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Final Fantasy Network » News » Final Fantasy X HD Reappears on PSVita Stream
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Final Fantasy X HD Reappears on PSVita Stream

February 18th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Final Fantasy series executive producer Shinji Hashimoto had some exciting news on tonight’s stream of upcoming PlayStation Vita games from Sony. Final Fantasy X HD which was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2011 is still in development; Hashimoto supported the news with a video showing Tidus, Yuna, and Bahamut in the town of Luca — as well as the game running on the Vita handheld. The game will also be available on the PlayStation 3 in HD.

No concrete release date was given, but more information will come soon in a full announcement by Square Enix. Final Fantasy X originally released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001.

Images via: Famitsu

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  • Well am not excited yet,was expecting to look alot better but it’s all good, I just recently play this as my 3rd time but hope SE give us more games for vita.hope international version is included and some extra content.

    Graphic’s enhance like this for VIII IX VII would be nice.

  • Ixbran

    Ohhhhh, a character viewer option? That’s pretty cool!

    : D

  • AnimaMagna

    Yeah, the graphics look more like something from five years ago instead of over ten years ago. It’s certainly nice seeing Yuna not looking blank in battle.

  • Tony Garsow

    By the by, did the best I could with Ustream — wanted to get some video footage for you guys. A bit sad to say it turned out so janky. 😉

  • TheBadass

    As much as I disliked this game (way too linear and cutscene heavy), I do think these graphics are god for a HD remaster. Most developers just upscale, but SQEX 1st production Department looks to have redone all the textures. Not only the models, but even the background textures.

    However, if all they’re doing is touching up graphics then his game will fail outside the FF fanbase. FFX has maps even more linear than FFXIII. In an era when open world games are thriving among mainstream gamers, the only thing that will make the map design of FFX HD feel “good” is nostalgia. It will be interesting to see if the eventual reviews take this into consideration.

  • alexsam

    Seriously, it’s taken them 2 years to make it look exactly the same?? Why waste all that time? They could’ve just released the game as it was on the Vita and the PS3 and then concentrated on the (way overdue) Versus XIII. After all, the team responsible for the release of this game is the one that’s also responsible for Versus’ development!

  • Steven

    I was hoping for a better upgrade to the graphics, but I guess this will do…

    Anyway, whats funny about all this, and I quote: “No concrete release date was given, but *more information will come soon* in a full announcement by Square Enix. Final Fantasy X originally released for the PlayStation 2 in 2001.”

  • e-

    “After all, the team responsible for the release of this game is the one that’s also responsible for Versus’ development!” no, the 1st production department is multiple teams.

  • AntagonistGB

    Yeah, this is nice and all, but let’s get on that Bravely Default translation, Square.

  • alexsam

    @ e- Indeed, the 1st production department is multiple teals. But, the team that is responsible for the release of Versus XIII, aka Kitase’s team (even thought this is Nomura’s project) is also responsible for the release of FF X HD, not to mention the entirety of the FF XIII trilogy. After seeing this, I think their time would’ve been better spent delivering what the entire gaming world (and not just the FF fans) have been wanting for the past 7 years. There’s only so much Lightning can do for the franchise…

  • Ry

    I’ll be honest.. That’s it? When they said HD version, I was expecting FFXIII standard graphics, completely redone.
    The Dissidia Models look better than this.

    *sigh* Just like KingdomHearts 1.5 HD, there is absolutely no real aethstetic improvement. I’m just asking myself: Why? They have the power and resources to make this game look amazing simply by replacing all of the old models and assets with brand new completely rebuilt ones with an incredible amount of detail and they would be done. Instead it looks like they just took the old ones and doubled the poly count to make them smoother. *shrugs and walks away* I was really excited for this, but that excitement got shot. Meh, I guess it was to be expected.

  • Defrift

    @Ry the Vita is hand held not a full size game console, it does not have the power the PS3 and 360. So if you expecting graphics on the vita equal to them your living in a dream world..

  • Bekas

    Tidus looks good – you can actually see some difference – but I don’t see much in Yuna. Or in general, actually. I was hoping for… well, more.

    Then again, this is just a preview. We’ll see.

  • AgitoXIII


    I have no idea how people like you (and im not picking on you) thought that this was going to be a FFXIII type remake. SE does not have the time to do something that big. That was an awful horrible rumor.


    How da hell was FFX too cutscene heavy? MGS4 is too scene heavy. Not this game.

    On topic tho. I’m glad to see one of the greatest FFs redone in some shape or form.

