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Next Gen Final Fantasy in Development for PS4

February 20th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

At today’s PlayStation meeting, the next console in the brand was revealed: the PlayStation 4. Square Enix CTO Yoshihisa Hashimoto was on stage to present the Agni’s Philosophy trailer yet again — with Final Fantasy executive producer Shinji Hashimoto taking center stage afterward.

While he did not show any trailer or gameplay footage, Hashimoto confirmed that a new Final Fantasy title is in development for the PlayStation 4 that will be revealed at this year’s E3.


  • schen

    Interesting, I hope it’s FF15.

  • alexsam

    Boy,those guys really love to troll us, don’t they? He came all the way from Japan just to say that?! When are they going to announce Versus (because it WAS Versus he was talking about) for crying out loud?!

    And if, in the odd chance it wasn’t Versus he was talking about, then how many games are they gonna release before they decide to give us that? It doesn’t make sense anymore to go on creating more and more titles when they haven’t released something they announced 7 (!) years ago and a title that their fans are so eagerly anticipating! Geez, learn proper management would ya!

  • Moogle

    Please don’t tell me Versus is the one coming out for PS4?!
    I think I speak for all SE-fans when I say “STOP THE TROLLING!”
    I mean, come ooooooon.

  • Hope it’s versus but in another title name XD.

    never in the FF series did one title got troll over and over, thinking it was VII but now XIII take’s the win on that.

  • Jugg

    So basically they came all the way from Japan to make an announcement of an announcement? I think that’s become SE’s favorite move.

  • hutch

    As long as is isn’t FF13-4 I’m good with it.

  • TheBadass

    – FFXV announced E3 2013.
    – Hiroyuki Ito as Producer/Director.
    – Akihiko Yoshida as Character Designer.
    – Open World.
    – Seamless Battles.
    – Job System.
    – Mature story and dialogue.
    – Alexander O. Smith doing English Translation.

    My body is ready.

  • Good ol’ Square Enix. The arrogance to not only show footage that we’ve seen numerous times, but to also wing it in English without a translator.

  • AnimaMagna

    I think it’s good. It also means that makes the rumor about Versus jumping platforms more unlikely, since they already have a next-gen FF in the works. I think they’re not revealing too much to avoid all the hyped anticipation and backlash that might result, and did sort of result from Versus (which I do think they announced five or six years too early)
    @hutch And don’t worry yourself about that. Lightning Returns is confirmed to be the very last game in the Lightning Saga, though the more general Fabula Nova series isn’t done yet.

  • AgitoXIII

    People need to put on their grown up pants. This Sony presentation wasn’t about games so much was it about the PS3. SE never said that they’d announce any major games at this event.

    Just gonna have to wait till E3.

  • alexsam

    After more careful consideration it has come to my mind that this could actually be a good move by Square-Enix. Since the PS4 was already under development about 5 years ago, this means that companies have already started their work on next-gen titles. Square-Enix must be one of them. If the game that Hashimoto spoke of is Versus or if it’s XV, we could actually be seeing it released next year, which would be a brilliant move. Right after they release XIV and LR they hit us with a bomb like that! I knew Square-Enix had something up their sleeve for the PS4 and it gives us die-hard FF fans all the more reason to be the first ones to own one. We’ve been patient for a long time and I think this might be the time we get rewarded by this company. Good times ahead!

  • For those who aren’t aware, there is a NeoGAF user (a forum who’s members consist of game developers) who has been stating that Versus is infact now being developed for the PS4, and will be renamed (possibly FFXV), and both FFXV and FFXVI are in development. XV will be “exclusive…sort of” and XVI will be multiplatform. This user is so insistant that this info is true that they will volunteeraly have their account deleted if it proves to be false….and NeoGAF memberships are not easy to obtain.

  • Chris


    If all you mentioned came true they can have my money JUST LET IT BE TRUE!!! Lets also hope Versus actually becomes XV so the first next-gen FF can be XVI.

  • TheBadass

    It would be amazing if they announced FFXV (renamed FF Versus XIII) for PS3/360 and also announced FFXVI (totally new game by Hiroyuki Ito) for PS4/720. It would be the strongest E3 showing by Square Enix since they announced Fabula Nova Crystallis at E3 2006.

  • AnimaMagna


    It would certainly be taking the FF fanbase by storm, but I still have my doubts about Versus jumping platforms. The thing that has me excited about the PS4 announcements: all those Vita improvements that were hinted hold opportunities for bringing Type-0 to the west.

  • Sora

    New is not Versus. Which is good. Hope its 15!

  • Moogle

    Urh, I kinda think it’s wrong to change the name of the game now – I actually liked the Versus-name of it. But ey, they changed the look of Noctis as well, so why not? I hope the first set of clothing comes as a DLC tho, because they looked awesome. So did the Roen-line, dont get me wrong, but the first was a tad better.
    And they have stated many times that Versus/FFXV WILL be for PS3, thats why they should hurry up with the game already. I really hope we get something at E3, ANYTHING – we have been patient enough XD

  • TheBadass

    Actually, the original clothing of Noctis was not final. Tetsuya Nomura always said that it was a placeholder until the final Roen clothing was revealed.

    I do agree that the game should stay on PS3, though. It would be great if it also came to the 360 and WiiU as that would give it more sales potential, IMO.

  • AgitoXIII

    Mark my words, Versus WILL NOT be XV. will not..

  • Chris


    If Versus XIII was ported to the Wii U technically it would then be next gen as well. Which would be oddly hilarious though I wouldn’t mind at all. I have a PS3 and a Wii U so either or but I’d probably just get it for my PS3 though. And Versus XIII WAS a good name when the FNC compilation was first announced and Type-0 was still called Agito XIII. But with XIII taken out of the name of the FNC compilation and Agito’s name changed, it just seems more likely now and appropriate.