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Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Limited Edition Details

July 9th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Square Enix has revealed the Limited Edition of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD for North America, which includes a special jet black cover and artbook with the Zanarkand Abes symbol inscribed in it. The 24-page art book includes concept artwork from both games. The HD Remaster will include a 30 minute audio drama written by Kazushige Nojima, who penned the original script and the game’s original voice cast returns to voice it. This version also includes the International content that was missing from both games in the North American release.

Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster releases on PlayStation 3 ($39.99) and sold separately on PlayStation Vita, later this year. Square Enix has provided us brand new screenshots and a SD/HD comparison video (coming shortly). Those who pre-order receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition while supplies last.

You can pre-order the game through Amazon here.

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  • alexsam

    Am so preordering this at the end of the month. But amazon says it’ll be released on the 31/12, I hope that’s not true!

  • Tony Garsow

    That December 31st date Amazon has set is a placeholder. A release date announcement will come later.

  • Daniel Masterson

    I can’t wait for this! I was waiting to see if they had some kind of limited edition or collector’s edition. Just pre-ordered now! Thanks you guys are a great underrated site. I come everyday for my FF news. If you see this comment can you let me know if you guys have a kickstarter or PayPal account to help out? Thanks again.

  • Plue

    1) That Amazon link is not working for me. Takes me to a page on this site that says “Page not found.”

    2) Is this Limited Edition available only through Amazon, or other retailers (ie, Gamestop) as well?

    3) AWESOME!

  • Tony Garsow

    Fixed the link, thanks for letting me know.

  • anony

    Limited edition is a must though with the new drama scene is a instant buy.
    I kinda wish they also update the models for other playable character than tidus, just make the body smoother (arms look bit rough) instead just giving a nice face lift with good texture.
    but none of the less it look really good.

  • anony

    Looks like gamestop, and eb games also doing the limited preorder as well.

  • That was actually pleasant, it feels a bit fresh in a way. It’s interesting that they changed the lighting, both Tidus and Wakka look paler and that hue of sunset is less noticeable on their bodies. As noted by anyone everywhere, Tidus’ face “suffered” the greatest smooth-blow. While Yuna appears nicer.
    Initially very uninterested in replaying FFX, I am now a bit fond of the thought of having it on the go with the Vita, if I ever happen to get one.

  • Plue

    @Tony Garsow
    No, no, thank YOU!

    This is just beautiful, I can actually see Yuna’s heterochromia now without having to focus to see the different colors!

  • Odine

    Very nice edition, but I think the artbook coulld have been a bit longer than 24 pages. But it’s a decent a very beutiful edition.

    They are making me doubt of which edition buy. I will probably wait to see an unboxing of this edition in youtube, to see what’s inside that artbook (I have a previous bad experience with the psp TwistedEdition “Parasite Eve 3″ artbook, where most of the pics are rendered models in a white background :/)

  • AgitoXIII

    I must, must, must, must must obtain my favorite FF game in the series.



  • AnimaMagna

    Liking it to a degree now I get to see actual footage. But their skin-tone seems a little pale. The thing that resonated for me about the original game was the fact that all the characters look as if they belonged to that world, where cities were scarce and they had to work for their survival. Now their tans have been either toned down or painted over. It seems off.

  • Daniel Masterson

    There tone is off and font has changed!!!!!!!! Screw this game I can’t believe Square is ruining FF X!!!! wah wah wah. That is all I hear in these comments. No one is ever happy with anything. I am just stoked that they are doing this in the first place and I am very happy that they are including so much with it including the international versions and extra added content for just 40 bones. How about it looks different for a reason and how it is meant to look in HD.

  • You don’t need to satirically announce that’s all you hear. We can tell.

  • Daniel Masterson

    Ya but I can’t tell you can tell. Hence the telling of the telling.

  • Tanner

    The original version looks better, actually. What a waste…

  • Daniel Masterson

    Not really a waste since you have the superior version. I can’t wait to try this inferior product.

  • Michael

    Lame question, but if I pre-ordered the PS3 version of the game when it was first announced, I now automatically receive the upgrade to limited edition?

    Just want to make sure since I really want the Limited edition box set.