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Final Fantasy Network: Episode 1 Debuts

August 20th, 2011 by Kyle

The very first episode of Final Fantasy Network is here, and hosts Kyle, Francesca, and Jamie are joined by special guest, Kenley Kristofferson! Naturally the new crew kick things off with Final Fantasy Type-0 demo impressions, then jump all over recent news of Final Fantasy XIII-2 rumours, Moogles, Tokyo Game Show 2011, and more! Following up news the discussion turns to debate over new generation portables influencing the future of Final Fantasy, and turn again with “While We Wait” where the crew make their games recommendations to all us impatient Final Fantasy fans.

Of course that’s not it, everyone from FinalFantasy.net that called in before the show was recorded made it onto this episode for the show’s final segment, “Listener Call-ins!” At a whopping two hours long, the show is absolutely packed with debate, discussion, and wild speculation, just how we like it.

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If you’d like to hear yourself on the show, again the phone number is 1-888-361-7770. Podcast music, “Vessel of the Void” by Zircon can be found at OCRemix. Kenley’s podcast series, Into the Score can be found at IntotheScore.com, check it out!

  • Hiqknight

    Great job guys! This was a great start for your new podcast, I cannot wait for next month to get more news, more ideas for comments and of course more epicness of music.

  • von

    Personally, i find it unforgivable that the FINAL FANTASY podcast has onl played Dissidia demos, where did you find these people!?

  • Jeels

    Hey von, can you rephrase your question? I’d love to address it but I’m not entirely clear on what you are asking. Thanks!

  • Von

    Comments such as “I read a years worth of Final Fantasy news this morning” & “I just watched the latest Versus trailer this morning” (The latest Versus XIII trailer came out in January) Show that these people are not trully up to date on the latest FF news, & probably couldn’t have cared less until they were asked to be on the podcast, & then probably just spent 10 mins. reading of the front page, of FF.NET. Sorry but I was dissapoint in the podcast team :/ Should have had Sham in their.

  • Jeels

    Well, the Final Fantasy fanbase is made up of a lot of different types of people, and we think the podcast represents that demographic very well. Some of them started on the SNES, some on the Playstation, and some this generation. Some of them are hardcore gamers, some are casual or mainstream. Some of them game to game, some of them have an interest in journalism, some are focused on a particular part of gaming like music.

    However, I personally agree with you and for future episodes they will definitely be ramping things up in substance. I personally look forward to the potential of our very own Tony appearing in a future episode!

  • The_Badass

    OK, I want to first say this is the first podcast series I’ve decided to listen to and I enjoyed it as hearing voices makes one feel closer to the staff of this website. :)

    However, I have some major gripes with this podcast. Firstly, the guys talking don’t talk enough about Final Fantasy; not only the games but the people behind them. It’s hugely important to know the people making the games in order to have debate about the games themselves. There’s a reason Hollywood ALWAYS advertises the director of a movie when promoting it. If the guys in this podcast don’t know the staff then they should read their pages on Wikipedia or something. It makes for a far more intelligent discussion about the FF games in question when knowing the staff behind them and their past works. Y’all talking about Type-0 and don’t mention Hajime Tabata once? FFXIII-2 and not mention Motomu Toriyama once? Not good.

    Also, where’s the talk about FFXIV? Where’s the speculation about it? Where’s the thoughts about the potential of the PS3 version when finished? Just because it’s a MMO it’s being ignored? I hope not. It may be the worst 3D main series FF right now but it has the ability to improve. FFXIII is bad and can’t improve. By the time the PS3 version of FFXIV comes out, FFXIII will then become the worst 3D Final Fantasy.

    OK, closing off this rant, FF Type-0, Versus XIII and XIII-2 are not the only future for FF. I wish FF fans would stop clinging to only the latest offline games with big budgets. There’s more to this IP than that. Y’all didn’t even mention Final Fantasy Legends potentially coming to NA and EU, for **** sake.

    Other than that, good work. I hope y’all make the improvements in future episodes.

  • Kyle

    @The_Badass – I find name dropping is only necessary when we actually have something to say about the specific person. Before this show we did the FXN Final Fantasy Podcast for about three years, and from time to time when we were quoting the directors, or whomever else, you’d hear their names, but otherwise it’s not necessary to discussion. Can you think of a moment in this show where name dropping would have added to the show? That would be interesting to know, as I don’t find it as an improvement besides when we’re actually quoting them.

    As for FFXIV, that’s trickier, since none of us play XIV but are very passionate about the series as a whole. Having none of us playing it, our coverage of it would be quite spotty, I’m sure people wouldn’t like that, so for that reason we don’t cover it.

  • Jeels

    Two for two Kyle.

  • Daniel

    Nothing about talking about FFXIII-2’s story? The multiple endings, invisible world that Lightning is in, to much NORA.

  • It was great to hear some of the old crew again after; all this time, the way how it was done felt like good old FXN podcast where it was very long and had many stuff for me to listen to, as I do value your opinions. Overall it was worth the wait as the podcast felt like the ultimate “Getting the Crew Back Together” ep. All I can say is keep it up the content and I will be happy.

    I really missed you guys.

  • Ixbran

    awww, you guys didn’t do my question

    x D

    awww well i understand why though, i stuttered a lot, lol.

    : )

    maybe some other time then, wonderful for your first pod cast, please keep up the wonderful work, cant wait to hear more.

  • Kyle

    @Ixbran – Actually every question that was asked before we recorded the show on Wednesday made it onto the show, so you must have called-in your question after that : O. It’ll be in the running for Episode 2!

    And thanks for the support!

  • Thraxium

    To be honest, I was very disappointed with this. There was a lot of hype surrounding the show and it just didn’t deliver. It’s pretty evident that a lot of the hosts aren’t bothered enough about Final Fantasy to even keep up to date with recent developments, let alone those that happened in the last year. Very hap-dash and unconvincing.

    Also, while I think it’s great that you’re trying to expand the site, why have a show that lowers the overall quality and doesn’t even feature any staff members from the site? Everything about the show just seems rather desperate tbh.

  • FF14lol

    “Just because it’s a MMO it’s being ignored?”

    Its being ignored because even Square Enix refuses to publicly acknowledge the game’s existence. Its the worst Final Fantasy released thus far and I can’t help but feel the least bit of sympathy for anyone that bought the game upon its release. What a disaster.

  • Casey

    This is Kyle Wynen and Jamie from the FXN podcast, correct?
    Been missing your voices, guys…hahaha.
    Gonna give this a listen, even though my passion for FF has been dwindling.

  • Devon

    I thought we were supposed to have episode 2 by now. Are we ever going to get it?

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