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Final Fantasy Network » News » Seven Minutes of Beard Never Looked So Good
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Seven Minutes of Beard Never Looked So Good

January 29th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

At this year’s E3, Final Fantasy fans got their first glimpse into the next generation of tech that will be incorporated into Square Enix titles via the Agni’s Philopsophy tech demo. It runs on Square Enix’s newly christened Luminous engine, and recently, the company has been taking it on tour through various presentations at CEDEC and GDC. Of course, everyone should be aware that tech demos typically do not represent the full graphical fidelity of a finished product — as many many more art assets need to be created and framed around an actual platform.

The above video shows off one of the characters seen in Agni’s Philosphy, particularly his beard. It displays many of the modifiable elements being tweaked in Luminous Studio, and shows off some of the collision detection and malleable elements on the model. Other videos feature the woman (our presumed protagonist) showing off her hair.

For Final Fantasy fans perhaps less enthused about the ins-and-outs of Luminous, it’s left a lingering question: is this the face of “Final Fantasy XV”? In light of a Square Enix survey asking fans if they felt that the world presented was appealing, some feel Square Enix may be entertaining the thought of turning what we’ve seen into the next Final Fantasy.

How about you? Do you feel the world presented in Agni’s Philosphy is one worthy to be explored in a new Final Fantasy for the next generation? Feel free to leave us a comment about this (or your general thoughts on Luminous) below!

Via: MMOCulture

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  • TheBadass

    First of all, I don’t think Agni’s Philosophy is FFXV. I think that FFXV is already been in development since before Agni’s Philosophy was made. It will release on PS3/360/WiiU. FFXV could either be FF Versus XIII or an unannounced game by Hiroyuki Ito.

    Agni’s Philosophy is likely FFXVI. Also, it’s already been confirmed by the Producer/Director of the tech demo that it’s turned into an actual game. We’re going to see it running on actual console hardware at E3 2013. It’s very likely the game will be directed by Motomu Toriyama and produced by Yoshinori Kitase as they’ll be finished with current gen when LR releases in Q3 2013.

  • Kagari


  • alexsam

    @TheBadass you’ve got you’re facts wrong mate. this has almost nothing to do with Versus XIII and we’re a long time away from XVI! Heck, even XIV hasn’t been fully released yet!

    On the topic, I really enjoyed the graphics shown on this tech demo, just like most other people, but I didn’t like what it depicted. It was too reality-like for my tastes. Until I read that it was a Final Fantasy tech demo, I thought it was something out of Call Of Duty, the way it was going. Final Fantasy is supposed to be about fantastical elements. I would prefer to just go back to world like Ivalice, Gaia and Terra, places like Lindblum and Alexandria, Midgar and Cosmo Canyon, Esthar and Winhill, Narshe and Doma (well, I think you catch my drift), rather than fight in what looks like our world’s middle east! Unless there’s a massive story behind it, I don’t like this world. Nor did I like any of the main characters for that matter.

  • TheBadass

    Care to elaborate? I typed so much in that post that I don’t know what you’re specifically replying to.

    How are my facts wrong? FF Versus XIII will still be released for current gen hardware. Nomura has confirmed that so will KHIII. Heck, Sony will support PS3 till a minimum of 2015. There’s a chance, no matter how small, that FF Versus XIII will be renamed FFXV and released this gen. Either that, or whatever game Hiroyuki Ito has been working on all these years is actually FFXV for this gen. Do you really think an entire console generation will go past without Hiroyuki Ito working on a home console game? That’s the reality we’re looking at here. He has not had a single hands-on role on any game (console or handheld) since FFXII IZJS in 2007. I believe he has something cooking in the oven and it could be FFXV for release on PS3/360/WiiU. We shall see.

    That takes care of FFXV.

    OK, with FFXV out of the picture, obviously the first game that will use Luminous Studio will be FFXVI. Which team would make it? It’s an obvious choice: Toriyama’s team (FFX, FFX-2, FFXIII, FFXIII-2, LR). They will be done with this gen once LR releases in Q3 2013. This means they will be the first team to be ready to start using Luminous Studio. Seriously, what other team is there?

