hearings, other then Squall and AC Cloud, I’m not remembering anything.

  • Nevermind. I just remembered the most obvious of them all, depicted right here, Tidus.

  • meep

    Really? No one remembers belt skirt?

  • Ah, Lulu. Maybe the extravagant can pass as “acceptable” when it’s ridiculous enough.

  • Terrorofzanarkand

    Lilay: Zack as well, and Shuyin! 😉

    Gotta say, I have been loving most of the KH and FF outfits this far – and as for Lulu, the belt-dress really suits her persona. Wonder if her Vidina (or what her kids name was) would appreciate it as well. Imagine her coming in for a parent-teacher meeting dressed like that!

    One Q though – I really LOVED the former Noctis outfit, so anyone knows if that would be a DLC?

  • Well, I would say a no to that. Not because I don’t want the outfit or whatever else, but because I’m not a “fan” of DLC. Producing a game like XV to then follow with small content as such would, to me, be annoying.
    Maybe Nomura changed that high-collar when he noticed it made Noctis look too much like Sasuke.

  • TerrorOfZanarkand

    Lilay: Not a fan of DLC myself, but would like to unlock
    the outfit somehow.
    Aaaand yes, he really resembled Sasuke – somehow still does.