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Topic: What convinces you to upgrade?

August 10th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

Final Fantasy games aren’t usually part of console or handheld’s launch lineup. Heck, they sometimes don’t appear until well after the first year the system has been out. So as Final Fantasy fans (and I assume fans of other games as well), what convinces you to upgrade to the “next generation”? Are you the day one gotta-have-it stand-in-line type? Or are you the wait-and-see weigh-my-options type? Do future Final Fantasy games weigh in your decision?

It isn’t infrequent that I happen upon people that say they will buy a console in anticipation of future release (Final Fantasy Versus XIII *cough*) and occupy themselves with the system’s currently library until that time, nor is it that I find people that will hold off on Final Fantasy games until enough titles they want have been released. That’s when they take plunge. Then again, with consoles and handhelds being geared up for increasingly online-enabled environments — do your friends’ decisions come into play?

So sound off in the comments! Tell us about your past decisions when it came to upgrading your console or handheld repertoire (or perhaps new hardware for your PC).


  • FFIX made me purchase the PSX, and FF I & II the PSP. Exclusive games are huge for me when deciding. Might also get a 3DS XL just for Theatrhythm and Bravely Default. I still haven’t bought a PS3, but am itching to play it. I never buy consoles right off the bat because there’s always an inevitable design update (Nintendo being the exception as far as consoles go). What’s holding me back now from the PS3 is the price, and the super slim model everyone is going on about. If it sells for the rumored $150, I’m sold. I said to myself that I would’ve bought a PS3 just for VersusXIII (no matter the cost), but since that didn’t happen…

  • Ezbeon

    I never buy a system on launch (or even close to it for that matter). Look what happen to Xbox 360 and Ps3 (ring of death to no end & Bugs like bunnies). I just recently bought a Ps3 before Christmas and nothing to report. That because They fixed the problems already. bottom line is you wait at least a year-in-a-half after a system becomes avalible.

  • Hanna Yuki

    I’m one of those people who wait until there’s a certain number of games I’m interested in playing released on that device and when it’s at a good price. Otherwise, I don’t bother (like I am with the 3DS and Vita).

  • AgitoXIII

    I’ve got an extremely good tale and lesson for people. I remember alot of peeps complainning about the PS3’s price back in da day. But we all knew that FFXIII was going to be on the system eventually. To me as a major FF fan, money was no object as long as I knew I’d eventually play XIII on PS3.
    Then came the 360 announcement making the game multiplat. Many complainned again. But some were like “wow now I can finally get a chance to play XIII!” This is absolutely crazy for me because real fans planned on getting a PS3 FIRST b4 they ever comfirmed a 360 release.
    The real FF fans planned on getting the PS3 no matter the price after seeing the first trailer. The half ass fans didn’t.

  • @AgitoXIII

    I hate when people use the “real fan” argument to justify things; as if everyone can afford these games / consoles at a drop of a dime. To argue that someone is a “half ass fan” because they don’t own everything of something is extremely ignorant and childish.

  • Steven

    I started on ps1 because of FF7, fell in love with the series with 7-8-9, then purchased a ps2 to continue with the series, then got psp for Crisis Core, then ps3, anticipating FF13. I didnt get a Vita yet because there is no FF on it.
    And I dont go to Nintendo 3DS, because of the cartoony graphics, I like photo-realistic.

    I’m hoping that Type-0 is being remastered for both ps3 and vita, so I dont have to purchase a Vita, but if it is exclusive to it, I’ll get a Vita.

    And of course, I’ll get the next playstation console, since it’s almost a part of my family.

  • I wait and see where the FF games are headed and only buy the system after those games are confirmed. It’s what made me wait to see if I was buying a N64 or a Playstation.

    It’s why I own a PS2, PS3, PSP, SNES and DS.

    Now I want to get a 3DS and Vita…but 3DS is about to have the XL version released…so I’m waiting on that…and I’ll likely get a Vita when FFX HD is finally released.

  • UndeadNecroMage

    The XBOX360’s ton of expensive upgrades (getting online would’ve cost over $100) made me switch to the PS3.
    FFX didn’t make me switch to the ps2 from the ps1. I didn’t get a ps2 until the ps3 was about 2 years away.
    I suppose what makes me upgrade is money. Gaming is a hobby. When it becomes a burden, there’s a problem. Sometimes it’s a matter of costs. Other times it’s a string of bad games. Still other times you see the game as a chore you have to clear before you can have fun again. And then you get the guy from Taiwan who died after a 40hr bender of Doom3 that makes one rethink 14hr caffeine-fueled grindfests.
    What makes me upgrade? Specifically, The desire to game multiplied by the game company’s product quality (which can certainly go negative) minus the costs of the games and equipment.
    Yeah, I’ve been thinking of quitting for a while now.

