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Final Fantasy X-2 HD’s Debut In Jump

April 23rd, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Along with its predecessor Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2 is getting the full remaster treatment for PlayStation 3 and PSVita. Announced earlier this year in Japan, the two games will be coming to North America and Europe this year. They’ll include the International content as detailed in our write-up here — however, it’s unclear if the Last Mission that came with Final Fantasy X-2 International in Japan will be included. This also goes for Eternal Calm, a promotional video that bridges the two games and was released as a prelude to Final Fantasy X-2’s announcement over a decade ago.

This hasn’t stopped some eagle-eyed fans from taking it upon themselves to spread the word about these features, in hopes that Square Enix will confirm their inclusion or to get them added if they aren’t. Dubbed Operation Full Throttle, the group plans to use social media to get the word out. You can find out more by following them on Twitter here or on Facebook here.

Image via: @kazu4281

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  • anony

    Even though, last mission was kinda rushed up work, I hope they included into this wonderful bundle.

    I know this will obviously have updated graphics, int. content and trophies.
    However I want something new added as well just as icing on the cake. Something like new optional area or alternate costume by beating optional bosses like dark valefor you get wedding yuna. similar to kh hd collection with new keyblade in re:com or new skills like no-leveling up challenge and combo-master.

  • firado

    TRUE THAT! i would like if there was a water aeon. Having unlockable or DLC costumes (battle only) like wedding yuna, dissidia tidus and armor gear rikku would be awesome as an additional costume. I honestly doubt it, unless someone tries to mention this to square enix.

  • Odine

    Never liked the dress DLCs, so i don’t think the yuna’s wedding dress would be a cool idea. Why in the hell should yuna be wearing a wedding dress during her pilgrimage, and even before to have decided to marry seymour? People will look at her and say: hey look! here comes that mad summoner with her crazy guardians.

    However, the idea of new additional DLC aeons to fight or collect sounds good, fresh and challenging.

    About the request of that group asking for Eternal Calm being included in the remaster, I don’t like that either. It’s just a 15 min video that you can see on youtube, and it doesn’t show that much info… I have it (it came with the PS2 game Unlimited Saga PAL version) and it’s not a big loss if it is not included.

  • lalik

    That’s the thing about DLC costumes. Their just there for looks. You’re not suppose to be thinking “Why the hell is Yuna wearing a wedding dress?” It’s just for looks. DLC costumes is a fine idea if you ask me. But since it is a remastered from the PS2, I don’t think they’ll have it.

  • lalik


  • firado

    @Odine: see dissida 012, Maybe considered for late game addition or dlc only for battle cosmetic purposes. Like anony said have something extra, instead just being similar remastered port.

  • Odine

    yes, they are for looks, but what less the dress dlc’s have some logical reason, and wearing a wedding dress if you’re not going to marry yet is a bit crazy.

    You could have said any other costume and I would agreed, but a wedding dress…. come on. It reminds me the simpson’s crazy woman of the cats.
    It would be weird to have the dress dlc only showed in battles, and switch to the normal dress on the “world”. That’s not serious, and very unrealistic.

    A nice dlc could be a museum option with stored data of characters and enemies, 3d renders, musics… It is my favourite section in dissidia 012, and the main reason I still run the game everyday, to enjoy the awesome music of the FF serie at the end of the day.

  • AnimaMagna

    I remember the first time I saw X-2. It was a real shock. And I never liked this version of Yuna much, one who was saving Spira and holding…guns? All this simply to get Tidus back? That’s part of the reason I liked Lightning. She’s not doing it for a man.

  • anony

    @Odine, ffx-2 has sort of monster bestiary which you veiw each thru shinra, and they sortof a list of monster for monster catching where you can battle them in ffx. Music and Cutscene are already there in luca theatres.

    Wedding Yuna was “playable” in dissidia 012 as yuna’s third costume, you don’t complain about her there, but here. Lol. You could be mad on different costume on other games that might be unlogical such as serah from ff13-2 wearing bikini.

    My idea this just extra thing which would be cool as battle only probably as DLC or very late game feature. Heck I would want rikku albhed armor gear one she was wearing the beggining, since it is already to game, have that as dlc option or unlockable for battle.

    Obviously updated graphics and international content (for non-jp) is given as new content. There is a chance that shinji hashimoto could add something little like he did for ff4 and ff6 on gba ports.