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Mognet Discussons: Should Type-0 be on Vita?

August 11th, 2011 by Sharjeel Hanif

What is Mognet Discussions?

It would be an understatement to proclaim that Final Fantasy fans are opinionated. One of the biggest gaming fan bases around is also one of the most vocal. We believe the best way to get a feel for how the fan base feels about different topics is to provide them a platform to have their voices heard. Every few weeks we’ll provide a different topic we feel is worth discussing!

This week’s topic:

While the PlayStation Portable remains the most popular gaming device in Japan, its situation in the West is much less pronounced, with dwindling hardware and software sales. Square Enix has commented on this in relation to Final Fantasy Type-0’s localization in English, stating that fans will have to be patient, and that the company might have to resort to different methods in bringing the title overseas. (More on that here).

Some have suggested that an easy solution is a PSN only release, but here is a different proposition: Is Type-0 a perfect fit for the PlayStation Vita?

The talking points:

  • The Playstation Vita is likely being delayed to early 2012 for Europe and North America, giving Square Enix just enough time to do a localization as well as a quick port.
  • Type-0, particularly its cut scenes, feature high quality graphics that would look stunning on Vita’s high definition screen.
  • Anyone who has played the Type-0 demo by now understands that the game would be immediately and substantially improved by the addition of the second analog stick for camera control.
  • Launch window titles typically do very well, particularly if they are of high quality, guaranteeing Square Enix at the very least a decent amount of sales and lots of media coverage. By releasing a Final Fantasy title so early in a gaming device’s life cycle, Square Enix is also assured that there is an established base of Final Fantasy fans on a platform from the start until the end of the upcoming generation of hardware (something that hasn’t happened since Final Fantasy X on the PS2).

Have your say:

Take the time to have your voice heard! Do you think Final Fantasy Type-0 is a good fit for the Playstation Vita? If so, would you purchase it if it were a Vita only release? If not, what other alternatives would you prefer?

Feel free to either comment below, or join our extended community discussion on the forums by clicking here.

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  • Cody

    The points you mention on why it should be ported to vita, and released in the west are really the best reasons I can think of.

    For me, being that I pay for almost every single one of their NA released titles(obviously me not being the only one) should be enough for SE to realize JAP. isn’t the only one funding their company. So, in-turn the west should be given the same opportunity’s to play their released games.

    I understand Jap. will come first allot of the time, I can live with that, but there should be no doubt the title will release in the west as it does in Jap. Right now, I’m in doubt that it will release in the west, and if it does, it will be a degraded, down-loadable, sub-titled version. Allot of which can ruin my opinion about a game that could be ‘great’. I’ve been wrong before though..

    As far as the main topic, I say absolutely! From what I’ve heard camera controls can be a bit hassling with out camera navigation from a second joy-stick. HD screen coupled with the awesome cut-scene’s type-0 offers are to speak for itself.

    As far as releasing Vita along side a Type-0 port, would only do good for both the platform, and the game. It’s even plausible to say that a NA vita release with Type-0 fully ported/localized could boost sales even more than if they do it vice-versa.

    Regardless, the game needs to be ported and released in the West on Vita to win my best choice reward to SE. ^^

  • Aluminah

    I want to play the game in the format SE finds best, as long as I can obtain it via a Western purchase.
    This Vita talk is nice and all but the fact you actually need to buy a new console is hardly being weighed in, in my personal case, no, I wouldn’t buy a brand new console for a game designed and released for the PSP but that’s not the actual topic…
    Do I think Type-0 would look nicer and actually “play” better on the Vita? Of course. Type-0’s controls are a bit on the “meh” side and like it was pointed out, the camera is the greatest challenge the game seems to offer…not to mention the aliasing on some backgrounds and the characters hair (this was seen a lot on Crisis Core too).

    It’s not a “perfect fit”, but, it would probably work out great.

  • isaiahjordan

    I dunno if I’d like Type-0 to be on the Vita. That means I have to buy the Vita in order to play it.

    SE announced Type-0 from a mobile game to PSP game, which in turn made fans think that they should buy a PSP so that they can play the game when it’s released, and most of them already did get a PSP, and now they want to transfer it to another console just when its about to be released?

  • Bekas

    I share isaiahjordan’s opinion. Also, if anything, I’d like it better if Type-0 was remastered for PS3 😐

  • Cody


    Having it out on the Vita won’t keep players with the standard psp from playing the game, it’s just a port.
    Although people will argue having it on the Vita is more supreme.


    I’d love to see it released, maybe down loadable, on the PSN. It’s def. a cool game;.

  • Jeels

    Hey isaiahjordan, just clarifying, there has been no formal announcement for Type-0 on the Vita, we are just discussing possibilities. Just making sure there isn’t any confusion!

  • AgitoXIII

    Make it availible on the original PSP (it’s original console) AND PSN release for PSP/Vita. Not reason not to do both. Oh and by the way, SE get off your sorry behind and confirmed it for other regions already.

    Problem solved.

  • isaiahjordan


    Oh I see. Well, just as long as Type-0 is available for the original PSP, a quick port to the Vita is fine by me. ^^

    Now the question is, is Type-0 gonna be released in other regions?