    And at risk of not sounding like a real fan, I’ve got shallow affect and I rarely ever feel fanatical about anything. Sports, movies, shows, the “hottest new gadget”, all that stuff is a bit over my head. Sorry for not being a real fanatic. I don’t get titillated by the stupidity of film actors or company heads.

  • Anon

    I already had a PS2 when FFX came out and that’s what got me into the series. Didn’t get a PS3 until FFXIII came out, specifically for that game. But I was really lucky. I got a 250GB brand new slim model for only $15! No joke, it was a small bidding website that no longer exists and was the most honest. Anyways, I don’t even wanna get the new gen stuff! I just barely got a PS3 and building my game collection, I don’t wanna buy another console so soon. But I am getting a 3DS XL for KH3D, Theatrythm and Braverly Default. Can’t wait for those games! What I’m more annoyed about is how the Kingdom Hearts series has released games multi plat. I’ve had to borrow/buy so many systems just to keep up with the story! It truly is not fair at all to the fans!

  • anony

    At Another anon:
    would you be psyched at this rumour? There is rumour for kh which to me and other fan thinks it is mostly fake. So the rumour is about kh collection game containing kh1, kh2, kh re:com, days and bbs all in one package on ps3 version. If this was true i’ll be happy and excited. I think SE would might just remaster one title for each year, since nomura like to release kh each year.

    On topic: FFx is the series that got me into it even though I played ff2 and ff4. Since I have ps3, I might be to hope ito’s final fantasy. I hope type 0 goes on ps3 and vita, looking at you mgs:pw, monster hunter and god of war. Square enix is one of most known for graphics, so there is a chance that remaster will model touch up or higher texture.

  • AgitoXIII

    Hexidecimal I think you can get over it because it’s 100% true. If you love FF, then you were going to get a PS3 eventually. XIII was unveiled on 06 and didn’t finaly release until 2010. Fans had FOUR years to save up for the PS3 alongside a XIII game. Anyone who can get a job can save up to get the stuff if they put back for it.

  • Azuardo

    @anony: that KH collection rumour is 100% fake.

    For me, I buy consoles for Final Fantasy games first and foremost. I waited until just before XIII came out to get my PS3 at a good price, and I even got the 3DS because of Theatrhythm. My gaming interests have waned over the years and I doubt I’ll buy a new console at launch ever again, but FF games will always make me purchase them eventually.

  • vega>>>von

    @Azuardo: Dude anony already outright said “it is fake”. It just small rumour since it not a BIG DEAL. Anothing thing to note please don’t take rumour seriously as a fact instead take them as gain of salt, until it is been decided. I can’t find any source that this rumour is debunked by an official source but for sure it not proven to be. Please Don’t take rumour seriously, until it been decided.

    However, I agree with anony in which other SE ps2 remaster will probably follow the same suit as ffxhd. last yeah was ffx 10 anniversary and this year is kh anniversary.

    For me I guess ff9 was my first when i bought a ps2, I usualy get most nintendo consoles, but i got ps3 for ff13 hopefully maybe other good SE product.

  • Azuardo

    @Vega: No, anony did not say outright it is fake. He said he and others didn’t believe it, but never made out he was positive it was fake. I just needed to let him and others know it is definitely fake, so as not to get hopes up for it. I believe a KH 1 & 2 HD may come some day, but not with DS and PSP games included.

  • anony

    @vega: thanks for trying, probably he has his own def’n of rumor. I think i should write it more clearer next time.

    @azurado: I consider it as a fake, there i said it now. you assuming that i’m keeping up my hopes up on this rumour but actually i’m not. It was a just a “hypothethical What if” the rumor becomes true. I wish put the word hypothethical on my previous post. The last sentence on remastering one title would be contradicting if I was going by your assumption on that paragraph. I really consider this rumor as more of a simple idea then a rumor.

    I’m sorry i wasn’t clear. Ok, can you just let it go for this one?

    Psp remaster are possible like peace walker, so there are games like bbs and crisis core are being requested by fans. Remakes/remaster in general has happened before, but for the handhelds case it will be unlikely.

  • Azuardo

    lol this has gone further than it needed to. Just didn’t want people getting the wrong idea, that’s all :]