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Type-0 Vita Supporters React to Localizaiton

June 13th, 2014 by Tony Garsow


One of the highlights for Square Enix at this year’s E3 was the announcement of a Final Fantasy Type-0 localization in the form of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Originally released in Japan back in 2011 for the PlayStation Portable, the handheld entry in the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga never made its way to worldwide audiences — until now. For several years, fans have organized through efforts like Operation Suzaku and #JRPGVITA to bring Sony and Square Enix’s attention to the issue. We at Final Fantasy Network have sported a small banner (formerly to your upper right) for years now as a show of support for localization efforts.

Now, at long last, fans overseas will get to play Final Fantasy Type-0. The excitement was palpable as we got a glimpse of the game’s updated look at the end the Final Fantasy Agito trailer. Voice actors who had completed their roles more than two years ago began to reveal their roles in the game with enthusiasm to spare. Yet, the circumstances around the announcement have soured some from anticipating Final Fantasy Type-0 altogether.

What happened?

We received Square Enix’s official press release Tuesday morning revealing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No mention of PlayStation Vita to be found. On the same day, right around the same time, a Square Enix representative updated the US PlayStation Blog to announce a PlayStation Vita version — and just a PlayStation Vita version. Even Sony’s Shahid Kamal Ahmad, appointed proponent for fan-powered Vita initiatives, tweeted the news:

The news led us to post that the game would be coming to all three platforms, because who would know better than Sony, right? Well, not long after, the post on the PlayStation Blog was amended to say that the game would not be Vita-bound but for Sony’s PlayStation 4 instead. Mr. Ahmad also amended his statements on his twitter, apologizing to his followers for the misinformation. It seems a Vita announcement had been ephemeral at most.

For fans, what can we glean out of this? Should we play developer’s advocate and assume the Vita announcement was a slip for a later reveal? Is it a miscommunication between Sony and Square Enix? Are the realities of PlayStation Vita’s performance showing themselves in a “console only” announcement by a third-party developer? We’ll probably be left to stew on this until Sony or Square Enix can clarify their intentions.

Those anticipating an announcement for PlayStation Vita have taken to social media, most visibly through the #NOVITANOBUY hashtag. Take a sample of recent comments posted on the topic and sentiments become clear:

Take more time to peruse comments tagged with #NOVITANOBUY and you’ll find that it underlines frustrations about Sony’s PlayStation Vita support in the last few years. Sony’s press conference and E3 presence this year largely skimped on news for games by mainstream developers. Many feel that this represents a shift by Sony to reposition the handheld as a platform lucrative for independent developers and as a peripheral device for the PlayStation 4 in light of dismal software sales.

Many supporters of #JRPGVITA, a hashtag created for Vita fans to tell Sony what games they want localized, identify as a driving force for Final Fantasy Type-0‘s localization. It’s not hard to connect the dots on why these fans feel so burned, seeing yet another large third-party project they supported for years ship on other platforms, leaving a product they see value and potential in continue to gather dust.

Square Enix has also been mum on the subject, another player who would have been the largest deciding factor on Vita’s inclusion — a decision that may have come about due to Vita’s poor performance — which we could bring back around to Sony.

Yes, PlayStation Vita fans don’t represent the whole pie of potential Final Fantasy Type-0 buyers, but their concerns aren’t without merit and shouldn’t be brushed off as mere entitlement or “port begging”. It may be a hard business decision by Square Enix that a Vita version just can’t happen, but, considering the platform’s fans and their motivation to bring quality games like Type-0 overseas — it may be worth a second thought.

What are you reactions on the announcement of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and #NOVITANOBUY? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.


  • Tom

    You made a mistake. It was not SONY that made a “typo” at PS Blog, it was Senior Product Manager at Square Enix, Sakura Minamida… Which is kinda funny considering that if someone had a right information regarding the project… one would assume it would be a Square Enix employee…

  • ಠ_ಠ

    I don’t understand the hashtag outrage, honestly. I’m happy to have Type-0 localized at all. There was never any discussion of having it released on Vita in the first place, though I understand it’s possible to buy on PSN in Japan? Maybe SE will decide to release it on Vita like they did with X|X-2. But for now, this just helps cements a future PS4 purchase for me. I was going to wait until XV was released, but now I’ve got another title worth investing in.

  • Tony Garsow

    Thanks, I’ll make that correction.

  • novurdim

    >There was never any discussion of having it released on Vita in the first place
    Pretty much every discussion about type-0 localization for the last year was about its potential release on Vita. It doesn’t concern you so you surely can’t understand it, don’t really get the point of your post.

