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FFX/X-2 HD Split For Vita, 70% Complete

March 26th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


With the recent announcement of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2’s HD Remaster treatment, Square Enix will be bringing both games to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Though the games will be on one Blu-ray for PS3, the company commented that the Vita’s cartridge size was a contributing factor in the decision to split them up for the Sony handheld. This comes via a new interview in Famitsu with producer Yoshinori Kitase and associate producer Hideki Imaizumi, out today.

Why is this? Well, the games themselves have remastered assets like character models (which include enemies) and environments, though those are usually less of a space hog than other elements. The cinematic sequences have been updated for an HD format, and as you can imagine, take up a considerably bigger file size since they are likely uncompressed. While not confirmed by Famitsu, remastered audio (lossless and uncompressed), also takes up a considerable amount of space.

If you’ve ever wondered why Final Fantasy XIII is three discs on Xbox 360, it’s largely due to the uncompressed cinematics and audio quality being a a bit too hefty for one DVD. (Blu-ray discs having more storage capacity.) Final Fantasy XIII-2 had cinematics that bookended the game as opposed to being liberally peppered throughout it’s length, so it comfortably fit on one disc.

Mr. Nomura, who is participating in the project, was quoted as saying: “Ok, let’s do it!” In regards to save data being shared between PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, the team is currently researching the possibility of its inclusion.

Square Enix also confirmed that progress on Final Fantasy X HD has reached 70%.

Update: Final Fantasy World further translated that Tetsuya Nomura was talking with Final Fantasy Type-0 voice actors during the time of recording about their memories of Final Fantasy X as two games shared some voice actors like Mayuko Aoki (Yuna). It’s here, Famitsu says, that Square Enix got the ambition to do a HD remastering of the games.

This was all around 2011 when production on Final Fantasy XIII-2 was in full swing, so it took some extra time to shift the manpower to this project. Final Fantasy X producer Yoshinori Kitase said that since they’ve missed the 10th Anniversary of Final Fantasy X with this project, they’ll try to honor the 10th Anniversary of Final Fantasy X-2 by getting the game out this year.

Kitase also divulged that the team had difficulty taking the assets from the original game for the re-release, stating that one programmer was responsible for salvaging most of the data — but an outsourced team was called in to help on the project. The Visual Works team, specifically Kazuyuki Ikomori, was also called in to give the game’s cinematics a proper facelift for the HD generation.

Closing the interview, Kitase said he hopes that younger Final Fantasy and video game fans will be able to enjoy Final Fantasy X.

Thanks: FFWorld


  • Ehren Rivers

    Are there scans, or is this just a text translation? Either way, that’s pretty awesome. I’m wondering what it is they still have left to do, then, since most of both games was in English at some point. Also, not sure how hard I trust their completion percentages…

    They appear to work on some ineffable set of guidelines that makes no sense to the average human being. I think it’d be easier to gauge if we knew when they started serious work on it, you know?

  • Tony Garsow


    Also completion percentages are weird, and probably for PR purposes lol.

  • alexsam

    (Was FF XIII really on 3 discs for the 360? Didn’t know that.) Well, actually I’d like to know how much of LR is complete by now, so that we can make a comparison as to whether we’ll have this released before or after autumn. It seems like they’ve been so quiet and secretive about this remaster for so long and now it’s the only thing they want to talk about! But 70% looks good enough for a summer release… right?

  • Ehren Rivers

    Hmm. Do you think the completion of current projects (Especially X|X-2 and Lightning Returns) will be negatively affected by the resignation of Yoichi Wada? Apparently the internet just exploded about this, and it coincides with SE expecting to experience major losses at the end of their fiscal year.

    But yes, I can tell completion percentages are weird. Lightning Returns was supposed to be 30% done in September of last year, for example. It turned out later they meant 30% of the way to their first development milestone, which just makes my soul ache.

    Does this translation mention the possible inclusion of other features in the game? I was reading something about the SE EU blog telling people to stay tuned for a full list of new features.

  • Ehren Rivers

    @Alexsam: Yes, it was 3 discs on the 360. According to some people this was the leading reason for the lower resolution models in XIII-2. I can’t speak to the accuracy of this, though.

  • alexsam

    Seriously, Wada was sacked! I guess he was held responsible for the losses. I mean, the original XIV did backfire on the company and that was a major drawback on their plans. I wonder what’ll happen now…

    @Ehren Rivers I personally don’t think that any of the titles will be the least bit delayed because of this. If a company as big as Square-Enix decides to make a move like this, they must have a plan. They’ll probably release all the titles that were under Wada’s supervision and then go on in a new direction without him. Hironobu Sakaguchi was the creator of the series and he’s gone, but the games are still coming out, right?

