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Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster Revealed

May 9th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


Square Enix has provided brand-new screenshots of Final Fantasy X-2 HD, set to release alongside Final Fantasy X HD this year on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The team has added new 3D character models that have allowed for more expressive facial animations, painstakingly redrawn the game’s pre-rendered backgrounds, and upped the resolution of the CG movies including Final Fantasy X-2’s opening.

Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD will be on one Blu-ray disc for PlayStation 3, but the PlayStation Vita versions will be sold separately. The game will include the International content from their subsequent re-releases in Japan, but content like Last Mission and Eternal Calm has yet to be decided.

How does Final Fantasy X-2 HD stack up against its predecessor and the original Final Fantasy X-2? Leave us a comment with your thoughts below!

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  • Bekas

    I’m so happy with how Yuna looks in these. I always found her face so strange looking in X-2 screenshots compared to X.
    So glad that is now out of the way.

  • AnimaMagna

    Oh, my. These look stunning. I thought the PS2 could not do this justice, but these screenshots… They look magical.

  • templarfff

    Looks great! Its nice that SE takes time to create best possible HD remaster and not just half-ass quick port. FFX-2 has its moments because one of the best battle system in whole franchise. Waiting for release date now!

  • alexsam

    Oh, now I’ll definitely have to play it! I think that, especially on the PS3, it’ll give the feeling as if you’re playing through one big game instead of two different ones. Especially to the new generation of gamers who didn’t experience the originals. One thing I wanted to know (and to which I got no answer even from Square-Enix themselves), is when this will be released. They said in the autumn, but if Kingdom Hearts 1,5 HD is due in September, shouldn’t this game’s official release date have been announced by now?

  • AnimaMagna

    This is just an educated guess: this is either coming in summer (alongside an MMO) or winter (probably alongside the DS game Bravely Default). They will not allow it to clash with LR (also an offline PS3 title). Still, time will tell. They may well announce something at E3. They seem to be preparing a lot for that particular event.

  • Daniel Masterson

    I really am looking forward to this! Instead of YRP they should change it to T & A, know what im saying 😉

  • TheBadass

    To be honest, the game looks better on PCSX2. There’s this subtle bloom effect in these FFX and FFX-2 HD remasters that I really don’t like.

  • alexsam

    @AnimaMagna I remember reading someplace about a month a go that this was to be expected around autumn. I can’t remember where I read it though… Anyway, I wish they release it in the summer, but if KH 1,5 HD that’s coming in September, already has a release date, that doesn’t seem very likely. They still haven’t even given ARR:XIV’s official release date, rather than “sometime in the hot summer”. I figure we’ll learn everything in about a month’s time at E3. I really can’t wait for it!

  • Ehren Rivers

    Actually, there is no official release window for the X|X-2 HD collection aside from sometime in 2013. The website makes no mention of a season, the trailer itself simply says 2013, and the developers said their goal was to get the collection out this year in celebration of X-2’s 10th anniversary. Since they already missed the JP anniversary month (March), it’s possible that they are shooting for the NA anniversary month (November) next. This is probably what you were reading, as I’ve seen a lot of people speculating that ‘in time for the anniversary’ is meant in an ‘as close to the original release day as possible’ way rather than a ‘in the anniversary year’ way.

  • UndeadNecroMage

    Great, now I’m gonna have to decide who’s the hottest all over again.
    Ah, ***** it, I’m going with Paine. Leather + steel = win.

  • anony

    Faces looks really great for yrp. It seems so magical with some updated graphics, day 1 buy for me. Hope there is eternal clam is confirmed and last mission too.

    wonder if they’ll update music too like kh hd collection.

  • Tony Garsow

    I think the reason why Final Fantasy X HD models look a bit different is that most of the original game’s models have “baked on” lightning. This is a lighting “effect” that is added to the textures themselves rather from any sort of light source, and are something of a concession with regard the hardware. Since that no longer applies on the PS3 and Vita, the models have had the baked-on lightning removed in favor of actual lightning.

  • anony

    if there are additions to ffx for an icing an cake. this would be neat addition.

    One thing I would like is alternate costume battle only costumes either late game unlockable or DLC for ffx. Would be neat to have these: Rikku’s armor gear(this is in the game, well the early portion of it), wedding dress yuna(in it dissidia, would be cool here), and dissidia tidus.

    Another addition would be cool is an ability to walk as other playable character in ffx and (more prefferably) ffx-2 similar to ffiv and ff13. (yuna has walking animation in ffx).

  • AnimaMagna

    I think I prefer Paine too, even though she wears silly heals. I never really liked Yuna (she was just too fixed on getting her man back, no clear sign of gaining independence to match her look) and as for Rikku, I really expected her to grow up. The one I really don’t like though is Leblanc. It’s her design: they could have made her a good foil for the Gullwings, but instead they made a Barbie Sex Doll. Eugh!

  • Odine

    Woot! The HD looks awesome. Good job SQEX. I would like to see if the monsters or npc are as good remastered as the main characters, because in the 5th image, Leblanc has many sawteeth on her figure… I supose that it is because she is a bit far on the image, but who knows… I would like to see some secondary characters remastered to compare.

    @AnimaMagna I disagree, Leblanc is the hottest spherehunter of the game.
    It’s a punisher sexy boss, with chopsticks on her head and a red heart between her breasts. I like even the colors of her dress. Oh man, lovely.

  • Ech0.7

    I saw this and had a heart attack. I was actually looking at Last Mission content earlier today. I hope they add it in, as well as the extra dresspheres!

  • FFX-2 HD the return of Yuna and her booty shorts :)