  • Please don’t make this news. A bunch of self-entitled, angsty teenagers using twitter and a hashtag or making “online petitions” just to further their frustration isn’t news. This happens everyday on the internet. I feel very grateful that they decided to port this game to next-gen consoles because of the capabilities of those machines. No one ever said that the game would come out to the Vita! That was their own assumption. We tried very hard and there were a lot of people who fought to show Square Enix that we want to play Type-0. Now these spoiled brats are coming out, complaining again just because it wasn’t ported to the machine they wanted?! No way man! And just because they’re going out making noise, it doesn’t mean that they are the majority. PS4’s and XBox One’s are selling like hotcakes, which is the reason that Square Enix decided to port Type-0 on those machines. And the Vita of course, doesn’t have the same capabilities as those two machines in order to allow them to create the remaster they feel we are worth after all this time. So let them complain about it. That’s all gamers know how to do anyway. In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying this masterpiece in the best way imaginable!

    (I wonder, if XV were to come out tomorrow, wouldn’t all those people rush to buy the PS4..?)

  • ಠ_ಠ

    Oh, okay.

  • Tony Garsow

    While a lot people may be vocalizing their frustrations in a very immature way through #NOVITANOBUY or other social media outlets, I disagree that this topic isn’t newsworthy.

    As a contributor to a fansite, I have some responsibility to the fandom to try to get to the heart of the issue rather than skim the surface or ignore it altogether. I want to present their views in an understandable way even if I don’t necessarily share them — and perhaps that can sway the conversation away from the kind you have experienced.

    What I can do is monitor the discourse in our comments, forum, and peripheral community in any way I can to make sure that the discussion remains on-topic, civil, and insightful.

    Hope that makes things a little less vitriolic, but it’s a topic that’s definitely worth taking on.

  • I believe that this and all other fan sites like these should report on news that has to do with our beloved franchise. The fact that people are voicing their opposition to a game not coming to a console that it was never meant to come out on, is not news. Frankly I believe that you covered that story enough when you gave us the update on the original article. But that is just my opinion…

    It took us 3 years just to get Square Enix to decide to bring Type-0 to the west. It would be hilarious (and not in a good way) if this #makeitforvitaorimgonnacry crap made them change their minds on it again and decide not to bring it to the west AT ALL! Sometimes in life we cannot have our cake and eat it too. You just have to learn to pick your battles and that is what irritates me about this entire thing. It’s also what makes me firmly against any sort of Final Fantasy VII remake. Nothing is good enough for this generation and everyone would find something wrong with it.

    As for “getting to the heart of the issue”, it’s as simple as “I can’t afford a PS4, so if I can’t have it, nobody should”.

  • Tony Garsow

    I don’t think #NOVITANOBUY has the power to convince Square Enix to cancel localization on other platforms as some sort of “punishment”. No respectable company would act in such a matter, and in the infinitesimal chance they do, is that a company worth supporting?

    Negative feedback and outspoken criticism is something that Square Enix and many other companies receive all the time. In fact, that kind of feedback allowed the selfsame company to reboot a laughingstock of a MMORPG into one of the most respected entries in the genre.

    If anything, the response will give Square Enix something of a metric to judge whether a Vita version is something worth pursuing. They know how to read between the lines of internet rage.

    I find the fear some are expressing to be a bit bizarre.

  • I wasn’t suggesting they would do it in a form of punishment, I just implied (although this is a very small possibility) that Square Enix might misjudge the reactions and take the feedback from the fans as negative, since so many people are flocking out to their site saying things like “I’m not buying this”. Now that they announced it though I don’t think they would go through with something like that but why risk it?

    Besides all that, I believe Square Enix DID reply to our feedback by actually giving us Type-0! Less than a week a go we were all praying to eventually get a chance to play it. Now we are giving a minority of gamers (because the Vita owners are a minority when compared to PS4 and XBox One owners, but you know that) a chance to potentially ruin that opportunity for us? So, what if they decide next week to release it ONLY on the Vita? Will that not leave next-gen console users disappointed?

    I understand that Square Enix is a company that rarely keeps their word on anything. They have a very flawed PR department, their development cycles for their AAA games is too long and at times it seems they don’t even know what they’re doing. But this time it seems that a whole lot of people are just looking for something to point their fingers at. When you read comments like “I was eventually going to get a PS4 but I don’t want to be forced to get it right now so I’m not getting it at all f’ u Square Enix”, it makes you wonder what kind of “fans” these people really are.

    At the end of the day, I believe all of this will blow over once we see Type-0 in beautiful HD graphics that only next-gen consoles can provide. By then all of this novita business will be long forgotten.

