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Final Fantasy X HD for PS3 and Vita

September 14th, 2011 by Tony Garsow

As announced by Shinji Hashimoto at the Sony conference tonight will be coming for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. We’ll be hearing more about this remastered PlayStation title soon. The remastering of this title comes as this year is the tenth anniversary of the game’s initial Japanese release in 2001.

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  • Tempus

    I think this crashed the forums lol.

  • Tony

    It did.

  • Ethy

    Wow. FFX HD broke the forum. That is awesome.

  • Richard


  • Tempus

    If this is what X does, imagine what VII could do! I think we’d all be able to see/hear it lol.

  • lalik

    HELL YEAH! THIS IS GREAT NEWS GUYS! I am so getting this!

  • Cody

    Heyyy nice =D
    I always thought X was extremely too pixilized lol.
    Maybe we will see some new content? =] I’ve been wanting to play X lately again, now I’ll have an excuse too =D!

    Was this a Squaresoft game?

  • gmoyajp

    well X was a big hit when it release at the time,but i wish it wasent released as a HD because that already look good, i was hoping it would be VIII or VII but VII is just nobbish tnx to the new generation.

    anyways it’s good news eather way. we need some remakes on other non FF titles and no KH.

  • Cody


    Actually I think a KH1 remake is in the works for the Vita. Possibly for their 10 year anniversary.

    I’m actually beginning to think the Vita will be a wise purchase =P

  • Ixbran


    I can see Kimarhi’s sexy ass shot in HD!

    Also i cant wait to see the Aeons in HD, maybe instead of FFX it will be a remastered version of FFX International.

    We could finnaly get it here in the U.S.!

  • lalik

    @Ixbran That’s what I’m hoping for too!

  • Kadajstrife

    I love this bit of news! I’m glad that they’re doing FFX remake and not VII because of 1 big fact:

    If they remade FFVII and made a big cock up of it then fans would complain about it but if the remake a different FF then they can learn from any mistakes made within that remake.

    Btw I am a FFX fan but I’d rather see a FFX remake failure with FFX than with FFVII.

    Can’t wait for this:)

  • Kadajstrife

    Btw, yes I am a huge FFVII fan;)

  • rattyinc

    why is everyone say…….well most people saying that its a remake. It’s just going to be remastered~~ Just like, the god of war games on psp, and the tomb raider games or sly games.
    I’m sure they’d bundle this up as FFX + FFX-2 … which is super duper in my opinion.
    One quarrel i have about it is that….i'[ve never palyed a remastered game so i don’t know if voice acting sticks, if they use the same voice overs recorded from the original….to me, they sounded …. emotionless (tidus and yuna) especially when they laugh….its too forced.

  • Aluminah

    I must confess this confusion between the terms “remaster” and “remake” is getting increasingly annoying…

    Do you mean to say that it was too aliased? Because FFX was hardly pixelized.
    And yes, FFX was the last Squaresoft FF besides FFXI.

  • FFcollector

    What was funny here was that he supposed to go exit but was stop and so the people laughed.

  • YonKitoTaoshibe

    I sincerely hope the HD remastered FFX is the International version. Come to think of it, since SE’s been mentioning the new Vita and the possibility of remastering the older games (albeit separately), this is likely the ideal way for them to safely kick off the Vita’s sales. Unfortunately, since the games would be essentially polished versions of the originals (assuming they end up doing more than one game like this), it wouldn’t end up being all that innovative.
    Still, it may end up giving Western gamers a shot at FFXII:IXJS eventually, so all we can really do is hope this goes over really well.
    All in all, while I’ve been more impressed, I’m by no means disappointed.

  • Cody


    Rather it was aliased or not, it still stuck out to me during the in-game cut-scenes. During game play it’s hard to have issues with it because your not completely focused on the looks, but more so about what’s going on. However, when those in-game CS’s kicked in, I definitely noticed it.

    I’m not saying it couldn’t have been my T.V or something though =P hah

  • Dagoth Ur

    Inb4 butthurt

  • Bekas

    Oh, I love this! Can’t wait!

    But seriously, I’m hating the ‘TAKE THAT FF7 FANS LOLZ’ idiots. We’re all fans of the same fandom, Final Fantasy; can’t we simply be happy that FF10 is getting remastered on it’s tenth birthday and leave others alone? It’s so childish that it makes one think what these kids are doing playing these games, anyway.

