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Final Fantasy Type-0 details emerge in DPS

March 22nd, 2011 by Tony Garsow

This week’s Dengeki PlayStation has a bevy of new factoids related to the newest PSP Final Fantasy: Type-0. More information regarding characters and the battle system have been released, and you can read our summary below.

Character Dossier:

Ace (CV: Yuki Kaji)
Ace is the blonde young man that is able to use cards in battle; these cards have physical and magical properties. By using the “Open Deck” ability, Ace is able to utilize a random set of abilities that may inflict damage, restore health, or grant certain status effects. Ace is seen using an ability called “Fire ST” which launches a fireball at an enemy. Dengeki states that his attacks and magic are typically ranged, with cards floating above his head. He is a student of the Rubrum Peristylium; his Japanese voice actor also voiced Hope in Final Fantasy XIII. He appears to be friendly, but somewhat reckless.

Nine (CV: Daisuke Ono)
Nine is a student of the Rubrum Peristylium seen in the trailer with light brown hair and weilding a spear. As any decent Final Fantasy character weilding a spear, Nine is able to jump into the air and attack his opponents from above. The spear also grants him a good physical attack range in battle. Abilities include “Holy Lance” and “Cleave”. He apparently has a rather impulsive personality. His Japanese voice actor also voiced Snow in Final Fantasy XIII.

Queen (CV: Ami Koshimizu)
Queen is the young woman with long dark hair and glasses and weilding a longsword in the trailer. Her abilities like “Mythril Saber” are mostly short range due to the nature of her weapon. Queen is able to use holy magic to simultaneously heal her allies and damage her foes; this is seen in her ability “Cross” where her sword glows with light. She has a reserved personality and gives off a very intelligent vibe. Like Ace and Nine, she is also a student of the Rubrum Peristylium.

Kurasame (CV: Takahiro Sakurai)
Kurasame is the group’s teacher, who was not seen in the trailer but is described with short stature and purple hair. He apparently wears a cape and a mask along with a sword. He is also known as the “Icy Blade of Death”, and is said to make use of a Tonberry in battle in some form. He has a very strong and stern personality befitting a leader. “You must all be under my command.” His voice actor has also voiced Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Machina & Rem
While little was revealed of these two characters, it was stated that their role in the game is very important. Their origin is unknown, and they do not appear to be a part of Class Zero of the Rubrum Peristylium.

Final Fantasy Type-0’s battle system utilizes commands mapped to the face buttons of the PSP; using these abilities will build up a corresponding Ability Gauge on the battle HUD. It isn’t known what will happen when the Ability Gauge is full, but it may relate to the summoning system the game utilizes. A key strategy to being successful in battle is to optimize the different abilities of your characters and switching control of the character in your party at decisive moments. Given that most of your enemies in Final Fantasy Type-0 are those of enemy factions, it is possible to strategically target certain characters of higher rank. If you take out the enemy commander, the forces below them may flee. Also, some of your opponents will flee the battle, and some can be interrogated if you manage to subdue them. You may have the option of executing them.

Not much was revealed in terms of the game’s story that we don’t already know. Ace, Nine, and Queen belong to “Class Zero” of the Rubrum Peristylium, an academy of magic-adept soldiers of the nation of Rubrum. The other three countries of Milites, Kogai, and Anaze also have Peristyliums to match, although the country of Suzaku is specifically geared toward magic. The game will focus on these four warring nations, each seeking to dominate the world with the power of the crystals. It is said that the world also awaits “Agito” or some sort of salvation from the conflict.

Via: so94atg8.blogspot.com