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First look at Lightning in Lightning Returns

December 18th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Cast aside the image in your head of Lightning’s new outfit for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, because the official design is here. Designed by Tetsuya Nomura, Lightning’s new outfit features black armor, white leggings, a red cape, and a red sword and shield. In the game, Lightning will be able to customize her outfit — and the number of options available will be a lot greater than ten or twenty.

Lightning will be able to move about her world freely, which includes jumping and stealth mechanics — quite different from the previous two iterations of Final Fantasy XIII.

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  • schen13

    I hope that we get her FF13 outfit.

  • Xenon

    Has quite a Red Mage motif to me, I see hints of it, overall a great outfit I think. Can’t wait to see more.

  • lalik

    Wow I like it.

  • alexsam

    Can’t say I’m really enthusiastic about this outfit, I don’t even know what it is she’s wearing. It’s like she has elements of black, white and red mage while holding a sword and shield. It’s too colorful. At least the previous Lightning outfits didn’t stand out so much. Well, I can’t say I was very big of her appearance in XIII-2 either, but eventually they just grow on me. I’ll get used to it since I’m looking forward to the game and the end of the saga. Hopefully though, we’ll be able to change that outfit.

  • AngelxXIII

    I have to say there are parts of the outfit I like and some that I don’t. Although I do spot the Lightning Returns Logo on her outfit.

  • Azuardo

    Looks awesome. Really cannot wait for this game.

  • Rowdizzle

    What is it with Tetsuya Nomura and freaking leg capes? Seriously almost everything he has done character designs for since FFX-2 has had at least one character with a leg cape. I can’t be the only person that thinks they look stupid.

  • UndeadNecroMage

    Waiting for better quality picture before forming an opinion on it.
    Still have a hard time understanding leg capes, though. Makes about as much sense as Squall’s ass wings in Dissidia.

  • LordGfet

    I laugh at the fact that she does not own a gunblade ‘-‘

  • templar

    Great design…but no zippers? Is Nomura sick or something?

  • Shinobi

    Looks like Lightning found where Xehanort buys his clothes.

  • AgitoXIII

    Looks like a random piece of crap TBH. It’s too gothic looking for Lightning. Tho some said it’s because LR is supposed to be “gothic”.

    I just shake my head at this whole stupid XIII saga TBH.

  • AnimaMagna

    I think it looks alright. As to the capes, at least she has two, not like Yuna from X-2 or Lightning in her XIII-2: I never understand how they can walk around with one leg getting frozen. As to issues of practicality, quite a few FF costumes designs have been a little lacking in that regard, and since she’s virtually a goddess now, or a demigoddess, I think she is allowed a few impractical wardrobe choices. Personally, I think she looks READY TO SAVE THE WORLD.

  • Bekas

    I really don’t like the shield. It stands out too much. And the fact that she is not using a gunblade.
    Oh well. Waiting for the trailer.

  • MrSensei915

    Honestly, no. I like the FF13 outfit the best, it looked real. The outfit in 13-2 and in this new game don’t look real: they’re way too fantastical and not even in a good way. For me, gimme FF Versus 13 asap, been waiting years now.

  • one of the boobs in this armor seems bigger then the other. lol breastplate. Tetsuya runing out of ideas.

  • AnimaMagna

    Her breasts are not uneven. It’s an optical illusion. I have looked very hard, and it’s either something to do with the angle of the page or she’s actually positioned a little sidelong. I think a combination of the two. I certainly know they would not make such a silly design decision on purpose.

  • Steven

    Is it me or the city screenshot where she is using a stealth mechanic really seems taken out from Versus XIII…
    The fact that she will be able to grab on telephone poles also seems similar to Versus XIII, as we could see this mechanic at works in KH3D which shares gameplay elements with Versus XIII.

    Overall, Nomura is the one with the best ideas, and Square Enix wants his ideas in every game they release, but they didn’t set Versus XIII their priority…

  • AnimaMagna

    They did say they would be implementing a few aspects of Versus XIII’s gameplay and stuff in the game. And it looks like it’s working. She looks amazing, and the views of Luxerion look…well, I don’t think I can find words. If the trailer shows this off..OH! What a fit of dancing around the room with joy I will have. She certainly looks more beautiful, and when you look at her in-game, that shield does not look as impractical as it might.

  • Tony Garsow

    Looks like Chocolina is in.