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11 minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0

October 14th, 2011 by Tony Garsow

Via: RPGSite.net
  • Aluminah

    It’s also on youtube, uploaded on SE’s official channel.

    This was great, lots of footage.
    Nice to see Bahamut-0 will be a summon.

  • Steven

    Wow, almost 12minutes and I thought it was over too soon.. I had to re-watch it !! This is the best gameplay trailer they have released, you cannot not love this.. come on !!! I get some ff8 vibe with the school theme, and the art/graphics.

    This is the first real FF since FF9 on ps1 ! Why I say 9 ? Because Final Fantasy had world maps and vehicules to drive around because on foot it takes forever because the world is so immense. It makes it feels like youre really traveling around a world, that the party is really on a epic journey across the world.

    Also I found that the music in FF (4 to 9) was always memorable. 10 and up, were decent but not as great, with the exception of 11, awsome soundtrack. Naoshi Mizuta is a great composer, and it also happened that Nobuo did a few tracks for it. Takeharu Ishimoto, composed a beautiful soundtrack for Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, and from what I heard so far, Type-0 will be even better.

    For me 10 was a let-down, huge disapointment. Then came X-2 and I liked it somehow better than X. 12 really brought exploration back, I liked it a lot but the battle system was meh, felt like a offline ff11, a more action battle system like what Versus is bringing, would have made it better. Last, 13 is among my favorites, far from a great FF, but I could relate a lot to the theme of discrimination that the l’Cie suffers. Lightning also became my favorite FF character, taking the place of Cloud.

    So now, we got Type-0, the most traditional FF we got in 11 years, and no word of localization… it hurts !
    I’ve been wishing for a more mature FF, since a few years now, less teen drama and more serious/violent/, a FF less for kids more for grown ups. Also, I do like more and more action-rpg over RPG, so this battle system is exactly what Ive been looking for.

    Lo-ca-li-za-tion !! Lo-ca-li-za-tion !!
    we need to do a event/gathering in front of Square Enix headquarters and brings huge signs ! Lol, just kidding.

    Anyone noticed the mysterious girl at the end.. could she be the 13th character?

  • Lucas Draleau

    @ Steven – The girl at the end of the trailer is named Emina. She was revealed in the recent Famitsu.

  • dan hibiki

    This game needs an english localization

  • von

    Im really digging the classic enemy designs like malboro, the slimes, eye ball bats & bahemoths & at the same time were fighting these bad ass giant mechs! Its really a mix of old and new thats got me so excited for this .

  • Aluminah


    It really is a mix of things, whilst you can roam around in a world map the characters are complete turn offs for the fans of the classics, when they see people in school uniforms it just “isn’t Final Fantasy anymore”.
    Type-0 just has so much stuff going on that it just makes it interesting, as they clearly juggled with old and new things alike.

    Btw, Tony if you could please address this one tiny thing…
    Different internet sources report Type-0 will have “at least” one summon per character?
    How valid and truthful is this?

  • Steven


    Characters are turn-off ?
    Maybe for you, but I think this cast is the best since ff8. My favorite cast are ff7, ff8, ff13, ff6, ff9, ff4.

  • Aluminah


    Please pay attention to the context in which I said that:
    [when -they- see people in school uniforms it just “isn’t Final Fantasy anymore”]

    I’m merely stating what I’ve seen on the internet. Old FF fans look at these “highschoolers” as a turn off in terms of character content, that was my point.

  • Steven

    OH ! sorry then, my bad.

    I dont understand whats the big deal about school uniforms tho, it aint the clothing that makes the characters, its their personality. They can be teenagers as long as they dont act juvenile. FF8 was school-based and there was SeeD uniforms.. and ff8 is considered a classic.

    They have to be dumb to not see that Type-0 is the real FF we’ve been waiting for, just because of the uniforms. And also, the characters will have alternate outfits.. so I dont get their problem..

  • Aluminah

    No problem.

    Well, it’s the whole scenery I think.
    I haven’t spent much time doing analyses or anything but it just seems that most of the people that say Type-0 “isn’t Final Fantasy” are just expressing their unhappiness with more or less two things:
    Disappearance of certain themes they hold dear, like the knight concept for example which is something Square dropped around FFIV, except for the two MMOs (XI/XIV). And the lack of older combat systems that don’t future such actiony settings.

    Furthermore, ever since FFVII, FF has more or less been a bunch of kids (as in young people) saving the world, but it’s the fact the Type-0 has such a teen-feeling that I think throws them off so much faster then much of anything else. And I guess I sort of understand that.

    Like I more or less said earlier, Type-0 packs so much that it’s hard to not be interested in it unless you have a major “pet peeve”.

  • Steven

    well in ff3, the main character onion knight is a kid… so young characters has always been a part of FF. But it’s true than since ff7, there’s too much of them. Id rather more grown ups character, or I can tolerate late teen, but I’m tired of kids and pre-teen heroes.

    I too miss some turn-base battle system, but I dont mind the more action-like we’re going to. As a kid/teenager, I liked turn-base better, but the more I grow older, the more I like action-rpg over RPG. Id still like to see a turn based FF eventually.

    And I agree too that they should put sci-fi on hold for a while and bring back the fantasy in Final Fantasy, something medieval like. But I like a lot Steampunk like ff6, ff7, ff8, Versus XIII.

    Anyway, FF is my favorite franchise of all, and I’ll play every title they’ll come up with on Playstation, since I dont own any other consoles/handleds.

  • Shin

    I would say bring more east eastern fantasy like Concordia or ancient Persian or even Turkic, FF worlds already filled with medieval as we speak and Versus isn’t steam punk, it is simply based on real world cities such as Venice probably explain why this one takes more time to make and might make every FF looks like fairy tale than medieval. XD

    Anyway, Thematically, FF is more independent, and it is whatever the hell Square decides that it is, We might claim that FF1 is about bunch of knights and peasants but in reality it is medieval that feature ninjas, Warmech and time paradoxes which sounds like FF to me. But what i like about this 12 minutes montage, it is summaries the sheer of FF epic package the newer FF felt calm and lack of any conflict or chaos.

  • LordGfet

    I can see my party gonna be Ace, Seven and Eight…
    just dunno who could be the leader =P
    They all seem so perfect *—*

  • Aluminah


    When I said “knight concept” I didn’t mean some character in armor, if that was the case then pretty much all FFs have at least some minor character in some form of armor or another. Not to mention FFXII alone was full of characters in overwhelming armor.
    However, none of that represents the knight concept, or rather, that’s not what I meant.
    I meant the knight life, as in, a young brave man which upholds valor, fights dragons, saves towns and lives for the princess etc etc…