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Lightning Gets Herself an Aerith Costume

September 22nd, 2013 by Tony Garsow

The newest crossover costume for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes from a character in the Final Fantasy VII universe — Aerith Gainsborough. Cloud Strife’s SOLDIER outfit and Buster Sword is also available through pre-order of the game in North America. Yuna’s outfit from Final Fantasy X is also a featured outfit (watch here) planned for the game, as well as a Miqo’te outfit (watch here) from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will release on November 21st in Japan, February 11th in North America, and February 14th in Europe. Available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, PlayStation Network users will be able to download a digital version at release.


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  • If they give her a Sephiroth outfit, I’m done…

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  • Olli

    alexsam says:

    September 22, 2013 at 3:55 am

    If they give her a Sephiroth outfit, I’m done…

    would more prefer a barret costume

  • AntagonistGB

    You know, there are a lot of outfits that Lightning could wear that wouldn’t directly contradict her personality. Faris, Celes, Freya, Beatrix, Lani, Paine, Agrias, etc. I mean, all of them are more LIKEABLE that Lightning, but at least none of them are demure little flowers like the outfits she keeps getting stuck with.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hate Lightning, and I don’t really care all that much, but it seems like they aren’t actually picking these outfits for any reason except blatant, shameless fanservice… OH WAIT

  • agitoxiii

    SE just stop it. Just stop.

  • Chris

    Lightning: Soldier turned l’Cie turned Goddess Knight turned Barbie doll.


  • Bekas

    Pretty sure this outfit exists only cos they share the same voice actress. It’s symbolic.
    it’s not like Yuna’s Garb, Cloud’s outfit or the Mi’qote mess which is to offer those who preorder LR and those who buy XIV/X a little something extra.

  • @Bekas
    People who actually played FFVII remember Aeris as “voiceless”, along with every single character in FF until X. At best, what you just implied (assuming your have no source, but even if you did it wouldn’t be as relevant as you think) is an argument for ignorance, at worst, a failure to see blatant fan-service that perhaps the majority of Western gamers raises an eyebrow at. Nevertheless, in both Advent Children and Crisis Core, the character did get an audible spirit buff, even with minimal dialogue.

  • Bekas

    FFVII isn’t just confined to the main title game, anymore. FFVII only has written dialog, sure, but Aerith does have a voice actress that she does share with Lightning, either you consider the rest of the VII compilation relevant or not. As for ‘having a source’, I never said that my words had been in an interview or stated anywhere official – as I do mention when dishing out *facts*, as I’ve done in other entries on this website before. This was my take on why these outfits were chosen.

    And yes, it *is* fanservice. Congrats. Anyone is sure to have noticed that already, especially cos isn’t fanservice the root of all added content such as this in FF? It just goes unsaid. That and fans are just cool with it.

  • Bekas

    *some fans are cool with it.

    Oopsie daisy~ D:

  • Writing that as a comeback to me doesn’t add any relevance to it. You agreed that this is blatant fan-service then you go on to excuse it as a more or less accepted take, but any short review of the path FF as threaded will signal that such upfront use of utterly visual properties with absolutely no depth paint a picture that is bound to more than a “we’re cool with it” on the behalf of “some fans”. And on a side note, remember that this is, as you put it, “added content” to an unreleased game. How neat. Kaching.

    On the other subject: the Compilation of FFVII is canon, I can’t look at it as an outsider’s set of prequels and sequels that don’t warrant any attention, but what I can do is state the fact that Aeris has her relevance in that game. You can go ahead and make the voice acting-stretch a reason if you want, we already agreed this is fan-service. Not the good kind, I might add.

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