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Lightning Returns extended Jump Festa trailer

December 21st, 2012 by Tony Garsow

The extended Jump Festa trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has hit the web! Earlier this week a leaked trailer gave us a first glimpse at the game before it was taken down. This new trailer gives us a premise to the final thirteen days of Lightning’s journey, through cinematics, cutscenes, and gameplay. Check out the official screenshots below and the trailer above! Leave a comment below with your first impressions of the third Final Fantasy XIII game.

As you can see in the trailer, after waking up from her sleep, Lightning finds herself in the city of light and prayer: Luxerion. Strange events occur here frequently, which may be due to the influx of Chaos that has decimated the world, and left its population unable to age (though immortality is something yet unanswered). It seem that in Luxerion, Lightning is able to garner something of a following — perhaps those described as unwilling to follow the word of “god”.

In Luxerion, the Order serves as the peacekeeping force — similar to Lightning’s very own Guardian Corps. They approach Lightning to help them get to the bottom of a rash of serial murders that have been disrupting life in Luxerion where citizens turn to religion for meaning in everyday life. As Lightning proceeds with the investigation, she is being shadowed…

A clock tower has been constructed over the train station. Time will be a vital resource to Lightning in her journey, as her actions will intentionally or inadvertently affect the flow of time. Remember, there are thirteen days before the world ends. The station itself is busiest at dawn and dusk when people leave for work and return home, and the monorail’s route connects it to all four contintents that make up Novus Partus. Around town, Lightning will be able to leap and climb through the use of interactive objects lithely as demonstrated in the trailer.

There are dangerous monsters that will appear in Luxerion at different times of day, so you’ll need your wits about you to discern how best to proceed. Residents roam about during the day; at night, monsters will be encountered frequently. At different times of day, Lightning will be able to uncover hidden codes embedded in the world around her, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled.

In combat, Lightning will make use of what looks to be a modified paradigm system in which she can block, dodge, and attack with four face buttons. In this system, you’ll be able to select different abilities for each role that you need for different situations in battle. Exploiting a monster’s weakness with these abilities will be the key to battle.

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  • schen

    When I look at this, then FF13, I’m like WTF?! How did it get to this point! Anyway, I hope this game turns out well.

  • MrSensei915

    What is she wearing?

  • Ry

    I just realized what my problem is with this new battle system. I’ve already played Dissidia 012. LR Lightning just does not compare to the power and grace that she once had, and this battle system seems too clunky to fit the power her character is supposed to have.. I’m hoping that it’s just the Alpha stage that we are looking at and pray they pick up the pace.

  • The passion of making FF games is not what it used to be now in days it’s just something to stamp the name FF and hope it sells alot. that’s how i see it in this generation. FFXIV ARR is on the other hand is putting effort to make us fans of the FF and FFXI fans be a somethin worth the name. I do hope with all this time not releasing FFXIII versus or if it changes to XV to be a worth while FF title.

  • Wyvern

    @gmoyajp: Uh the passion is there, they’re clearly trying to differentiate and make this a very different FF. ARR alike. I do not know how you can’t see it.

    FFVersus isn’t anything special.

  • AgitoXIII

    I’m sorry, but her outfit is absolutely ridiculous.

    I understand the first poster’s point in asking “how did it get to this point”. The whole series just seems to be all over the place.

  • LordGfet

    It’s Kingdom Hearts all the way now.

  • AnimaMagna

    This trailer looks even better than the last. And I’m sorry, but I think her new outfit is great. It certainly looks better when she’s in motion. And given that it’s an engine that was designed for one console generation, jumped to another, had a long gestation period and came at a turbulent time for the game industry, it’s bound to be a little ‘all over the place’. Regardless, this looks like a good game.

  • lalik

    Ok will the people that keep saying that this gen FF don’t even look like the FF back when it’s still good just stop it. Of course FF won’t look or be played the same. You can’t expect a franchise to be the same forever. Who will play that? And I know you guys kept saying that Versus is gonna save the FF name. But believe me, Versus is not like previous FF at all. From the look of the trailers it’s not even turn base. So sorry to disappoint you. And if you don’t like the XIII arc then just don’t play it, simple as that.

  • carlos

    I am willing to give this game a try seems entertaining at the least but I agree with the negativity of the costume. I like the black armor and shoulder pads connected with the whit cape parts. My annyonance comes from her sword and shield – it looks like Gundam Wing…

  • Wyvern

    @AgitoXIII: It’s Final Fantasy. Far more ridiculous costumes have come in the past. This is better.

  • Chris

    That outfit she looks like a Dominatrix Barbie in some BDSM fantasy. It makes her XIII-2 outfit look bloody brilliant. Sums up the pointless and degrading XIII series to this point.

  • Guessde

    Wtf why complain about a costume?? That’s ridiculous, like some dude said in a previous comment If you don’t like it anything about this game, just dont play it, after all isn’t your game is of Square-Enix so they’ll do whatever they want :)
    For me at least this game looks good I can’t wait to play it!!!

  • rabbiman

    the only thing the trailer reminds me of is assassins creed…the colours and the clothes…

    The gameplay seems clunkier than the past ff13… which isn’t good, hope they’ll improve it before they release it…

    Man…I just don’t know… the gothic concept thingy isn’t selling for me… it just seems so out of place after the ending of FF13-2… argh…. let’s just pray that this will be the last of FF13 lightning saga, I just want it to end…

    really want FFVersus13 to come out…