  • Phantom Roxas

    I’m waiting for Square Enix to release something on the Vita, because the majority of my PSP games are from Squeenix, and I don’t plan to plan any more PSP games that aren’t from them. I’ve never played games with more than one disc, although my PSN download of FF7 will probably change that, but I’d rather not try that with Type-0. Putting it on the Vita would put the game in one cartridge which would be more compact.

  • Jorge94

    Just as @isaiahjordan, I don’t mind if it’s ported to Vita as long as it’s released for PSP as well.

  • gmoyajp

    i think it really dosent matter what platforum it wout be because graphics to me is noting what am looking for. Just pure Gameplay and hope it’s good and so far type-0 is very very great a mix of 3rd birthday and crisis core.

    it give’s me (FFXI and crisis core vibes XD.

    I enjoy the story so far in type-0.

  • Ezbeon

    Graphics are everything………… Vita hands down……. 1 becuz type-0 looks to be much like an anticipated game coming out, 2 the success of the game would produce well for both SE and sony so we all win…….. no?

  • death

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH EVERYBODY!? why does everyone want a vita port or a ps3 remaster!? it doesn’t fucking matter you say things like “lanuch window” and “would make more money” last i checked SE wasn’t the only one backing up sony also why this one game when they can just make a better one down the damn road(last i checked they have 1-3 copyrighted as well)!? also the camra is nearly nowhere as bad as everyone makes it seem look at battle front reagade squdren or EDF on psp now that IS a shitty cam.

  • Aluminah

    Wow, you guys want Type-0 in both the PSP and Vita?
    I think you’re missing the point just a tad…

    “The Playstation Vita is likely being delayed to early 2012 for Europe and North America, giving Square Enix just enough time to do a localization as well as a quick port.”

    This basically means that they’d scrap releasing it on the PSP, any other way beckons the question. Why do it?

  • Cody


    I think in general they just want a PSN down-loadable version that is for either psp, or psv.

    From what someone else said above, the psv automatically assigns camera controls to the second joy-stick. I don’t know anything about that though.

    Also it might not be a bad idea for it to work on both, since some players bought a regular psp in order to play type-0 (even thought i has no western release date). Regardless, by the time the West even get’s type0, we might as well have the option for both(deeming that the psv ‘does’ automatically assign controls.)


  • Cody

    Forgot to mention, that I have neither. So, I’ll probably be purchasing a PSV when I hear of a Western release date.

    I’m just speaking on behalf of those who might not have enough, or see no point for it not working on both consoles.

  • Cody


    Woah rage ..

    It’s more than just camera controls, and sales regarding Sony.
    The sale value between the both of them launching at the same time is what ‘backs up’ both SE and Sony.

    From a business stand point, you release a great looking/good game on a brand new great looking system, your bound to make more sales. Especially if they put a bundle deal on top of it.

    No one is saying, “NO PSP”. Simply put, the game should be on both. As far as PS3 remaster, I would personally(if at all) rather see it just simply release in it’s psp format for the ps3 console, down loadable of course, and much further down the road.

    I don’t completely understand your comment about “why this one game”?
    Then you mention the other 1-3 copyrighted titles.

    That’s like saying, “why watch star wars episode 4, when you could see 5, and 6!?”


  • Aluminah


    “I think in general they just want a PSN down-loadable version that is for either psp, or psv.”

    This is exactly what I mean. If PSP games will be available for download on the Vita why is this being considered?
    It is being considered because the initial discussion was, basically, “Would we like to see Type-0 in Vita when Vita gets released?”.
    This implies a no-go on the PSP release of the game in the West, which is considerably bad…
    The premise is simple, release Type-0 on the PSP and it will surely make it’s way to the Vita. On the other hand, release Type-0 on the Vita and PSP owners will suffer.

    Look at this: “Some have suggested that an easy solution is a PSN only release, but here is a different proposition: Is Type-0 a perfect fit for the PlayStation Vita?”

    Person who wrote this (Jeels I presume) implied a PSN release and a Vita release are mutually exclusive thus creating a problem/option that doesn’t really exist (at least not yet).
    In conclusion, I say this game needs to be on the PSP for a Western release, only then can it possibly procure a “sexed up” port to the Vita which we would all appreciate, more or less…
    In terms of PS3 “remake”, not even going to address that because it’s just…meh.

    (Also, Jeels, there’s an “i” missing on “discussons”.)

    And…did this “Death” fellow get his comment moderated?
    Personally, I think all “opinions” should be left open even if they are comprised of all caps rage. Unless of course, they are insulting and misplaced.

  • Cody


    You have a good point as well. I definitely see where both sides of the discussion.
    It’s hard to say what’s right, and what will be done.

    Death left a comment up above, I noticed it scrolling through the comments. It’s not moderated yet. hah

  • Aluminah


    In the end we’re just amusing ourselves since we have no hand in the matter.

    Ah, I see it now. I could swear it wasn’t there when I wrote the previous comment…eh.

  • the banner is stupid

  • Tony

    It looks cute, Ruben. You should be proud. :>

  • stop enabling me tony