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Final Fantasy V iOS announced for Japan

March 19th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


The mobile revolution for Final Fantasy is upon us, starting with Final Fantasy V iOS. Revealed today, this version of Final Fantasy V features an updated interface for smartphones, as well as remastered sprites and character portraits — no mere port of previous versions. All of the extras included in the GameBoy Advance version, such as the Enuo boss fight, will be in the iOS version.

Final Fantasy V iOS will release on March 28th in Japan for 1800 yen (or around $19USD). An Android version is scheduled for sometime after Summer 2013.

Update: Some new direct-feed shots of the game from Famitsu App. (Thanks: Goli)

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  • rube

    i am really hating how they keep adding “auto” in the battle menu to all these ports.

  • Tony Garsow

    I think it’s a bit convenient for menial battles where you’re largely overpowered. I believe it’s more of an auto-attack feature, though.

  • Jugg

    I hope they keep the FMVs from the PlayStation version.

  • Arciel

    i hope there’s a PSP version of this.. :\

  • Omedon

    For mobile accessibility, “auto” is a must, especially for a grinder like 5! I’ve loved the auto features in both IV and dimensions, best feature ever for when you only have a few minutes to play but want to make some relevant progress in areas you slightly overpower, or repetitive, on-par grinding, which is, again, perfect for the mobile gaming ethic!

  • TheBadass

    Looks like it’s being developed by the FF Dimensions team. I guess that means Takashi Tokita is producing and Kazuko Shibuya is drawing the sprites.

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  • AntagonistGB

    You know, after years of wanting a DS or 3DS remake… this is REALLY lame. It looks decidedly worse than the SNES version. Sigh. Maybe someday FFV will get the full remake it deserves.

  • agitoxiii

    Auto battle is a must….. The hell u talking about…

  • rogeriskira

    Aww man… Another sprite based remake. If only it would of been a remake like FF3 or FF4 as from the DS remakes. All the wait for nothing *sigh*

  • AntagonistGB

    Why do modern Square sprite-based games lack any soul in their art direction? Between this and the PSP ports of 1, 2, and 4, they just made everything so bland and lost so much of the personality that the NES and SNES games had. Ironically, the best spritework they’ve done since Tactics Advance 2 was All the Bravest, and we all know how the quality of the actual game was…

  • you guys missed out a better pic of the battle

    geez. i can’t say it looks bad, but AntagonistGB is right in saying the new sprites really lack soul.

    i think the issue really is that you’re using different sprite styles for monster models, characters and even artwork.. so its a strange mishmash. the character sprite stick out the most.

    If you look at the battle image, its the most evident. maybe we’re just not used to the sprite proportions yet.

  • OmegaSkye

    Those sprites are awful… It’s a real shame to see FF5 looking so horrid. The battle sprites and the various costumes were one of the joys of that game.

    The dimensions they’re using are completely off for sprites that tall (Bartz is about 44 pixels tall in these screenshots, and is proportioned around the same as FF6’s sprites, which are 20 pixels shorter). That’s why they look so slouched and… Off. Their ears are also apparently sprouting out of their necks. Coloring is very “meh” too, but that’s par the course for Square’s sprite based games nowadays.

    I know that Dimensions and After Years essentially had the same style, but seeing FF5 dressed up like this hurts. The SNES version had a billion times more personality.

    Seeing these screenshots inspired me, so I made Bartz a new sprite just for fun using proportions that aren’t quite as obscene for sprites this size.

    This makes me afraid to find out what they mean by the “mobile revolution is beginning”. If I see FF6 dressed up like this, I might just turn in my gamer badge.

  • AntagonistGB

    @OmegaSkye See, your sprite is ten times better. I can tell immediately that that’s Bartz I’m looking at, as opposed to Joe Generic that Square turned out. Has sort of a Chrono Trigger vibe to it. I’d pay for that remake.

  • keinushi

    Omegaskye, your sprite almost made me cry it was so beautiful. I have been checking for this game each night and am just about ready to crack out my old gba copy of this, go for fuol completion again on that instead.