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Kitase interested in PSP remastering

June 13th, 2011 by Tony Garsow

Final Fantasy super-producer Yoshinori Kitase commented briefly this week in this week’s Dengeki PlayStation that he is in fact interested in PSP remasterings of their products. We can only speculate that Final Fantasy Type-0 may be remastered for it’s upcoming summer release, but there is a library of Final Fantasy games on the PSP that may also be considered such as Dissidia and Duodecim as well as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. Remastered PSP games are buffed up to look nice on a HD screen, and popular Japanese franchises such as Metal Gear Solid and Monster Hunter are leading the way into the new series.

Two titles specifically mentioned in the article by Motomu Toriyama include Dissidia and Crisis Core, however in regards to the official status, the director only stated they were still a “blank slate”, which likely means final decisions have not been made yet.

It is very important that you chime in! What Final Fantasy PSP titles would you like to see remastered for PS3? Let us know your opinions!


  • John

    Type 0, lol.

  • lalik

    Type 0 would be nice, but yes a duodecim remastered would be nice.

  • gmoyajp

    Non need to be Remaster in my book.

    sorry but it’s true and i think crisis core and dissidia look nice!

    what we need remaster is VIII VII IX and if We go retro then V and VI

    fair enough.

  • Steven

    Dissidia Duodecim, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7, and of course Final Fantasy Type-0

  • Hyuga

    It would be amazing to see the following remastered: Crisis Core FFVII, Dissidia Duodecim with online multiplayer capabilities aswell as Birth By Sleep Kingdom Hearts with the same online multiplayer and finally Final Fantasy Type 0.

    With the popularity of these titles, people would buy the copies AGAIN. Square Enix cant loose with this sort of investment but they should deliver promptly. Making fans wait too long can prove to be more a hindrance than a benefit.

    And please, Square Enix, Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase, you have a world wide following, please, release Final Fantasy Versus XIII. We all have been waiting too long and you are in jeopardy that many of your long time fans lose interests. We are the reason you continue to make games, your greatest investors and your loyal fanbase. Do not lower our moral and disappoint us. Listen to us.

  • Ryuzaki

    Wooooow!! Remastering!! I would say FF VII: Crisis Core, Dissidia, Duodecim, and of course, TYPE-0!! ^^ all PSP games should be remastered so that those people who didn’t have PSP can play it :) yeay

  • Juggernaut6

    I think Crisis Core needs it the most. The controls could be so much better. The 3rd Birthday could also use a remastering.

  • Blaster

    Dissidia of course. it’s mostly eye-candy anyway, so why not just improve that aspect to the next level?

    Crisis Core? oh please, not another VII incarnate.

    i would say Type-0 but the game’s looking great as it is so far, and imo it doesnt need to be remastered.

  • spiritreapr

    Dissidia and dissidia 012 all the way, with the gaming system AND improved graphics that game could be a legend

  • Jared

    Can we just have a ported copy of FFIII, that’s not limited to the DS?

  • Ray

    I would LOVE to have Dissidia 012 and Crisis Core remastered for the PS3. Heck, even FFT: War of the Lions. What I REALLY want though, is a remastered collection of the PS2 Final Fantasy games. PLEASE!!! An HD, widescreen port of FFX, FFX-2, and FFXII! I would buy it in a second! Even better would be to localize and include the international version of each game as well!

  • SlappyTheHorse

    If Dissidia is in fact ‘remastered’, it would have to be given more than just an HD makeover. I dig the game just as much as anyone who spent 400hrs on it, but if moved to PS3, it would have to be better than 012 (or Dissidia: Final Mix, as some of us call it). What I mean is, bigger story,full Aeons for Yuna (the PSP simply couldn’t handle it), more flashy abilities, more characters, the works. The game was great, but after much research on the web, I’ve seen enough complaints to make me want to second guess a PS3 re-release. What I think would be great, however, is giving the PS3 a UMD drive. The PSP has been out long enough that this wouldn’t be a major blow to SE’s pockets. I’d buy one.

  • Aluminah

    How exactly do you speculate about a re-master of an unreleased game?
    Anyway, no thanks SE, work on Versus XIII and even XII-2.
    Drop the profit-eyed investments of re-releasing the exact same games. Duodecim is 4 months old…
    Why is everyone looking back as if the original Dissidia and Crisis Core were like 10 years old…?

  • Aluminah


  • Blaze

    Instead of remastering Dissidia… Why don’t they just do another sequel or prequel for the Dissidia series in the PS3? They would have a chance to improve the story of that game and add a lot of new ideas and characters like making a bigger world map and have a flyable airship. Random encounters in the world map and in a dungeon just like the old FF series which are monsters not manikins. Missions to complete to get a character example like a quest: To get Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum you have to defeat him inside the Castle Cornelia. And most of all, mini-games like if you want to get Ace (FF Type-0 main character). You have to defeat him in a poker game or something like a card game…

  • ExHaseo

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix. It’s the only one that matters.

  • Zackfan

    I prefer that instead of making a remake of an older game they should work on releasing Type-0 for NA and the other western countries.

  • Final fantasy VII VIII IX
    Should be remastered on the ps3