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Lightning Returns Opening Cinematic

September 22nd, 2013 by Tony Garsow

During Part 2 of Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy Go There” program at Tokyo Game Show, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase introduced a variety of collaborations with other Final Fantasy titles including outfits from Final Fantasy VII, X, and XIV. After that, we were treated to the opening cinematic that plays when you first start the game.

Here, we see Lightning descend on end-of-the-world festivities in Yusnaan, eventually confronting her old ally Snow Villiers. It seems the two are no longer on amicable terms as a fight ensues between the Savior and the once-again l’Cie. We know that after the cinematic concludes, the game’s introductory (tutorial) will begin — but after that, you’re free to roam the realm of Nova Chrysalia as you see fit. However, there’s a ticking clock hanging over your head, so be sure to make use of the time you have available to you.

Update: We have the higher-quality version of the opening available — enjoy!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will release on November 21st in Japan, February 11th in North America, and February 14th in Europe. Available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, PlayStation Network users will be able to download a digital version at release.

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  • AnimaMagna

    Wow, this game is promising to be really dark, even compared to other entries in the series let alone the XIII trilogy. And that Lumina… Wow, she’s incredible.

  • That opening is nothing compared to what we saw in XIII-2 with Caius vs Light (considering there was a freaking meteor in that one!), but this is very intriguing. It’s very interesting to see how things play out with every single character, but especially Snow, Noel, Caius, Serah and Lumina. It’s also suspicious why we haven’t seen Vanille yet (from what we saw in that picture she has sort of a new appearance) and why Hope has regressed to his childhood form. Everything about the story of this game is interesting and I can’t wait for it!

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  • Mike

    What a bloated mess…I’m so glad we can almost put the XIII saga behind us…

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  • And the late Versus XIII got crap because of its apparently unusual dark and “this is too different” setting. It’s getting increasingly hard to take SE seriously in terms of proportion to what they spout.

    As far as anime-soaked-CG goes, sure, FF still takes the cake. But not everyone is a teenager who is impressed with hairstyle variety and superfluous gravitas from gaudy (and I guess quite dark too) characters. It matters little how much FF is noticed for this, because there will always be a big number of other producers doing much the same thing on less catered-to-and-cheaper visuals.
    Cinematics like this make me notice particle effects, lighting and shading, I almost forget that there’s actually something relevant going on.

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  • AntagonistGB

    I like it when I don’t have to be the one guy who points out how bad this trilogy is. Right on.

  • So the XIII trilogy is worse than XIV… Seems people don’t like games with stories anymore. Better call Square Enix, tell them to cancel XV.

  • AnimaMagna

    Yeah, I guess in that case every company in the world except EA and those fighting game companies should cancel their games. Wait, what am I saying!? Continue, and see if there can be a fighting game with as strong a story as Final Fantasy or The Last of Us.

  • @alexsam @AnimaMagna
    Oh c’mon, don’t be fatuous. XIII has been the most punished entry in FF and its sequels only added to the fervour of the already widespread, most of the time senseless, disdain. Reducing a game to a simple notion that if it has dramatic action is it undoubtedly worth interest is rendering the whole experience of a game a superficial act.
    To everyone who didn’t delve past XIII, this really is a “bloated mess” as one commenter stated; a development of stories no one actually needed to see developed, regardless of what new dramatic element(s) they throw in. But this doesn’t make it factual for the people who -do- want this to be happening, you do well to remember that you’re actually getting what you want, you’re the ones being, in a sense, catered to. Everyone else is just enduring all of it out.

  • Chris

    This Looks Awesome, i loved 13 and 13-2 so cant wait for this, X & X-2 HD and XV they all are gonna be brilliant!
    why are people even commenting if they dont like the 13 franchise so much, Moan Moan Moan.

  • AnimaMagna

    He, he. Sorry I sounded fatuous. I was trying to join in on the joke rather than getting all uppity or angry. I like the XIII games (a little bit because they’re my inaugural games), and the criticism is just what another sect of people think, nothing to get hyped about.

    Oh, by the way, I found a translation of the dialogue in the cutscene, and it’s a good read. Listening to Lumina is so much better when you know what she’s saying to Snow.

  • @Lilay It depends on each person’s preference. Don’t go labeling a game just because you didn’t enjoy it. There are others that did. The XIII trilogy is no “bloated mess”. It has it’s fanbase and people that are eagerly anticipating the final chapter. And as for development issues: XIII-2 at least needed to happen because of the “bloated mess” left by everyone’s beloved XIV and XV. Had those two been on schedule and properly delivered, then neither XIII-2 nor LR would have come to be. But that’s ok. More XIII for the people that enjoy it.