    As an huge fan of both games, I’m getting a little ashamed of being part of this fandom. Let us all focus on these good news, okay? Okay.

  • lalik

    If Square remastered these older Final Fantasy for the Vita I’ll get it for sure. I want them to do a third Dissidia and remake FFXII International, please. Also, remake Secret of Mana and FFVI already.

  • lalik

    For I FFXII I meant remastered not remake, cause it’s pretty good as if already. They don’t even have to remastered it, just port it in and I’ll still buy it.

  • Aluminah

    The cherry on top of the cake is most say that while completely mistaking “remaster” with “remake”.
    No wonder the forums crashed, I’m actually starting to think everyone assumed it really was a remake.

    The game has got aliased textures, mostly around the characters’ hair. It wasn’t your TV man lol
    I guess that makes me curious now, how those textures will look in HD.

  • Cody

    Lol =P

    I think it’s interesting that this remaster is being released on both PS3, and PSV. What’s your thoughts on maybe some new additional content? Like an extra mission or something at the end. I know they did this with the Legend of Zelda remaster for 3DS. I think it would make the purchase even more worthy ^^

  • aaron

    ok people for everyones benefit of knowledge ffVII will be out in the fourth quarter of 2012. it is compatible with the ps3 and if you dont believe this check it on line people

  • lalik

    @aaron I doubt it, I won’t believe that there’s a remake until I heard it from Square themselves. I look it up online but alot of the pictures came from advent children, and I saw an intro on this article saying it’s FFVII’s intro but it’s just the tech demo made for the PS3. I’m pretty sure that if it’s confirmed then the news would be everywhere. Oh well it’s ok, there’s something I liked about the original anyways. I just want Square to release a possible remastered for the Vita or PS3 or something.

  • Bekas

    Oh yeah. That’s definitely the cherry on top. I creep around a FF13 forum and everyone is gloating there, completely missing the point that it’s a remaster and not a remake. It’s sad, really. And oddly hilarious.

  • Aluminah

    I don’t expect bonus/additional content at all but I suppose I would like to be surprised.
    Furthermore, it’s definitely interesting to have FFX on the go.

    Nice trolling.

    It has got that annoying sense to it but at the same time it really is “oddly hilarious”.

  • icegirlrangel

    OMG Final Fantasy X was my very first final fantasy series game in my life…..I cant wait to buy it and play it yay :3. I love this game :)

  • LordGfet

    Oh man, i already completed 120% of FFX internacional 5 times ( no kidding), this was by far my favorite FF, but i just gonna buy it if it has new things to do on it ^^

  • zak

    Omg…. Why? I’m not trying to troll, but come on people. This was the worst Final Fantasy game, and that’s saying a lot from the series that has just been raped since 7. So why remake a game where the main character is the most emotionless whiny bastard in the history of the game. I mean Squall was a bad character and was very emo and emotionless, but at least i never had to listen to him bitch to everyone with his horrible voice acting every five seconds. i mean I’ve never seen a game character with more daddy issues. I’m disappointed in everyone who is “excited” for this game. its only going to disappoint just like the last few…. To people buying into this, you are the reason that Final Fantasy is a dead series.

  • kenny

    HAHAHAHAHAH i agree with everything posted in the comment above. tidas = a little bitch. who wants to play a character who is so much of a pussy he actually smells like tuna. the only good thing to come out of this game is auron. hes a bad ass mofo and should have slapped tidas straight. yes im implying that tidas is gay. but this game is definitely dead. you know the game series is dont when side characters are far more interesting then the main character. i believe a 4 yr old could have wrote a better story line and character design i mean get a grip people they’re STEALING YOUR MONEY!!!!

  • michael


  • mangafreak

    wow for all you people out their that are dissing this game it’s understandable what your point of view is about the characters. yes they werent the best but you have to understand everyone in the beginnnig of their life are weak or timid and the path they choose are what sets them apart. yes tidus starts off as a whining person but if you actually pay attention to the story and how it develops and goes further along you see that tidus eventually matures which makes the ending even more sadder when he parts with yuna. this game for it’s time was and will remain the best.
    the current final fantasy i agree with you they have just been crap SE just wants more money. But enough with the dissing comments you people might have been ff fans a while ago but now i believe you guys might just have become like todays generation typical fps fan boys. there i said my part go ahead and diss me if you want.