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First Look at Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD

March 20th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Last month Final Fantasy series executive producer Shinji Hashimoto properly unveiled Final Fantasy X on PlayStation Vita. With the confirmation in Jump of Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD, both games will be coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita with upgraded character models and enhanced visuals.

As per the Jump scan below, Tidus’s new HD model has been upgraded to something that looks a bit more at home on a PlayStation 3 game.


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  • AntagonistGB

    I’ll be honest, Tidus looked better in the PS2 version. The new model isn’t as stylized, and it comes off as a bit more generic. Can’t wait to see the trainwreck of HD Lulu and Seymour

  • idk199109

    idk if i like the new tidus model. it looks weird to me.

  • While I miss the more European features his original model had, I’m really liking the more masculine features added to his new one. His face has less baby fat and he he looks a lot more mature because of it. It matches up closer to the CG model now, though, and the closer they look the less irritating it will be to go between cutscenes and CG scenes.

  • AnimaMagna

    I’m liking the less-stylized, less-stilted look of the HD. He looks less like he’s lathered his bonce in permanent hair gel (which is one of the reasons I find him less appealing than Zack, whose hair actually moves, Yuna, who was so tragic and yet so inspiring, Lightning, who tries to be mature and determined no matter what, or Noel, who just wants to fix things no matter what).

  • Bekas

    I’ll need a HR scan to be able to formulate a better opinion but right now, I’d rather have Tidus’ old render. He looks so… PLAIN in HD.

    One of the things I liked was how distinguishable he was. Now that seems washed away… A completely new character.

  • idk199109

    @Bekas Thasts exactly how i feel.

  • Chris


    Plus he looks more polished and realistic without the wacky hair. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes the HD look better. Some people actually got attached to the odder aspects of X apparently. Glad his look got changed. Now lets see Yuna. And @AntagonistGB

    Its not a train wreck. Can’t same the same for your opinion though.

  • Bekas

    How about everyone has their own opinion and none is awful cos we respect each other’s point of view even though we might not agree with them and stop what might become a string of ‘you’re wrong / no, you are / NO YOU ARE’ posts before they even begin?

    From what I’ve seen so far, both here and on tumblr, the fans are divided on ether they like the new look or not… And that’s fine cos it’s a matter of preference. Not everyone likes the same thing; doesn’t mean they’re wrong or right.

  • Manifester

    It looks alright.

  • Tony Garsow

    Let’s try to keep things a bit more civil, folks. I’d like to hear more about your guys’ design opinions — but minus the ad hominem. Thanks!

  • agitoxiii

    Forget about tidus. Its all about LuLu in HD :)

  • just a guy

    I like the new Tidus model better, looks closer to FMV Tidus as already stated and like the FMV version it’s actually a lot closer to the concept art, which I like a lot.

  • anony

    Yay AgitoXIII is back, nice to see you! I hope lightsan and cody is back someday as well, I do miss those guys!

    The original tidus look better but the hd rendition look more realistic in a sense close to it cg counterparts. But he is alright for now.
    Since original ffx has three model. I knida wish the that battle and cutscene use the same model.

    Hey guys comment the screenshot comparission of the cutscence. It look more expended nicely and updated.

    Since original international versions of ffx/x-2 had english voice overs with original japanese one, they should include the feature for both japanese and english(dubbing the undub), it could be one the square enix to do that overseas and japan kinda like capcom & namco bandai did it for some of their games. This could make the fans happy and i wish it could happen. I highly doubt it but it is possible for future se products. Bummer kh: 1.5hdr didn’t do that for jp version, and most likely japan voice over for overseas.

  • alexsam

    @anony With the audio in no need of translations, I can find absolutely no reason for this not to be released worldwide. And I heard on ign that this was looking at a 2013 release date (at least the ps3 edition of it, which contains both X+X-2), so that gives us yet another something to look forward to!

    I can’t tell much because the shots are foggy. But from what I can tell, Tidus is looking a lot better from the mess we had to deal with back in the day. There used to be so much difference between the CG movies and battles, it was like a different character. Anyway, I suppose there’s more to come from this as well. This is shaping up to be quite a year though for FF fans! Keep it up!

  • anony

    @alexsam- U mis-read my post. the undubbing part Refering to mostly ff10-2 international part like Last mission part or watever that called that is undubbed. since ffx and ffx-2 will have international content just like kh 1.5 hd remix.
    I didn’t EVEN mentioned worldwide release. I really talking just a feature about having both japan and english voices for all editions. It likely for oversea version will english while japan will have japan voice. Sorry I wasn’t clear before.

  • firado

    @anony: Having japanese voices and english sub for world wide would be awesome. Square enix might have alreadly multilangauge feature before I think for ff4 on iphone. But it would be kool to have this dual language features, but it could happen who knows, more chance will help if someone mentions this to square enix.

    Tidus look greats, i wanna see other characters. Lmao, but kool ^.^!!

  • hutch

    You guys have great eyes because I don’t see any MAJOR differences. A little less blocky but still the same as I remember. The question is will they keep Yuna’s model consistent this time around between X & X-2. That always bugged me.

  • Manifester

    If I were a guessing man such an update in design could be the direct cause of new voices recorded.

    Which makes me wonder, with this redesign there is some moments such as Tidus looking at his father in Zanarkand on the billboard thing. He pouts (huge lips), I am interested to see how it’ll look now.

  • Shadowcatdoll09

    I like Tidus’ new hd model better seeing as how he resembles his Dissidia look. I can’t wait to see what Yuna and Rikku look like.