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Lightning Returns Staff Return for Q&A

February 14th, 2013 by Tony Garsow

English captions can be enabled on the player.

Following the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII global media tour last month, director Motomu Toriyama and producer Yoshinori Kitase answered additional questions from the European Final Fantasy community about the upcoming game. Just after they wrapped in Europe, the pair answered questions about the approach to telling the final chapter in the Lightning saga, as well as what to expect from a gameplay perspective. The video interview above provides some insight into their process.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will release for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this fall in all regions.

Final Fantasy Network recently traveled to San Francisco for the North American leg of the global media tour, and you can read all about it in our expansive three-part segment here. What lingering questions do you still have about the game? Feel free to articulate your thoughts by leaving us a detailed comment below!

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  • TheBadass

    It still blows my mind that Toriyama gets so much hate while Kitase remain unscathed. Kitase is the real problem here. This man was chosen by Sakaguchi to lead the series and he has abused that position to allow Wada give him freedom to make a FF trilogy. He is clearly pulling Toriyama’s strings behind the scenes and yet the blind fanbase is giving Toriyama all the hate.

    Well guess what? I’ve done my research, Kitase. I’ve realized that you were not what made FFVI so great.

    — FFVI was designed by Ito.
    — FFVII was designed by Sakaguchi.

    The first game where you were both director and game designer was FFVIII and look at how that turned out? Almost destroyed the franchise in Japan. Then you designed FFX and got rid of the world map. Terrible decision. Then you designed FFXIII and made it just as linear as FFX despite FFXII being released in the interim and being open world. Why would you do that? I know exactly why: To appease your desire to turn FF into an interactive movie.

    I don’t care what anybody says about Toriyama. He is not the problem here. The problem is that Kitase has lost sight of traditional FF and needs to be demoted back to event director ASAP before he destroys this franchise.

  • hutch

    Whoa. Someone who called out FF8 & 13 (the ones I despise) and pointed out the open endedness of 12 (with lack of random battles and transition screens) only to have it’s predecessor (13) turn into a ultra linear tunnel walk with random battles (huge step back from FF12).

    Let’s be friends ‘TheBadass’.

  • hutch

    Don’t forget to blame the weakness of Xbox 360 in comparison to PS3. they had to scale the game down when it became multi-platform. Booo.

  • TheBadass

    No problem, bro. When you look back at the mainline series, you can see where the flaws were made. As far as I’m concerned FFVIII was the game that nearly killed FF from game design perspective. Who was the game designer of FFVIII? Yoshinori Kitase.

    Thankfully, FFIX (which Kitase had zero involvement in) manged to salvage the series’ reputation in Japan by returning to the FFVI style of gameplay. The game was designed Hiroyuki Ito, who also designed FFVI.

    Then we move on to FFX, where Kitase was again the game designer. He got rid of the world map and made the world linear to appease his desire to turn FF int an interactive movie. Honestly, Kitase, are you making RPGs or interactive films? As far as I’m aware, FF is a Role-Playing Game. It’s not interactive cinema. Sadly, the deluded masses ate up the game due to the “emotional story” resonating with them and thus Kitase’s game design was vindicated.

    FFXI was a MMO and Sakaguchi stated that it was a new start of the series; he regarded it as a new FFI. FFXII therefore had to evolve off FFXI and not FFX. Hiroyuk Ito was again game designer. He decided to make the game open world with seamless battles so that it would be a natural offline evolution of FFXI. Say what you want about FFXII, but it’s the most gameplay focused entry in the series since FFIX.

    FFXIII was again designed by Kitase and seeing as Sakaguchi was no longer at Square Enix, he ignored his statement that FFXI was the new start of the series and instead decided to reuse his game design from FFX.

    Can you see the problem here?

    FFXI was meant to be the new FFI. That was Sakaguchi’s wish. Ito followed that wish and evolved FFXII off FFXI. Kitase totally ignored Sakaguchi’s wish and evolved FFXIII off FFX instead of evolving it off FFXI and FFXII.

    The man is ruining this series and needs to be demoted ASAP. If he had followed Sakaguchi’s wish with FFXIII then the game would have been an evolution of FFXII and open world with seamless battles and multiple towns.

    It’s no wonder Sakaguchi said in February 2012 that only Ito can save this series. Kitase has completely lost the plot.

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