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Lightning Returns: FFXIII Famitsu details

September 4th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

Details about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are emerging from this week’s issue of Famitsu. There isn’t particularly much we know yet, but what the team could confirm is that the game has completed 30% of it’s development phase. The game’s ending will also be a definitive -happy- ending, no multiple endings in layman’s terms.

If you remember from the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary, the game’s project leads specifically stated that this would be the last game in the Final Fantasy XIII saga.

Additional details:
+ One in-game day/night cycle lasts one to two hours.
+ The game’s structure is set up to be played through multiple times due to changing and one-time events, so it may be a shorter game than it’s predecessors.
+ You will be able to carry items over to new playthroughs.
+ Everyone did not die at the end of Final Fantasy XIII-2. (Referring to the world population.)
+ Novus Partus is composed of four islands, two with “natural” terrain and one has the city of Luxerion on it. Another city is on the fourth island.
+ In addition to art and furniture being displayed around Luxerion, there are also many clocks.
+ It’s possible to have the world end before the thirteen days expire.
+ Many phenomenae are occurring because of the chaos that had poured into the world has an effect on people — something like senility they have stopped aging.
+ The battle system has an ATB gauge, but there are abilities you use (blocking, dodging, and moving) that don’t require you to select a command. They rely on button-presses and timing instead.
+ Controlling Lightning will be a different experience than in XIII and XIII-2 and since she is the sole party member, she has been given abilities to compensate.
+ You can extend the countdown timer by your in-game actions like helping people, so depending on your actions some playthroughs may be longer than others.
+ Lightning encounters a murder in the city of Luxerion which she becomes involved in (perhaps investigates).
+ Lightning will stay in contact with Hope Estheim through use of a wireless comm.

Via: 2ch


  • Bekas

    I was excited when I learned that a new XIII game would be coming out… Now I just wish it wasn’t. It really isn’t sounding appealing to me at all 😐

  • ghost

    I’m at least hoping that some of the old characters return.

  • LordGfet

    Well, i think this game will be a lot different from the others..that makes me very excited *-*

  • WOW_9

    This is going to be terrible.

  • Defrift

    I honestly I am most excited about the happy ending, but I do want to play this I love Final Fantasy. Only beef I got is well I’ve not fought the final boss in FF13-2 been to lazy, but this has inspired to finish the game and do req of the goddess.

  • Kaasn

    Sounds really good! Some great stuff here.

    Cant’ wait to unfold the story and see how it all ends and nice to know its designed for multiple playthroughs.

  • AgitoXIII

    At least the premise of this game is far better then XIII-2. And probably the original. It’s good this is ending it all. And it’s good we don’t have to put up with Serah 24/7.

  • Porom

    ^ Serah is good character, maybe not as charismatic and badass, but has a big heart and good intentions,is nice,and sacrificed her life for all.
    I think she deserves more love for the fans.

  • Bekas

    So Light will be the sole member of the party? D: Aww chucks. I wanted others, damn it.
    I’m just happy everyone stopped aging, in a way; it means we might meet other previous characters. I hope we can actually meet Hope, not just talk to him through a communicator.

    And XII-2 was already short. If this game is shorter, it’ll be over too damn soon.

  • loveorlust

    OH MAN! I’m a sucker for crappy love stories and long drawn out games! This will surely rank highly on my list of best final fantasy games ever released, in fact, since I’m a true die-hard fan, it already has!!

  • Hammond

    The only reason I was excited to play this game was so I could hang out with the other characters. I wanted a big party like XIII, not just Lightning. I do like her but I prefer some of the other characters.

  • rabbi

    porom@ No offense to those that like Serah just stating my opinion about her and a bit of the game.
    Her character wasn’t really original or unique. There are plenty of other “serahs” in other games. Just because she sacraficed herself doesn’t mean she’s good character (which made me think of Aerith, never liked her really).

    Half-throughout the game (ffxiii-2) you already knew she was going to die sooner or later. Which kind of made me think of that the whole game was just another damn filler from SE so that they could make an FF13-3 (not that I didn’t know it when I bought it). That was one of the big factors to why she was sacrificed. Just so that SE could make an FF13-3.

    Well, this is my opinion about her and a bit of the game… anyway just wanted to share it :/

    Oh well back to the article. WELL, it seems like they are taking a bit battle mechanic things from FFversus13, like the button press action guard-thingys.

    And also one last thing, I’m really getting tired of the whole clocks and time thingy things. It seems like they just made it that way to have some connection to the last game. Not that it’s a bad thing that there is a connection between two games. But it just seems so… I don’t know… bland.

  • UndeadNecroMage

    Well, I’m sure it’ll sell fine. As far as being any kind of good, it’ll probably be another ARPG. Just so long as it doesn’t get too repetitive. Ah, who am I kidding….

  • BlinkingBlah

    I am tired of clocks and time and paradox and all the other BS. It is their way of breaking things up and not making it seem “linear”. When in reality it is still linear just more or less a zig-zag. We still have to go where they want. There is nothing to explore or find other than what they want you to. I want a world to fall in love with and explore. Not one part of a world in one part of time that I kinda like.
    I really don’t like the fact that there is only one sole member. Granted she is the only character they have made that I actually like. But it just doesn’t feel like an RPG with one character. Another question is where are our non human friends that we get to play with, those are usually the people I like. It feels like an action game with one character. I haven’t been able to finish the last few games because I am just dissapointed. Please let us be done with lightning and her confusing not worth wasting the time learning fal’cie, i’cie, cieth and the rest of her crappy crew. Hopefully we can just write this one off and start anew with some of the old charm and good story telling that this title is known for.

  • are they referring to a it having a happy ending in that it’ll just make people happy that there are no more xiii games being released?

    i’ll more than likely get this, play it, enjoy it even. but unfortunately i don’t want it. :(

  • Ezbeon

    Keeping an open mind. Its a good thing I like lightning……..

  • meep

    “+ Lightning encounters a murder in the city of Luxerion which she becomes involved in (perhaps investigates).”
    OMG, did the victim get thrown into a TV?

  • LordGfet


  • Daxis


    cleaver haha LOL!!

  • Dy

    I’m sure this is going to be a really good game. It sounds fun and it will be fun to enjoy something unique (hopefully).

    But to be honest the best news I heard was that this will be the last game with Lightning in it. lol.

  • Dy

    I am imagining a type of Assasin’s Creed meet Final Fantasy XIII.

    If that is what this is like and it’s done right. THen HELL YES