  • Ehren Rivers

    Hey, don’t start with that. Blaming Yoichi Wada for the poor sales of the Hitman HD collection and Sleeping Dogs is really just silly, the man likely didn’t have anything to do with either game. Furthermore, it’s actually being mentioned that the larger reason for the losses is that they are completely restructuring; The cost is high, and the low sales of games from their last fiscal year (April 1st 2012 to March 31st 2013) didn’t do much in the way of offsetting that cost.

    As for affecting titles, I didn’t say the games would stop coming out. That’s a bit of an over-interpretation of what I said. Since it hasn’t been confirmed that Yoichi Wada is leaving the company, and only that he is stepping down as CEO, I’m more concerned with games having their development hampered by the restructuring than anything else.

  • alexsam

    @Ehren Rivers Even so, I don’t really see that happening. Whether this happened because he was held responsible for last fiscal year’s losses or if they’re just reforming the company and looking for a fresh face (let’s not forget, he was CEO since 2000!), I don’t think any titles would be delayed, or that any dev team would be told to do something differently just because he’s been replaced. Last fiscal year may have been bad for Square-Enix, but I suspect things may turn around for them this year.

  • Ehren Rivers

    Well, the actual document cites “renewal of the company’s management team” so I’m betting on the latter rather than the former. It’d be naive not to acknowledge the fact that major changes to a company might have an impact on staff groups, though. Wada being switched out for Masuda isn’t all that’s happening, either.

  • alexsam

    @Ehren Rivers Yes but, considering their losses, do you really think they have the luxury of switching teams just like that, setting back projects that have already been delayed, even further? That would be like a death sentence!

    (Meanwhile, the net is playing their favorite game: let’s blame FF XIII for everything…)

  • Ehren Rivers

    But yes, I’ve already seen people start to blame FF XIII, and even more that think it’s some kind of mass fan conspiracy to run SE into the ground for not giving them Versus or an FFVII remake. It’s all rather childish and ridiculous.

  • alexsam

    Tell me about it! Everyone is burning XIII-2, without even knowing the concept of fiscal year.

  • Ehren Rivers

    Yeah, but that’s going to happen. People don’t seem to be too bright. Last I read the number of shipped XIII-2 units was approaching 3.2 million worldwide, and that was a month or two ago. Still low sales compared to its predecessor, but a pretty large sales number nonetheless.

    To get back on topic (we should really move this discussion to the next thread), I’ve also found that people are freaking out over X and X-2 not being included together on the Vita. They seem to be under the impression that each game will be $40 on the vita, even though that completely goes against every HD PS3/Vita re-release convention to date.

  • AnimaMagna

    Poor XIII. It’s getting all the gunfire right now. Lucky it has Lightning to deflect and retaliate.

  • alexsam

    @Ehren Rivers That is below stupid. At least wait until you actually learn the price, but no, everyone has to complain before they even learn. I guess this is the reason why Square-Enix were forced to come out today and explain why they’ve released it on 2 discs for the Vita. Tbh, I’d like to have the option of just purchasing X for the PS3 if it meant costing less and since I know I’m probably not going to touch X-2, but still as a marketing move it’s pretty smart of them to add it all in one. And if it’s only for 40$ (which I hope translates into 30 euros!), then I’m fine with it!

  • peggy

    hmm. maybe they’ll shoot for the NA release date of Final Fantasy X-2? that would put it in November, although that might be too close to Lightning Returns. positive thoughts here, people! summer release, summer release, summer, summer!

  • AgitoXIII

    May I ask where that artwork is from? I’ve never seen that Amano art. It’s Tidus and Yuna right?

  • Ehren Rivers

    @Alexsam: Yes, the price was already confirmed at $40. As for purchasing the PS3 games separately, that will only be an option if they put the games up for download on the PSN. Sony Computer Entertainment America has very strict policies regarding HD re-releases being brought overseas; They MUST contain at least two games on a single disc. I don’t know of a single company that has managed to get passed this; Shadow of the Colossus/ICO, the Metal Gear Solid Collections, the Hitman HD Trilogy, etc. All of these exist together as physical media, but are available separately as digital.

  • Tony Garsow

    Yes, it’s Tidus and Yuna
    “Warmth” by Yoshitaka Amano

  • anony

    @Everyone, Since rikku from ffx was playable two costume, one from the beggining and main costume. How about feature having alternate costumes getting from an sidequest or treasure/shop or whatever! There alternate costume will not change or affect story, it only is used for battle. Similar to ff13-2, dissidia and tales series. I know this might not happen, but it would be awesome. How would like to costume using wedding dress yuna and al bhed gear rikku?

  • blackstar101

    make blitzball online