    @AnimaMagna Where did you find the translation? Can you give us a link or something??

  • @alexsam
    It’s exactly because it boils down to preference that I feel entitled to express it as a “bloated mess” devoid of any adhering substance, this trailer that is, the game itself neither I or you or anyone has touched so far, but it goes without saying that it’s all on the same boat.
    I imagine this is what some people felt regarding Crisis Core, for example, while I felt it regarding, to some extent, Dirge of Cerberus. And frankly, I don’t find it all too good that you, yourself, brought down two entries in the franchise to fillers for undelivered games; there’s simply no way that can come out as plus, instead of a minus. But that’s your prerogative.
    And yes, indeed, people get to enjoy something they’ve been looking forward to, but others stare afar. As someone already said, the best thing about this game is that it signals an end for XIII. I am not an angry person trying to burn down yours or anyone’s expectation for LR, I’m just looking at things moving along, sometimes saying something that in the end matters very little, particularly for people like you, or so I would imagine.
    Furthermore, this feels like the Compilation of FFVII boasting: not only does it get games, but its “fans” demand this meaningless respect that no one owes them, so, if that’s the case, allow me to be clear in my answer: no.
    Because hey, don’t you go label a game because you enjoyed it.

    I don’t believe you truly understand what you like until you’re able to freely mock it beyond all offence, in liberation. So, I commend you for making a joke out of it, even more so if only for yourself.

    If one “moans” about someone moaning, does one not put oneself below the initial moaner? The initial moaner moans about something, while the second moaner moans about the moaning.

    Yeah I know Tony, it almost got personal… again. Sorriez.

  • @Lilay I wouldn’t normally reply to a comment that I’ve seen so late, considering there are so many newer articles in here that your initial reply to me almost slipped by me, but I feel that your opinions are dangerous and if even one person were to be affected by them, it would not be a good thing. The fact that both XIII-2 and LR were created in order to bridge the gap that XIV created does not make them filler! They are both great games, each one different in it’s own account but both connected by a great story. This comparison you’re making to the Compilation of VII is so out of place though. The Compilation was created almost a decade after VII as a tribute to the original. The XIII trilogy was created almost immediately. And as for “demanding” respect: it’s not a matter of demanding respect, it’s just a matter of not understanding. If you claim that this is your favorite franchise and you “love” these games, why do you have to bring them down? It’s like, everywhere LR appears, someone comments negatively without even having seen the game. You have nothing good to say about it, why even comment at all? Why not just ignore it and go do something else that satisfies you? If you want games of the quality of VII, VIII or IX go play those. Unless you enjoy bringing down the games that you supposedly “love”. There’s constructive criticism and then there’s the internet criticism. When you see people on the internet criticize (like you), it’s obvious that their words have no value whatsoever.

  • @alexsam
    I used the term “filler” to put a rash on your already obvious statement that XIII-2 and LR were carried-in on the speed wagon for lack of titles. That was entirely your statement and I simply dressed it appropriately, in my eyes. Who said they aren’t great games? I said I don’t make sense of anything past XIII, from this point onward, they cannot be “good” nor “bad” to me, they are pieces of entertainment with no depth in a franchise I’m constantly curious about, and sometimes I react to them.

    You know… I don’t like strawmen deviations very much. My implication with the comparison was the self-entitlement that “fans” perceive themselves to have because they aren’t mature enough to comprehend their emotions do not make the world, that no one owes them anything to their self-preserved fragility of who’s favourite game is who’s and what warrants “criticism” and what doesn’t.
    So to this I simply ask one instance, just one, where I “brought down” any of the XIII games with the explicit intent of saying: this is absolute, irremediable crap.
    And that “it’s like” assertion is considerably basic. It’s not “it’s like”, it’s -it is-. All titles go through this, XIII and it’s sisters have had a good load of it for reasons I have enumerated more than once in other comments.

    Why not just ignore it? Who do you think you are to question my reasons? Why aren’t you ignoring me as you see my “dangerous opinions”? Are you not familiar with the term “hypocrisy”?
    This is a comment section on a FF news website. Value…? You seem to imagine that such a thing matters.

