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The Coliseum Returns in Lightning Returns

April 21st, 2013 by Tony Garsow

In a recent interview with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase, French Final Fantasy fansite FFDream confirmed that the Coliseum in Final Fantasy XIII-2 will return in “some form”. While no specifics were given if the Coliseum will serve the same purpose, it looks likely that Lightning will return to it at some point in her final journey.

The Coliseum, beyond the flow of time, was home to a multitude of DLC battles that followed Final Fantasy XIII-2’s original release in January of last year. This included Final Fantasy XIII series characters such as Jihl Nabaat and Snow Villiers — but classic Final Fantasy monsters such as Ultros, Omega, and Gilgamesh joined the fray. The following is a list of downloadable episodes currently available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live:

$2.99/240msp Omega, Bringer of the End
$2.99/240msp Lightning & Amodar, Operation XIII-2
$2.99/240msp Jihl Nabaat, A Study in Elegant Death
$3.99/320msp Ultros & Typhon, Uninvited Invertebrate
$3.99/320msp Gilgamesh, Clash On The Big Bridge
$1.99/160msp PuPu, Take Me to Your Leader
$3.99/320msp Snow Villiers, The One You Love + Valfodr, No Mercy for the Judged

You can view FFDream’s original article by clicking here.

In what capacity would you like to see the Coliseum in Lightning Returns? Did you enjoy the downloadable content offered through this area in Final Fantasy XIII-2? If so, what challenges would you like to see added? What would you like to see changed? Leave us a comment with your thoughts below!


  • Odine

    I have FFXIII-2 but haven’t played it yet.
    Currently finishing FFXIII (chapter11), and then will start with XIII-2, but i’m going to buy the DLC’s with story and will pass the Colisseum battles DLC content for sure.

    3$ for a battle? come on.

    I don’t like that kind of content for DLCs, but enjoy the DLC content that adds something meaningful and duration-wise. DLCs of “Grand Theft Auto 4″ are the perfect example of what a good DLC should be.

  • AgitoXIII

    Oh pleaes don’t remind us of the obvious money grab that was FF XIII-2

  • Brian

    Odine, you may wanna buy Snow’s coliseum battle. It actually explains what he will be doing until “The Day of Reckoning” and the coliseum reappearing makes me think Lightning will have to go there to go get him.

  • AnimaMagna

    I thought the Coliseum was a rather under-used location. I hope we get to see a bigger version of it. Maybe this is where she finds Snow and brings him to Nova Crysalia. Also, I wonder if she will be bringing everyone, including Valfodr, into the world for the “Day of Reckoning”. What is the Day of Reckoning anyway? I do hope there’s a Datalog, Analect or Fragment about it somewhere. Anyway, massive cheers for this amazing little place coming back. It was a sort of story location after all, and was likely unaffected by Chaos, since it’s in Chaos’ realm anyway.

  • Ehren Rivers

    Also, the Coliseum battle aren’t just fights. You get the fight (some of them are quite challenging), you can obtain the opponents as crystals for your party, and several of the opponents have rare-drop unique accessories. The Snow Episode, aside from being passingly important to the storyline, also allows you to fight Valfodr, an enemy who drops the unique monsters you can only get one of in the main game. I’d said two new recruitable enemies, some story, a unique accessory, and a way to get 8 or 10 (I forget which) otherwise one-off monsters is a bargain at $5.

  • @brian
    I think you made a mistake, because the snow dlc is classified as “scenario” rather than “colisseum”.

    Yeah, the snow one is the kind of dlc for FFXIII-2 I will buy once I get started with the game. The scenario dlcs (snow, sazh ,lightning) which have a story instead than just a fight like the colisseum dlcs (pupu, gilgamesh, nabaat, etc).

  • COOL

  • ultromega

    While I loved the coliseum DLC, I hope that the next coliseum will feature in-game unlockable battles, or at least have ONE dlc that includes all the battles in one installment. $23 for all the FFXIII-2 coliseum battles was a bit much.

  • Cape_Town_Guy

    I hope this time the Colliseum actually gets used properly instead of it being an empty room for the entire game without DLC. All story related content should be on disc and there should be different tournaments in the Colliseum (like the Colliseum in KH series). I don’t mind paying for DLC but at least include some of the cool stuff on disc instead of cutting content, to sell later on.

  • alexsam

    @Cape_Town_Guy they’ve already said it from Square-Enix that they tried out the dlc as “something new” in XIII-2 but according to feedback it didn’t work out for them so this time everything will be on-disc. You can read the wikipedia article if u don’t believe me…