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Topic: All Quiet on the Western Front

August 11th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

It’s been nearly a year since the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 in Japan, and other than a few rumblings that didn’t amount to anything — we’re still waiting on an announcement for localization abroad. Perhaps an announcement of no localization.

Things have been mum about the PSP game — other than a potential update for PlayStation Vita, which hasn’t really gone anywhere on this side of the pond. Over the last several months, I’ve seen the chatter about this game start to fizzle and fade in favor of pecking at Final Fantasy Versus XIII breadcrumbs. Not a good thing.

Are we approaching the point of no return? Will the anticipation wear off to a point where the localization is no longer anticipated? What sort of precedent does this set for future Final Fantasy games? I think one thing is for certain: the quieter we are about the game’s localization status, the greater the chance it has to slip through the cracks.

I didn’t expect the day to come again where major Final Fantasy games were without localization, and hopefully, that’s something we can avoid.


  • AgitoXIII

    If SE was a well ran company (and it damn sure isn’t) then they would update us on the status of localization. Or perhaps it’s better to give the other fans around the world some sort of timeframe for localization. I mean it’s different then actually development of a game, were talking about just a translation here. And I guess you need voice actors. SE needs to do better.

  • Steven

    If Square Enix was simply localizing it, we would have heard something by now, clearly they are remastering it for HD, that could mean Vita or even PS3/Vita like what will happen with FFX HD.

    Don’t forget their policy to talk about projects in their order of release, so we’ll hear about the western version once it’s close to release.

    At this point, I expect Versus XIII to be out Worldwide first. Anyhow, the 25th Anniversary Event, or TGS, shall maybe clear something up.

  • masterlobo

    The problem is that it’s a huge gamble for SE to release such a big budget game for a dying console. As pointed above, if they do plan on localizing it my bet goes that it is being remastered as a PSVita or PS3 title.

  • Dy

    They know what they are doing to an extent… Like stated above, why release a huge budget game on a dying console? When an HD first release on Vita would be a power-house game, boosting sales to a console that’s struggling to catch on completely. The PSP still has a huge constant user base in Japan but nowhere else.

    They are also still trying to rebuild the brand name before they start dropping all these games with FF slapped on the title.

    Sure we got FF Theatryhtm but there are high expecations for Type-0 and as a company a PSP release would see it wasted.

    BUt I agree with you, I’d like to know what the hell is going on with it too. But I think they are just keeping it hushed because to the non-hardcore FF fan. FF is a very confusing and scary thing and it isn’t really great for marketing when you have like FFXIII-2,-3, FF THeatR, FFXIV, New FFXI Expansion, FFXIII-Vs., etc. etc.

    I think they are trying to just focus thier attention on a a couple things at a time.

  • Anon

    I think square just dug itself into a hole. If they did co development with localization they could have released it just months or less within each other. But no Japan has to get it first, so now they’re stuck with the dilemma of releasing it on a dying console or remastering it for other consoles like some have said. Either way it’s costing them money. And honestly if it’ll only be released for the Vita, I won’t get it. I can’t afford yet another console! I just barely got a PSP about a year ago! If for PS3, then hell yea I’ll get it! Either way I think they should release the remastered version and a digital version for those of us who just want the PSP version. Although it is a huge game to download! Lol, I’d still do it.

  • Ixbran

    Kinda uncool they haven’t announced a western release for this game, but it never seemed all that big too me. I probably might enjoy it if i ever had the chance to play it, but its not something i personally feel i “Need” to play.

    I mean really, game companies do this sort of thing all the time, it was only a matter of time till SE jumped on the:
    “Westerners prefer FPS and Sports games, lets not waist our money on them.” Band Wagon most eastern developers have been on.

    it was only a matter of time.

  • Hanna Yuki

    If there was no localization of this game, I would cry forever over it. My cosplay group and I have been dying for more news on this game than for Versus. Though if they put the game on Vita, it would be a big downer since none of us actually have that console nor can we afford it in time.

    Though I did hear from one of the members that when SE gets the chance to start Type-1, it would go to the PS3 since the console can handle the game mechanics.

  • alexsam

    Square-Enix has so many big things going on… FF XIII, Versus XIII, X HD, XIV 2.0, III, VII pc edition, all the kingdom hearts games plus all the other projects we haven’t even heard of! So it would make sense for Type-0 to be pushed back a little for other projects to take priority. Right now they’re putting all their efforts into correcting XIV, which according to the company ceo really disrupted the image of Square-Enix. After that obviously Versus will be delivered, but maybe X HD as well, since they said that they don’t want to waste a lot of time with it. And don’t forget, we might even be having a XIII-3 announcement come September! So, even though Type-0 does seem like a pretty hot game, it might be quite a while until we actually get our hands on it. And if it does go for a HD upgrade to the PS Vita, then it’ll take even longer!! But it’s always good to have things to look forward to!

  • anony

    @hanna yukki, correct this topic is from the director itself named mr tabata in one of the interviews.

    Even tabata said the localized version will have extra missions. (if azaurdo comes and shut off saying this is fake then source is from “the official” type 0 ultimania). So basically he does have plan to localize, but it seems like there not going.

    There is even talks going around that type 0 has already been dubbed, it not gonna be on psp, currently decided on what system to port it on. Note this isn’t confirmed, yet.

    I agree with everyone I kinda hope SE ports it ps3, and vita but HD-tized remaster. Like there are ps3 remastered game before like monster hunter.

  • Aika

    I went on vacation and when I came back I read this. I remember saying sometime ago that we couldn’t be quiet about the international release or else SQ would not give FF Type-0 priority. I also agree that they’re probably not just doing a translation but a “remake” for another console since PSP is dying. I would be very happy if the game was to be released for PS3 too, since I would not have to buy Vita, although if it does come out for vita I will definitely buy the console just because of this game.

    Many fans will be disappointed if this game doesn’t come out, I hope SQ gets to that conclusion soon. We really want it!

    I noticed that a twitter account was created to help localizing the game, funny I don’t have a twitter account so I guess I’ll have to create one XD