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Final Fantasy X HD remaster “next”

February 5th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

Square Enix’s 1st Production Department is responsible for mainline titles of the Final Fantasy series, and their new project happens to be a HD remastering (not a remake) of the PlayStation 2 game Final Fantasy X. Originally announced by PD1 super-producer Shinji Hashimoto at Tokyo Game Show last fall, the title will be for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita platforms with enhanced visuals.

The department’s official Twitter left a brief message to fans today stating that “[Final Fantasy] X is next…”

Previously Yoshinori Kitase has commented that the game was currently under development, but we’ve also heard comments that it would be a while before we saw any in-game screenshots or footage. Which leaves us wondering when exactly Square Enix will choose to debut information and media on the game, though our first bet is through the typical Famitsu and Jump cycles.

Update: A bit of a false alarm on this folks! The 1st Production Department twitter has been counting down the release to Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy in Japan via roman numerals. When they said “X is next…” they were actually referring to ten days left before Theatrythym is released!


  • Moua

    If Square Enix is gonna remaster Final Fantasy 10, then they should remaster Final Fantasy 10-2 and maybe Final Fantasy 12.

  • whmsyrup

    it’s nice to get some confirmation on the remake\remaster issue. I’m really looking forward to it :3

  • dan hibiki

    This game will not be released until 2017 anyway

  • Cody

    Does that mean versus13 is going to take even longer? Or is a different department producing that one?

  • Bekas

    They should remaster 10-2 as well and make it a two-in-one game like Shadow and The Colossus/Ico, imho.

  • Light-san

    LOL We’re never going to see Versus.

  • Ixbran

    who cares about Versus?

    I mean really, who wants to play another FF Game staring an angsty emotionless hero who covers his face with his hair?

    Cloud and Squall are enough thank you.

    as for FFX Remake, YES PLEASE!

    x 3

    i am excited for this, and here is hoping they fix that sphere-grid issue with FFX and make it so players can chose between the spear grid, or traditional leveling up and skill learning.

    Also include FFX-2 in the package, to games for the price of one!

    also make sure both versions are the International versions so everyone in the world can finally have them

  • blah

    ^I’m pretty sure Squall is not the generic “emotionaless” heroe, ur just either 1.too stupid to comprehend the story or 2. too ignorant to even bother to understand wtf is going on and brand the character the emotionaless “title” the moment he shows the sign of anti-social.

  • caughtdead

    Oh, man, that was pretty rude and unnecessary, don’t you think? They stated their own opinion of the characters, it is cool if you do not agree, but it is not cool to say things like that the way you did. It was not needed.

  • blah

    sorry, i just don’t like people stereotyping everything they don’t like. I said that because that’s my honest opinion of why he think that way, it’s not necessary but I didn’t mean to be rude in anway, just speaking my mind. However, if he can actually provide any kind of evidence that Squall is actually an emotionaless character (doubt it)then i would like to apologise in advance.

  • LordGfet

    better be a good remake/remaster, or i will loose my hopes with square =/

  • BLKMagusv.2

    Can’t really say I’m surprised at the lack of pictures of the HD remaster. What, do we want to be disappointed with an improved-quality scan of a cutscene clip? Honestly, it sounds like the territory of the Blu-Ray concept – not really a great enough improvement over pre-existing technology to justify a $#!+ ton of hype. I’m sure we’re all pleased with the prospect of having this portable or possibly the PS3 (the Vita is download-only and can steam games. It’s a maybe based on that) though.

  • rattyinc

    @ cody and anyone else.
    VSXIII’s production is not hindered as the PD1 is not responsible for spinoff games (yes VSXIII is a spinoff) producers are the same as KH that’s why we haven’t got any KH3 yet. I thought everyone knew this by now. Hopefully i’ve brought some new knowledge to FF fans around the globe.

  • dan hibiki

    What? FFX-2 remastered?? Are all of you serious??

  • Axwind

    And still no word on FFXV, the title the mainline team SHOULD be working on. Stop looking backwards and start looking forward, SE!

  • AgitoXIII


    Amen to that!

  • Light-san

    FF X-2 was a terrible game and an embarrassment to the FF series. That game should never be remade. I wasn’t a big fan of FF X but I’ll dust off my PS2 and give it another go for ol’ time’s sake.

  • AntagonistGB

    UGH. Just. UGH. People actually liked X? Hell, people actually liked X-2? Now I see why Square isn’t trying anymore.

  • I’m all for a combo-pack. FFX may have had a better story, but X-2 had SO much more replay value to it!

  • rattyinc

    wow, what’s with all the hate on FFX and FFX-2, they werent the best but they were pretty good. X-2’s battle system was extremely good.

  • Cody


    I don’t have any problem with 10, I actually really enjoyed it.
    I had a hard time playing 10-2 just because it was all girl characters, it had a very feminine feel to it, IMO of course. I will admit the 10-2 battle system was good, but 13’s and 13-2’s is just an advanced version of it. =]

  • rattyinc

    LOL that’s the main problem of X-2 an all girls cast. I’m a dude and i didn’t mind it, i normally opt playing as female characters. Because i can be a dude any day of the week.
    13 is definately an upgraded version but although its good i liked 10-2’s better. It had the classic turnbased menus, with the atb and your characters moved around the field but best of all was the class changes mid battle. I’m a huge fan of class based FF’s. That is why 5 is in my most fav FF’s.
    Playing 10-2 at the moment and my paradigms feel VERY limited, normal battles end in seconds but boss battles i need to change monsters, change decks and whatnot it’s like your third character only has 3 roles … which limits how you set up your paradigms … but i guess it makes it more challenging.

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  • Sidd

    HAHAHAHAHA complete fail on ffneet’s part lolz 😀

  • Sup

    This game is my most favourite, i found it out like last summer and i still loved it, by far FFX is the best no doubt, i dont care how long it will take to remaster, as long as i get to see it!

  • CHrisZ

    FFX is guna b the best vita game out there!!…y far my favorite game in the world and a remaster for the handheld vita is what ive been waiting for……any guess on release dates?…..a lot of pppl have been thinkin that it will b coming out this year cause it doesnt take lone to do a remaster cause thats all that it is….a lot of ppl also think it will b out may 24,2012 cuase thatll b the 10th anniversary ( it came out in Europe may 24, 2002 for the idiot who dont know.