  • UndeadNecroMage

    While this games was a bit too linear, I don’t think it was a problem until side-quests started taking precedence over the story. For as good and challenging as some of the story battles were(challenging story fights were rather lacking in several FF titles), the difference in difficulty between the last story bosses and the Monster Arena foes was immense. Beyond that, I enjoyed a game I could beat 100% in under 200hrs.
    I did think the graphics made the games look a bit like the Sims, though. Something in definite need of reworking. Great game? One of the PS2’s best. Great graphics? Ehhhhrrrmmm … *looks around* *cough* every-modern-game-these-days-bandwagon *cough*
    At any rate, I’m just glad for news on this one.

  • TheBadass

    You’re misinformed. The 1st Production is made up of FOUR core teams. Yoshinori Kitase is the head of two teams, Rie Nishi is the head of one team, and Shinji Hashimoto is the head of one team and also the manager of the entire 1st Production Department.

    1) Kitase Team #1 — Motomu Toriyama (FFX, FFX-2, DC:FFVII, FFXIII, FFXIII-2, LR:FFXIII)
    2) Hashimoto Team #1 — Tetsuya Nomura (KH1, KH2, TWEWY, Dissidia, Theatrhythm, All The Bravest, FF Versus XIII)
    3) Kitase Team #2 — Hajime Tabata (BC:FFVII, CC:FFVII, 3rd Birthday, FF Type-0)
    4) Nishi Team — Tai Yasue (PE, PEII, Musashi, Musashi II, KH BbS, KH 3D, KH HD ReMIX)

    FFX HD is being made by Toriyama’s team and not Nomura’s team.

    Compared to critically acclaimed modern JRPGs like Xenoblade, FFX is basically a linear, interactive movie. No different from FFXIII.

  • Dreams

    I agree, especially completely agree with agitoXiii.

    I’m happy for one of best games for pw2, yeah the models and textures look great. I’m happy especially the porting producer is involved, there is a chance there will be something new while Toriyama is busy with Lighting’s Return. Hashimoto did other port like ff4 adv with extra stuff, so i predict the new stuff will at-least contain be trophies, graphics stuff i mentioned, international content and tweaks. I wish there is more surprise to ffx hd.

    By the can somebody translate this trailer I’m kinda interested. Please

  • Dreams

    opps ps2, not pw2, sorry for typo! Lolz

  • Ry

    @dreams My Japanese is a tiny bit rusty, but here is a rough translation:

    Goodmorning. It has been more than year and a half since we have announced Final Fantasy X HD for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita.
    However, since then, we have been reluctant to release any further information. We are very sorry about that.

    Even though we were careful and humbled to release information at the time, The project is now finally coming together.
    At the time of the original announcement, the project was still quite the under taking, however, Today for the first time we would like to share with you a glimpse of our progress demonstration on the Playstation Vita.

    Yes, can you see it? These are the character models for the Final Fantasy X HD Version. Reguardless of how close up you view these characters, you will not see any distortions. They were completely remade from scratch, however, we were careful to preserve the original look of the models.

    This is all that we can show you today, but, We have much more to announce. Please be pacient for that announcement. For now, Thank you very much!

    Mr. Hashimoto, Thank you. For the fans who were passionate about Final Fantasy X Sold on the Playstation 2, The Graphical HD remaster of the game will soon be released for the Playstation Vita. Please look forward to The Story, Game system, Music and everything that made this one of the greatest RPGs.

    And with that, Just like what had been spoken of before, We want everyone to continue enjoy playing games on the Playstation Vita. That is what we want to become. That is how we think at the Sony Entertainment Computer Company of Japan. Starting February 28th, The- (Video cut’s off)

    (The Playstaion Vita will be sold for 19,980 yen station February 24th (Currently being sold for 24,999 in Japan for those who are curious (the list price on Amazon.jp))

  • Ry

    @Agito/Everyone No offense taken at all. I jumped the gun and was not thinking at all when I posted my original comment. I did not have my audio on when I watched the video for the first time, so I was not listening to what he was saying, but after listening to him, I feel much better about it and I understand that SE is trying to do in preserving the original game. I have played through almost all of the FFs (have almost all of them on my psp and love it! haha) but 10 is still my favorite.

    I guess was just dreaming a little way too big.

    my original disappointment came because I think that the redesigned look and feel of the Dissidia 012 models of Yuna and Tidas look much better than what they have demonstrated here.

    I thought they were going to take the time to completely rebuild these models and make them look really nice with proper spec and
    normal maps with the textures and add those little beautiful details that just make a model shine. Maybe not to the extend of the XIII generation, but maybe just a little more than this. I mean, Yuna still has flat 2d beads in her hair! And though I think the PSV can definitely handle it, that is not the direction they are going. I will respect them on it. I was just dreaming for a little more.

  • AnimaMagna

    This is exciting, but I would rather wait for Lightning Returns and Versus. There is a lot of buzz going round just now that the official reveal for the latter game is coming this spring or sooner. Check out the articles on leaked promotional ‘Noctis’ perfume.

