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Lightning Returns global media tour kicks off

January 10th, 2013 by Tony Garsow


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase updated the official promotional Twitter to announce that a global media tour including North America and Europe is underway. Square Enix is planning to release Lightning Returns for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013, and as you might expect, the game’s promotion has been kicked into gear.

Kitase tweeted a picture from France, noting that the city of Luxerion’s architecture shares many of the same features. He and director Motomu Toriyama are scheduled to begin their presentations in Europe today, with a North American tour to follow suit.

What are you most excited to see in Lightning Returns? Or, what are you expecting from the title that hasn’t already been announced? Leave a comment below, and stay tuned to Final Fantasy Network for Lightning Returns developments!


  • alexsam

    well, Luxerion looks nothing like france. I mean, in france they like to keep their painting indoors. so, is there any chance we can get any info on this tour? like, maybe a new presentation video or anything in that form..?

  • AgitoXIII

    I’m expecting LR to END the plot. Oh, and Lightning better be able to use a Gunblade somewhere in this game. Period…..

  • Wyvern

    @alexsam: They mean the architecture. Which is indeed heavily European inspired.

    Looking forward to it!

  • ff789n10

    They’re starting worldwide promotion in January? Erm…isn’t it a little early? Is the game like…almost done or something? Or are all the employees back at SE working on the game while Toriyama gives direction through email/text?

  • hutch

    Looking forward to this horrid “saga” ending, so FF fans can look forward to something new instead rehash of the least inspired FF ever. Can’t wait for a new cast of characters!

  • AnimaMagna

    I look forward to the completion of one of the most splendidly told and emotionally engaging stories in the history of Final Fantasy, reminiscent of FFVIII, FFX and FFXII. It’s sounding more and more like it will be released in the second or third quarter of this year. and @hutch, there are many indications that Versus XIII will be revealed this year, and that what was Agni’s Philosophy will become something extraordinary. So just ignore what you don’t want and keep your eyes open for any news concerning those projects. That what I do for things I like and dislike. And I don’t even complain about them much, except when provoked.

  • Wyvern

    It’s definitely the 3rd quarter. KHHD and FFXIV seem for a definite lock. With the former in March and going by the roadmap if all goes well… June for ARR.

  • AnimaMagna

    @Wyvern How do you know 3rd Quarter? Do you know something we don’t? Or is it just an educated guess? Either way, thanks for the supportive comment.

  • Wyvern

    Oh, educated guess. Each title needs a few months apart. XIV being the large one and if its a summer release, then there needs to be some months apart. That’s all.

  • Leaferian

    According to Erren of the Nova Crystallis news site, and a person on the SE North America forums who is some kind of press member and attended the conference, the team is looking at a summer release. In the NA conference, which took place the 2nd or 3rd of September 2012, the claim was made that people would be playing it by that time next year. This would indicate an August release push.

    Also, the ARR release is nowhere near set. If the development takes as long as possible by their current route, ARR will launch early to mid July. If we go by the shortest route, it would launch sometimes mid to late April. The launch could fall anywhere in that three month period, or even be delayed further by potential problems with the integration of PS3-to-PC servers and the sheer numbers of an open beta.

    More importantly than this, though, A Realm Reborn is a relaunch of an MMO. To my knowledge, new physical copies of ARR won’t be sold until a month or so after launch, possibly longer. Much of the expected audience for ARR will be returning players anyway, and in general there is a split between PC-heavy and console-heavy players.

    As I’ve said elsewhere as well, we don’t know where the Lightning Returns development actually sits. The trailer seen in December has Lightning’s new default costume, but beyond that everything in it matches the exact description of the pre-alpha presentation video shown in private at the announcement. One of the alternate style outfits was even described by the ING press dudes in their youtube video, being mentioned as having heels. Another article reported bell-bottom pants, as seen in the same outfit.

    Even the environment appears unfinished in the trailer. The station has a gray, textureless voidsky and the texturing on the walls suddenly stops at one point and becomes blank white models. In the new panoramic view of the station added to the official JP site recently, these missing elements have already been added. It is possible SE has been simply playing it close to the vest.

  • Hutch

    I’ve been playing FF since 1987. Unfortunately I can’t just overlook an alarming trend of the company completely veering off-course from the greatness of FF. I’m not the only one that had to trudge through FF13. It dropped everything that was FF: no towns, NPCs, chocobos, moogles, airships, and the main character was rip off of a rip off (Cloud>Squall>Lightning).

    I could over look FF13 if it only had one installment, but three?!?! I felt like this generation of FF was just the producers slapping us in the face. Fans can’t shrug off 3 titles of ‘bleh’ and ‘meh’ when they’ve been asking for other things. Sorry, but this newer generation of fans is way too lenient on this type of behavior from the new guy in charge of Square.

  • DzY


    It had chocobos at least…
    It had airships…

  • AgitoXIII


    XIII had airships, chocobos, NPCs (tho very few of them I get your point tho, and Lightning is in NO WAY a “rip off” of Cloud etc. She is INSPIRED in design of Cloud but is in no way a rip off.

    I do agree FF needs to STOP with sequels picking of the slack of titles.

  • money

    I think you’re being a little irrational there. I know you were disappointed with FF13 but you didn’t need to trudge through it. Just put it down and wait for the next game, express your disdain then move on. You’ve got plenty to look forward to, SE is not losing their touch just because you don’t like a few of their main titles, don’t take that as a fact.

    Versus XIII is set to be one of those games that will restore faith into those who didn’t enjoy previous ones, so wait for that then tell people how SE is doing badly. A company makes good games and bad ones to everyone, you can’t control what they do. You’re not gonna have your perfect game all the time. All everyone can do is be patient and wait, once its out if you don’t like it? Don’t lose sleep over it. Besides the reception 13 took I doubt they’ll go that same route. Such as: 13-2 was less linear, now take that approach in a new FF with new worlds new characters and storyline and they are speeding back on track with what most the hardcore fans want.

    Like GTAV I know thats gonna be more or less the same route as GTAIV, very mission based, samey missions and a lot of stuff done in a very realistic fashion, but I still have to hold back that opinion and see it for myself. Who knows LR may be your one of the best titles SE has done for you in ages. Maybe not in story or characters as you’ve seem to have decided you really don’t like them but gameplay in SE titles can and will always deliver.

    This post isn’t just for Hutch but everyone who thinks like Hutch, no need to worry. They’ve made three games as a gap for newer ones, I think we should be happy that these games can be expanded while we wait for other ones. Its the least they can do, and with the economy these days thats saying something. The world has changed from 1987, resources are more expensive. Its something gamers are gonna have to get used to. And I know someones gonna reply negatively and say something like “you don’t know anything about businesses or how SE operates” and you’re right, but do you either? All we can do is assume, and if you probably think assuming is pointless, well its a sure a lot better than going on and on about something that you didn’t want like a baby.

    Patience is the key with modern SE.

  • AnimaMagna

    @money Here-here! Well said.

  • hutch