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Dengeki PS has Type-0’s Eight and Gilgamesh

May 23rd, 2011 by Tony Garsow

Heads up for more Final Fantasy Type-0 information out of this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation. Expect to see more information about a new Class Zero ally named “Eight”, as well as the game’s version of Gilgamesh. Those who tuned into the Dissidia 012 Battle Tournament event saw a peek at him when it was announced his Type-0 form was Gilgamesh’s 4th DLC costume. We will update this post as information breaks over the night, and hopefully scans will find their way online soon!

Update: Scans have gone online!
■ Eight
■ Arecia
■ Gilgamesh



+ Suzaku is a nation represented by magic in Final Fantasy Type-0 and is located in Rubrum. The main characters of the game including Class Zero are all students of the Rubrum Peristylium. Refugees from the war often find themselves here, and it is through a trial that they are able to become students of magic at the Peristylium. It is said they become a candidate for “Agito”.
+ Byakko is a nation represented by weapons in Final Fantasy Type-0 and is located in Milites. They acquire great military and scientific might, and eventually gain the ambition to invade Suzaku to disable their crystal with powerful airships. Characters that hail from Byakko are Cid Aulstyne and Qator Bashtar.
+ Genbu is a nation represented by shields in Final Fantasy Type-0 and is located in Lorica. The people of this nation live on rough terrain and mountainsides, and use the power of the crystals to augment their bodies. They are resistant to physical and magical attacks because of this process. Gilgamesh is a l’Cie soldier of this nation.
+ Souryu is a nation represented by dragons in Final Fantasy Type-0 and is located in Concordia. While little is known about them, they reside in the sky and can be seen riding dragons in January’s trailer.


+ Sice (CV: Miyuki Shirosawa) is a silver-haired young woman whom wields a scythe. Her personality can be described as calm, but she is not without conviction. Like King she is kind, but does not outwardly appear so. One of her abilities include “Black Hole” which uses the power of gravity magic to pull enemies together on the battlefield.
+ Eight (CV: Miyu Irino) is newly revealed in this week’s issue and has short red hair and fights with punches and kicks. He does not like using weapons to kill his enemies and prefers to fight barehanded to (we assume) avoid doing so. He has a competitive nature though he tries to maintain his composure at all times. His abilities make use of entering commands on the PSP’s D-pad, reminiscent of Sabin’s Blitz techniques of Final Fantasy VI.
+ King (CV: Tomokazu Sugida) is a blonde man with long hair that wields two handguns. He is of a stoic nature but like his Class Zero ally Sice, he is also kind on the inside. He also trains hard and does not like to speak more than he has to given the situation. A special ability of King’s is “Power Barret”, which will allow him to critically hit enemies within close range.
+ Arecia Al-Rashia (CV: Atsuko Tanaka) heads the Suzaku Peristylium’s magic bureau and has long, flowing black hair. She dresses provocatively, and is known for behaving strangely and rashly even though she is highly competent. She’s regarded as something of a witch among her peers.
+ Gilgamesh (CV: Kazuya Nakai) is a l’Cie of Genbu who has forgotten his mission. It seems he has grown very large and at one point will face off against the party. He is one of several bosses that will be very large in size. His appearance will be featured as Gilgamesh’s 4th costume in Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy.


+ Active World Map will come into play many times in the game. You will enter portions of the world map that are currently in conflict during World Map Missions and will need to be recaptured and defended to serve Suzaku’s interests in the world of Oriens. This can pay off for your team because if they recapture a town currently under siege, they will be able to shop there (amongst other benefits) once the enemy forces have been defeated or driven out.
+ Special Orders are optional sub-missions you can attempt during a regular mission. Complete them and you will earn extra rewards in the meta mission, but fail and you will get a game over screen. Accepting these should be done at the players discretion, and you will not be penalized for declining them.
+ Odin makes an appearance in Final Fantasy Type-0, weilding his sword and riding Sleipnir. In battle he is able to cleave enemies for large amounts of damage with outward slices from his sword. His special ability is Zantetsuken, and just as you would have guessed, has the ability to instantly kill enemy units.
+ Kill Sight and Break Sight are features added on to the game’s lock-on camera system that allow you to perform critical attacks to instantly kill or majorly wound a target. During Kill Sight, the lock-on icon will glow red and you’ll hear a chime that will let you know if a Kill Sight is possible. A Break Sight will glow yellow and allow you to inflict major damage. These gimmicks are only successful if you are able to land a hit while the icon is active.

Via: FF-Reunion, 2ch, Sokuho


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