  • alexsam

    @TheBadAss http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square_Enix#Product_development_divisions. I don’t know, if that article is wrong and you work inside the company or have inside info about the projects then fine. Also, how is FF X as linear as XIII? The two games have basically nothing to do with each other other than the fact that they belong to the same franchise and both belong to the jrpg genre. FF X was open, linear, had a massive number of mini-games one better than the next and challenged players in a number of ways. FF XIII is running down a hallway fighting monsters, only to stop every 10-20 minutes to watch a (very nice visually, I must admit) cut-scene! The only mini-game it had involved fighting more monsters.

    @AnimaMagna apparently there’s also a ‘Cloud’ and ‘Sephiroth’ perfume. Why are we learning this now???

  • Seyra

    Well it’s not a remake it’s an HD version.
    What I see is a great improvement, cut scenes models during combats.

    Final Fantasy X had really low poly models during combats and side cut scenes.

    Then textures are more detailed, the hair are not clumps of polygons anymore due to better alpha map rendering near the tips.

    Well I see improvement here. Keep in mind it’s an HD version, not a remake.

  • Ehren Rivers

    @alexsam: If you read the article you just linked to, it says that Development Divisions 1 and 5 are referred to together as the 1st Production Department. It also mentions that as TheBadass said, Shinji Hajimoto is the MANAGER of 1PD while Yoshinori Kitase is the DEPARTMENT HEAD for DD1. DD1 has multiple teams inside of it that work on different projects. The Versus team and the Lightning Saga team are separate development groups, and the Versus team members were not pulled to work on LR:FFXIII. Nomura Tetsuya did a few character designs, and the LR team is using some of the assets developed by the Versus team (namely their modified bits and bobs from Luminous Engine).

    Aside from stopping to help the XIV: A Realm Reborn team work out some hinks and jiggers this last autmun/winter, Square Enix has repeatedly said that the Versus team is hard at work focusing on the game.

    As for Final Fantasy X being linear, TheBadass is pretty on the money. FFX is just as much of a corridor game as XIII was. The only major difference is in X there are a number of minigames late-game to distract you and the eventual ability to go back to most of the places you’d visited previously, whereas XIII limited the amount you could backtrack when you got to late-game and used high-powered battles for distractions instead of races and the like.

  • anony

    @Alexsam I see your point for ff13 vs ff10, the only time Nomura-san’s team helped ff13 team was ff13. Let called ffx soft constraint linear game and ff13 hard constraint.

    @erren, did we met before, if not i think I heard of somewhere, nice to meet you. however I kinda half disagree with on ffx vx ff13 on this.

    They both linear type of game give you that one and agree but there both different. like alex sam said ff13 is more like interactive story. However for ffx, imo it feel different then ff13. For me, it has a sense emersion, atmosphere content and opening and refreshing features include backtracking and sidequest, minigames. soo ff10 is soft constraint linear game, just to be clear. Let say ff13 is a hard constraitt linear game, where is mostly corridor style gameplay and has less sense of exploration most part of game before pulse chapter. This my opinion and I understand your aswell, sorry for big text.

  • anony

    @ the great ry: thank you for translating that, I greatly appreciated and good job.

    @Tony: can you please add Ry’s translation (since there is no subbed version as of yet). So it will be conveinent what hasimoto is saying.

  • Ehren Rivers

    @Anony: As far as I know we’ve never met.

    That is, of course, your own opinion. However, what many people (especially video game fans) fail to understand is that something you don’t like isn’t necessarily bad and something you don’t get into may be very similar to something you do get into. Final Fantasy XIII felt far less linear to me personally than Final Fantasy X. The races and blitzball and so on weren’t enjoyable for me, whereas the in-story minigames of XIII such as running the Juggernaut or reconnecting Teijin’s tower were events I loved.

    What I was telling alexsam is that if you strip away personal preferences and individual experiences, X and XIII are the same beast with different scales. Furthermore, X consists of very small sectional maps compared to XIII. They are BOTH corridor games. I believe I already mentioned X’s early and more open backtracking, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a set of curvy hallways.

    For that matter, though, the only truly open (numbered) Final Fantasy games are Final Fantasy XII and the two MMOs. Older Final Fantasy games gave you the illusion of freedom by allowing you to travel along a world map; A wide, open-looking space that was almost entirely empty. Towns and dungeons often had one entrance you were meant to come from, and one you were meant to leave out of once you finished the story. These empty walking spaces, dotted with the occasional mini-area containing treasure or something for a side-quest, created the illusion of a truly open world for some people.