  • @Lilay Reasons..? What reasons? I would be happy to accept your reasons, provided you gave some. You’re just another one of those “fanboys”, bashing for the sake of bashing. Like I said, your opinions are dangerous (to me at least) cause people just love to hate. You want to criticize this game and every other game, fine, but give us an opinion. “The whole XIII thing is absolute, irremediable crap” doesn’t even count as that. That says a lot about the whole “self-entitlement” thing as well. Why would Square-Enix or any other company be obligated to make games that qualify to your (and by your I mean people like you who, since 2010 have done nothing but complain in every single forum) “standards”? Gaming companies make their products the way they see fit and whoever doesn’t like them should simply walk away. It’s as simple as that. As for the term “hypocrisy” I seem to be familiar with it. It is -not “it’s”- what a person does when he/she bashes a game from it’s reveal all the way to it’s release, then goes and buys said game, plays it all the way till the end, only so he/she can be able to point out all the things that were wrong with it during his/her playthrough. Am I on to something?? You said it yourself, this is a FF news site, not a hating site. I know that the XIII trilogy is not well acclaimed (though the reason for this eludes me) but for the few of us that are left to anticipate and enjoy it, let it be. For the rest of you that MUST bash it, there’s always IGN!

  • @alexsam
    You’re quite pedantic, almost as much as you are misguided. Your use of terms such as “fanboy” and “bashing” do not qualify me in any sense. I’m not even the kind to make quirky puns, although I like reading them when they pop up. I find them funny. Like Waifu Dress-up XIII, it’s just, funny.
    You can keep jumping through hoops, imagining I frequent forums and have a life where I extol x-game while putting down another, all of this out of a comment where I said I couldn’t get the intro to LR, it felt like a mess to me because I literally don’t know what’s going on other than characters I don’t recognize anymore battling and having cool hair, and that all I could enjoy were the lighting and particle effects, the visual trademarks of SE. To you, that seems to translate into unbound disdain.
    So… no, you’re not on to anything. Maybe your own insecurity.

    If you can get down from that pseudo high-horse of yours, I invite you to a simple thought as to why the XIII saga is beaten around so much, since you just wrote it “eludes” you.
    The first game is on the side of being thrown around because it had a sort of FFVII-impact, where a whole lot of fans were garnered that didn’t know a thing about FF and were suddenly swept by XIII, this created the backlash with self-entitled “fans” who we can divide into groups, basically two: the sprite lovers and the golden age timers, some of these people came together into a thoughtless throw at anyone who liked XIII, for, as they could put, one was sure to know nothing about FF if they dare say it was good. Not liking XIII was sort of like a trend for a while. What came with XIII-2 and now LR is a bit different, where people not partaking of the love for the universe have continuously been hearing about it for years now. And they can’t wait to see it off.
    This is basically it.

    Additionally, I want to point out this is at least the second time you and I have this sort of exchange, but maybe the third. I’m not quite sure what sets you off to the point you concentrate your nervosity on me. This has happened regarding LR before, then XV and now LR again. Whatever you see that bites like this into you, work it out.

  • @Lilay If my characterizations sound too pedantic to you, I apologize, but that bounces of the fact that you appear to be joining the group of people that enjoy bashing for the sake of bashing, simply because of their own sense of self-entitlement already mentioned above. I enjoy the fact that you are setting trends. As if people not interested in the Lightning saga have been tied to a chair and forced to hear about it for the past 3 years. Let me give you an example. I frequent other gaming sites as well… Have I not had the piece of garbage that is GTAV forced down my throat everywhere I go? Yes. Do I go into forums trying to explain to people that a company is making billions simply by exploiting a people’s love to everything illegal and tagged as bad? No. I keep it to myself. See, the concept is really simple: you see an article about a game title you’re not looking forward to or not that anxious about, you don’t click on it. You don’t HAVE to have an opinion on everything! Sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all.
    Btw, you’re keeping tabs of how many times you’ve had a disagreement with someone else in a forum? Well then, allow me to explain the concept of internet forums. People aren’t afraid to express their opinions in the forums, and very strongly for that matter, since they’re protected by anonymity. If you think this is bad, I advise you to stay away from Youtube! Welcome to the internet!

  • @alexsam
    Almost hilarious. You begin your post telling me to hold back and by the end of it you say “welcome to the internet”. It’s almost like you’re trolling me.
    You do it again… more correlations that, although standing on their own, do not pertain to the harmless little thing I said about LR’s intro.

    Tabs? I simply have a functioning-enough brain that notices repetition.

    So yeah, LR is a bloated mess. Next please. Yawn…

  • Oh I almost forgot, your pedantry gave me a nice idea. Every time a new post related to LR comes up, I’m going to leave a pointless little comment on it, with you on the back of my mind. You know, I’ll enjoy my bashing a little. Have fun :)

  • @Lilay Well, it’s more than common that when people run out of solid arguments to base their opinions on, they turn to slander. I can see that is the case with you. Don’t think so highly of yourself that I have something personal against you. I just like to fight absurdity and irrationality wherever I see it, however useless my efforts may be. Again, this is a FF fan site. Have a pleasant day.

  • K thanks.