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Lightning Returns details new character & outfits

January 16th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


While the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII global media tour continues in San Francisco this week, early details from this week’s issue of V-Jump have surfaced, detailing a new character and more on Lightning’s ever-changing gear.

In the game Lightning makes use of different styles, referred to by VJump as the Wear system, to assemble different outfits that have different abilities attached. Lightning can choose up to three for combat, and switch between them like Paradigm shifting. Each Wear (or outfit, including her weapon and shield) has its own ATB bar that depletes when you choose abilities.

Some of her outfits have names such as Dark Muse (seen here), and Alone in the Dust — a samurai-like outfit that has yet to be revealed. The latter outfit bestows Lightning with the ability to Guard and Evade, abilities you’ll be able to use with a press of a button in combat. Other abilities will come with Lightning’s changing attire.

A new character named Lumina is revealed — a brand-new character appearing in Lightning Returns. It seems that she has a rather Cheshire Cat relationship with Lightning, being described as someone who helps Lightning, but toys with her mischeviously. She is dressed in a gothic lolita outfit, and purses her lips (duck lips).

Lightning will have the ability to change the speed at which the end of the world approaches, and by undertaking certain quests from a bulletin board for example, she’ll be able to further delay the inevitable.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’s media cycle will continue in the next issue of Famitsu, as well as the conclusion of the global media tour — meaning more new information is just on the horizon.

Update: here’s your first look at Lumina in VJump:


Via: A9VG
Thanks: NovaCrystallis


  • AgitoXIII

    I wonder if the outfit changes will be present in the cutscenes. I bet you can someway get her original XIII and XIII-2 outfits as well.

    And um….Where is her Gunblade?

  • Leaferian

    They probably won’t be present in CG cutscenes, since there are supposed to be ‘many more than just 10 or 20 outfits’. I really hope you can wear other outfits outside of battle though, I wish they’d mention that already. It is being speculated that her XIII/XIII-2 outfits will be available if you have save data from those games, but no official statements.

    She will likely not be getting gunblades, it seems. They want to keep her weapons as her close-range attacks and her magic as her long-range. If they DO give her gunblades, then they definitely won’t have long-range attacks. Probably nothing more involving than her 5-attack combo in XIII.

  • AnimaMagna

    Lumina looks strange. Like Serah, and yet not. I wonder if she is linked to Serah’s spirit somehow? So many questions and mysteries, with virtually no answers. Lightning’s Samurai outfit though.. Wow!

  • AngelicAngel

    Lumina does look like Serah yet there are some differences. Although I have to say I low her outfit. I’m really curious about her, lots of questions and mysteries like AnimaMagna has said.

    I do like the look of those two outfits for Lightning. I do hope you can wear her other outfits out of battle, let’s hope we get some confirmation on that.

  • AngelicAngel

    Low? I meant to say I love her outfit.

  • Silence

    Strange. Lumina I think would mean something directly to “Light”. I have a feeling she’ll be quite annoying in the game giving players riddles and white lies to mess with us. Or in another aspect she can be uberly helpful in Light’s quest.

    As for the costumes, I wonder how many more costumes will appear as DLC…

  • alexsam

    Ok, this is lazy, so they just recycle the same old characters?? Not even a new face or something? She even has the same pig-tail ffs! How original! As for the outfits, meh…

    And btw, @Silence, there will be no dlc for this game. Everything will be in one package, just like it used to be.

  • AngelicAngel

    That’s a good point on Lumina. As for outfits, we know she has about 20 or so in game; DLC on the other hand….Who knows.

    Looking at the info on quests,, taking requests from a bulletin board reminds of the Marks in XII. It was something I enjoyed in XII

  • AnimaMagna

    @alexsam I think it’s a deliberate likeness, not laziness. If they had wanted to make a different character, they could have. But this…I think there will be an intriguing story behind this resemblance.

  • voicebox

    Lumina = serah + yuel.

    She will be the new seeress in novus partus, and will no longer die due to the outbreak of chaos.

  • xCheriax

    @AnimaMagna: I agree, it is a deliberate likeness. This will make things interesting and Lumina is already getting fans coming up with questions and speculations on her character and the likeness to Serah.

    Also like many have already said, I love Lumina’s outfit. As for Lightning’s two new costumes, I’m going to wait for a better quality picture before I make my decision.

  • Nova7


    She won’t be a Seeress.

  • oh..

    Lumina/Serah is worryingly similar to Tidus/Shuyin
    I hope it’s different.

  • alexsam

    @oh.. If it is, and Lumina is just some other person that has nothing to do with Serah whatsoever, then it’s dangerously close to what you’re referencing. And there’s nothing worse than repeated storyline mechanics! I sincerely hope that this “Lumina” (so they named a character after their new game engine, nice!) is just someone who has taken over Serah’s body for some mysterious purpose. Idk, I’m just pulling at straws here but right now we just don’t have enough info for nay of this to make sense. We’ll just have to wait…

  • Cricket

    @alexsam I don’t think she has taken over Serah’s body. They may look similar but they’re still different, if you look closely at her faces in the mag. Also, Serah’s body should be in Bhunivelze with Hope.

  • AnimaMagna

    @alexsam, oh.. and Cricket Been thinking about it and I think it’s probably Serah’s chaos manifesting itself in this world. It’s still driven by her spirit and perhaps her goals, but it has a darker personality than the Serah we’re used to. And I thought Tidus was the ideal dream version of the flawed Shuyin who was given a life of his own?