    Other people found the world styles of X and XIII more comforting; The seeming miles of scenery in the distance, never knowing what bush or bend might hide a treasure made them feel like the world was open and alive. For me personally, stopping on Gran Pulse to explore absolutely everywhere was one of the biggest, most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in a Final Fantasy game. (Topped only by exploring the Zertinan Caverns in XII)

    My point is that at their core, these two games are the same level of linear. Some of the trappings may be different, and of course every person will have a different experience and get a different feel, but they are very, very close.

  • alexsam

    @Ehren Rivers first off, the wiki article I read says that Yoshinore Kitase’s team is in charge of the XIII trilogy as well as Versus. Anyway.

    Now on the matter of X vs XIII, you basically just step on your own argument. Linearity means being one-directional. The mini-games that were in X helped out a lot to broaden it’s story and make the game last longer and even after the story was done, there was still much to do. Although you’re right when you say that FF X is the same thing as XIII in some ways (running down a hallway), it’s what’s in between that makes it fun. It wasn’t just battle after battle after battle. FF XIII was just that. And I played and enjoyed XIII as much as any FF title but even the people that made the game called it “Story Driven”. I think that says a lot.

  • Ehren Rivers

    @Alexsam: No, that is NOT what the article says. It says that Yoshinoria Kitase is the Department Head for DD1, and that Versus XIII is among the notable products being developed by DD1. They have multiple teams within the department. If you do some back research, you’ll discover that each of the storylines for the Fabula Nova Crystallis were developed by a different team. Each team was given the GNC creation myth and told to create their own world based on it, their own take. The teams even had minimal reaction until after Final Fantasy XIII was released.

    Linear does not mean one-directional. It means consisting of lines, or of long sections with little width. It means you go somewhere, you do something important, and then you head straight to the next important thing to do. It’s true, in FFX you can talk to a number of NPCs dotting the hallway maps, but there’s no exploration. Even XIII had more with the Archylte Steppe, the Mahabara, and the cliffside paths leading to the Paddraen Archaeopolis. You’re herded along by the story, and until late in the game the only reason to backtrack is to fight different creatures in the hopes of getting different materials. The majority of story distractions become available upon reaching the Calm Lands, which is comparable to the Archylte Steppe on Gran Pulse. You personally may have found the minigames of X more enjoyable than the Cie’thstone Missions of XIII, but both are distractors from otherwise cinematic games. One involves not touching red butterflies, and the other involves scouring canyons for dragons.

    Yes, the creators of XIII call it story driven. It IS a story driven world, where everything else is just peripheral. But most Final Fantasy games are story driven, and it’s really sad how blind the fans can make themselves to this. The developers started referring to XIII as story driven to help illustrate the differences in exploration and side-quest systems between the three Lightning Saga games, that’s all. You throw in three small towns and an airship back to the early story sections, and XIII becomes just as ‘open’ as any of the PS1-era Final Fantasy games.

    Whether its minigames or hunts or fetch quests, you will always find people who enjoyed them and people who didn’t. There were always be people who say that whatever side-attractions there are in a game really helped them keep things fresh in the face of a long and linear story. By the same token, though, there will always be people who find these bits and bobs to be nothing more than wasteful filler.I’ve heard people say it about the Gold Saucer of VII, the Calm Lands, and Serendipity in XIII-2. Everyone has things they enjoy and things they don’t, you absolutely cannot please everyone. If you strip away personal opinion, and put your own enjoyment in a box so you can look at them objectively it becomes clear that these two games are more similar than most Final Fantasy games.

  • Ehren Rivers

    All of that being said, I think this is looking good. I checked it against my PS2 version of the game, and the Vita models are definitely crisper, cleaner, and the movement is much more fluid. I’m excited to see what this will look like running on the PS3. It’s supposed to be an HD update, so I don’t think the look will be too terribly different. I remember reading that the bulk of the work on this game was going to be the environment; Final Fantasy X was mostly pre-rendered backgrounds and very few actual objects. For the update I guess they planned to re-make the world from the ground up?

  • Ry

    @anony: No problem! I hope the translation helped.

  • Aqua-Drought

    I cannot wait to see how amazing Wakka and Lulu will look! And about Lulu, I hope they give her actual legs underneath all of those belts for her model instead of a thigh. It is kind of scary to think that she depends on her dress to move about.

  • Dave

    Well maybe that this preview of the game was just a demonstration as mention in the video. Maybe these are not the final looks of the characters. Was kinda hard to tell what the characters looked like with the video so jumpy and lagging. But I know that we all will see something good out of this HD remastered look of Final Fantasy X. I just hope it gets made and released here soon before before next year or 2014 cause I don’t think I can.. or want to wait that long. But I hope that this will look really great as I loved the ps2 version when it first came out. I played that game for hours I think I has over 100 hours on that game. Anyways please do give us an estimate when the game may be released or what quarter at least. Thanks.

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