    — Naoki Yoshida and the FFXIV ARR team won’t be able to as they’ll be spending the next 10 years dedicated to the continued expansions and maintenance of FFXIV.
    — Hiroshi Minagawa and the FFXII team are basically the core FFXIV ARR team. When the game releases, they will move back to whatever game they were working on before FFXIV 1.0 bombed. That game is likely the game Hiroyuki Ito has been spearheading these past few years. The game was likely meant to get announced by now (2012/2013), but the FFXIV disaster in 2010 not only made it get pushed back, but also made almost all its staff get moved to the FFXIV team.
    — Tetsuya Nomura and the Kingdom team is making FF Versus XIII. Nomura confirmed back in 2007 that it will be his last FF as director (AC being the first) and he will focus on the mainline KH series from now on.
    — Hajime Tabata and the Type-0 team are a dedicated handheld team. There’s more chance they are porting Type-0 to iOS for the West (1st Production Department have also ported TWEWY and Theatrhythm to iOS recently) and after that, they will begin development on FF Type-1. It’s very, very unlikely that Kitase or Yoichi Wada will trust Tabata with FFXVI. He has no mainline FF games under his belt and Kitase has said that he wants to keep working with Toriyama on all mainline FF games by 1st Production Department.

    So tell me, who else is there to make the first game using Luminous Studio? Not only is Toriyama’s team the most likely candidate, they’ll also be free of project once LR releases in Q3 2013.

  • Abu – FF

    Well said Badass!! They have to keep the pattern going, 3 per generation! And if my memory serves me correctly, Ito’s babies were:
    -so… FFXV???

    I smell another masterpiece around the corner…

  • AgitoXIII

    @Bad A

    I can -almost- gurantee you that Versus won’t become XV. It’s already apart of the official Fabula Nova Crystallis Compilation. I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt SE will “transform” it into a regular main FF game. Tho they can pretty much do whatever they want to with FF and we would just have to except it, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    On another note I DO believe Agni’s Philosophy IS absolutely FFXV. The clues are all over the demo.

    Agni = Fire

    There is a Crystal

    Mix of magic and Technology


    SE has never done a FF with a focus on Middle Eastern atmoshere. This could be the FF where that happens. They have confirmed that the demo IS inspired from western FF FPSs.

  • AnimaMagna

    Your facts are wrong because the news has teased something new for the engine, not the game. Agni’s Philosophy is nothing more than that FFVII Tech Demo which demonstrated the Crystal Tools engine; everyone thought that was a remake, but it wasn’t. I would not get my hopes up for this tech demo. It’s fascinating and we’re bound to see another full-blown video or announcement at E3 2013, but other than that…

  • alexsam


    Ok, first of all, all I called you for was the fact that you’re going around calling Versus XIII, XV. It is, and always has been Versus XIII, despite it’s drawbacks and until anything official is announced by Square-Enix themselves. This is the title that got drawn back because of XIV’s failure and that’s the main reason that SQ-EN are having such problems. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a game produced by Hashimoto and Kitase and developed by Nomura’s team. There is no FF XV and the “Agni’s Phliosophy” tech demo was created solely for visual purposes as was the FF VII PS3 tech demo back in 2005. But we all went ahead and called that a “new game” as well, and look how well that turned out for us. All I’m saying is, especially when it comes to Square-Enix, we should wait until we have solid proof of something rather than go on creating rumors that further damage the franchise. This is the year of Lightning Returns and FF XIV:ARR. That’s all we have so far.

  • hutch

    Want. Sakaguchi. Back.

  • TheBadass

    Even if FF Versus XIII doesn’t become FFXV, that still leaves Hiroyuki Ito’s unannounced project as a possible FFXV for release on current gen hardware (PS3/360).

    There’s a strong chance that Agni’s Philosophy will become an actual game as they conducted a survey about it and asked people if they liked the heroine and if they’d like to see more of that world.

    If you read my original post, I never actually said FF Versus XIII was FFXV. What I said was that there’s no way Agni’s Philosophy could be FFXV as I’m sure FFXV has already been in development for a few years now. Sure, Versus XIII could get renamed FFXV, but it’s more likely that FFXV is the unannounced project being spearheaded by Hiroyuki Ito.

    I’d rather they bring Hiroyuki Ito back. His work on the FFXII battle system and world scale were way ahead of their time.

  • You are clearly not as deeply aroused by beards as I am.

  • Tony Garsow

    But I grew one just for you!