  • Tony Garsow

    A lot of your assertions seem to revolve around the fear that Vita fans will somehow scare Square Enix out of localizing the game altogether just by speaking their minds. I sincerely think that’s a longshot.

    When there’s a relative development with this story (or any story of a similar nature) in the future, we’ll be reporting it — whether or not that reflects positive or negatively on Square Enix is moot.

    If it affects the fandom in some way, shape, or form, it has the potential of being a story on our -fan-site. Can’t sweep it under the rug. We’re not exactly a journalistic entity, but I feel that I personally owe it to my readers to cut out some of the bullshit and try to understand where people are really coming from. It’s much more rewarding I think.

    In doing so, and in creating an environment where people can exchange their frustrations about the topic in a civil, perhaps something more constructive can come out of the topic.

    #NOVITANOBUY, boiled down to its basest forms and without adding unfair characterization, is a desire by Final Fantasy fans (even tertiary ones) who own a Vita to see it released on that platform.

    I understand your personal opinion of Square Enix is pretty low, but I say again: if the company could be so easily convinced to cancel a localization because of “ungrateful fans” — many of which were Vita fans that campaigned to keep the game relevant — is that any company worth supporting?

    It’s certainly possible that Square Enix could sway many people to buy the game on PS4 or Xbox One. I’ll likely be getting the game for the former as I personally don’t own a Vita. It’s going to lie in the merits of the game and quality of the HD port.

    Respectfully Alex, I very much understand your concerns, but I think it’s a bit of overreaction to the overreaction you yourself have perceived.

  • Well, there are now even more fansites putting emphasis on this #novitanobuy issue so I guess maybe Square Enix was wrong to give us Type-0 altogether. If we can’t learn to appreciate anything anymore then perhaps we’re not worth anything either.

    I look forward to the days of TGS or whenever this makes it’s first appearance on next-gen. Perhaps then people will realize why it was ported only there and what those machines can do, that the Vita cannot. If they really want to play it on a portable device, the still have options. They can either use remote play on the Vita or import the PSP edition and use the fan translation made by Operation Suzaku, like most of them are threatening to do.

    If me and a bunch of others were to go on an immature rampage because, let’s say, Watch Dogs didn’t come out on the Vita, does that count as news in today’s world?

  • stevenm281

    I’m not surprised its coming to console rather than handled.

    Square Enix didnt release the game on PSP in the west due to the fact that PSP was dying. Now, with the VITA, there is practically no user base compared to the next gen consoles user base, why would they spend money on a version that wont cover the expenses?

    Plus, when the game was last shown at TGS 2011, the western media said that the biggest disappointment was that this game was for handled rather than home consoles. Surely their arguments had some value to Square Enix.

    I’ve never been a big fan of handled since they are mostly for kids and teenagers or adults with lots of free time, which I don’t. When I’m travelling, I’m driving so I wont drive and try to play at the same time. When I’m home, why would I use a handled rather than a powerful home console with better control and resolution?

    I find its okay for small games and indie games to be on handled systems because it’s usually a platform you’ll play for a short amount of time. But full AAA project are better on home consoles, especially a game like Type-0 where over more than a hundred of hours can be put into the game. Altho I did play Dissidia Duodecim for more than 300 hours, but then again, my PSP was wired to my big screen TV.

    My biggest wish was for Type-0 HD to be on home console, especially PS4, and I love they answered my wish. Fans better not screw this up. This is the new generation of Final Fantasy., and I’m glad its turning to more action oriented battle systems, even tho I still like turn-based.

  • Soraia Pires

    To be completely honest, what miffed me about Type-0 being redirected to the ps4 is that it’s a psp game. A remastered psp game, sure but STILL a psp game at the end of the day.

    If it were a remake for the ps4, I would have no complaints – even tho I was one of the psp users that had been craving for this game ever since it was announced and I have yet to buy a next gen console – but I don’t see how a remaster will be able to hold its own beside a true ps4 game. I mean, fans that had been waiting for the game will gladly buy it but will anyone else who hadn’t even give it a second glance past the fact that it’s a psp>ps4 title?

    I don’t know, I think that I am just have difficulty seeing a game created for the psp’s specs “being worthy” of the ps4’s. As in, looking good enough in it.

  • MrSensei

    I’m glad this is gettting ported into the ps4 and not the vita, as I already plan on buying a ps4 (because let’s face it: games are developed for consoles the vast majority of the time). I remember buying a psp simply because Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep was going to get released for that platform. I feared having to make such a choice of type-0. Now, I don’t have to. Thank you, SE! (Now give us FF15 please haha).