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Lightning Returns at Taipei Game Show 2013

February 3rd, 2013 by Tony Garsow

Above: The Jump Festa 2013 extended trailer with Japanese audio and Chinese subtitles.

The Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII team were on hand to present the game at this year’s Taipei Game Show in Taiwan. Enlisting the help of Sony Computer Entertainment Asia, Square Enix has been able to localize a Chinese version of each game in the Lightning Saga for the gamer community in Asia interested in the Final Fantasy series. This version of the game usually includes Japanese audio, as well as Chinese and English subtitles. Importers with an affinity for Japanese voice acting and willingness to take advantage of the PlayStation 3’s region-free capability have often opted for the Asian version of the game.

Director Motomu Toriyama and publicity producer Yohei Murakami were met with a warm crowd in Taipei, showing off many aspects of the game we previously detailed in our First Look report. After the presentation, Toriyama sat down with the press for an interview.

Since Lightning Returns is essentially built around the character, they wanted to establish a sense of freedom by having players get choosy when assembling a Style through choosing a weapon, shield, and accessories with various effects. You’ll definitely need some Style savvy to contend with enemies with the new Knockdown system. Exploiting various weaknesses in enemies through equipment and ability selections will be a key part of managing battle tactics.

So what about the rest of the gang: Noel, Snow, Sazh, Vanille, etc.? Toriyama explained that since Lightning’s new task to lead the souls of humanity into a new world, it may put her at odds with her old friends. He was mum about the who-what-when-where-whys in regards to the cast as to not divulge any important story details. If you’ve read our recent report or viewed the latest trailer, you’ll understand why Noel is confronting Lightning.

It seems that Lightning herself is also wrestling with this notion, thinking: “I am directing the destruction of this world.” Quite a burden to bear! It also plays into the theme of The Last 13 Days — Lightning will have many decisions that will affect how time flows until the end comes.

The last two Final Fantasy games have launched in many global regions with naught but a few months between them at the most. This is in part due to a souped-up localization process that begins during the game’s development and involves testing in each region, so that the half-year long waiting games of yore remains thing of the past. If only our two missing handheld titles were so lucky!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will release in North America during Fall 2013.

Images + Interview Via: Game Watch

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  • MrSensei915

    Still no FFVersus13 Huh? Yay for Lightning fans I guess.

  • AnimaMagna

    @ MrSensei915
    Cheer up, never say die. They have promised solid info this year, Famitsu is teasing about a lift on an info ban for a ‘popular game’ and they surely can’t take much longer. This is only an educated guess, but I’d say…ooh..early 2014 for a release date for Versus. I probably won’t get it, but I’ll enjoy the story, provided I can stomach no main female characters.

  • alexsam

    @AnimaMagna so do you think they’ll show us something of it during this year’s e3? or will they wait until both XIV and LR are out of the way? maybe somewhere along the lines of the Tokio Game Show?

  • Defrift

    Nice to SE speeding up localization for their games, Hope they can pull the same off with versus. I don’t want to imagine how angry fans here in the U.S will be if Versus localization is delayed..scary.

  • AnimaMagna

    This is pure speculation on my part, but I think that SE will delay releasing Versus until after they have made good on FFXIV and released Lightning Returns. E3 for proper reveal, maybe. More likely at a special event they will cook up for it, or through Famitsu. And, as you said, maybe even Tokyo Game Show, or even Jump Festa 2014. And after Versus, I think they will concentrate on looking for a way of localizing Type-0 and getting the next main FF off the ground.

  • TheBadass

    LOL! FF Versus XIII will not be out till Q3 2014 at the earliest. No way Yoichi Wada will release it in the same Fiscal Year as ARR and LR.

  • alexsam

    @Defrit I really wouldn’t want to see what would happen to this company if they pulled a Type-0 on Versus and release it in Japan only! But, since it’s supposed to be a PS3 exclusive, I think they won’t do that. In fact, I think they might actually go for a worldwide release. And I also agree with AnimaMagna that that won’t be until after they have both big titles out of the way for this year. In fact, I think that the both XIII-2 and LR are all somehow related to XIV’s re-development and the release of A Realm Reborn. Since most of the staff that had to do with XIV was taken from the 1st Production Development team, which is currently responsible for Versus, they were forced to go back and re-do XIV since it’s first release was so awful. But Sq-En knew that that would take a long time and decided to expand the XIII universe with easy-to-create (and of course, deliver) titles, which would keep the franchise going. I think that if XIV didn’t suck so bad, we would’ve had Versus by now and XIII-2 and LR never would’ve seen the light of day. I don’t know, it’s just a theory…

  • markus

    guess we will see LR at the end of this year or early next year. why is there so little news on ARR, isn’t it supposed to launch early this year? not interested in versus..

  • Leaferian

    @Markus: Lightning Returns is supposed to see a simultaneous worldwide release in Autumn/Fall of 2013. (Not just North America) There is still some pretty big leeway on the actual release date though, as the Japanese Autumn starts in August and ends in October whereas the North American Autumn starts mid-September and ends mid-December. Certain NA Square Enix PR members made a claim after the announcement of this game in September 2012 that we would likely ‘be playing it by this time next year’, which seems to indicate an August release date unless things go horribly wrong.

    As for ARR, the XIV team is currently preparing for the first round of the closed Beta which should begin early this month. They have several stages of closed Beta and bug fix periods planned, with an open beta starting probably late May/early June. Unless the game runs into unexpected issues, their current development plan sees them launching ARR early to mid July.

  • Is Caius Ballad and Paddara Nsu Yeul going to return in LR FFXIII and who will be the Main Villain in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

  • Andy

    The USA version of this game will be released in Taiwan also?