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FFXIII-2 demo, FF Origins on PSN next week

January 5th, 2012 by Tony Garsow

A demo of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be available on the North American version of the PlayStation Network next week (likely Tuesday) along with a new PSone Classic: Final Fantasy Origins. Final Fantasy Origins includes the PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy I and II for $9.99. This information coming from the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast.

Update: The demo will be also be available on Xbox Live next week.

Thanks: Wario64

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  • Xolia

    What good timing on my part. I just bought a PSN card recently. :)

  • Faylo

    Wait, wha??? I’m not at McDonald’s, but I sure am lovin’ it.
    Hopefully this will just be a free demo of gameplay, unlike Prologus for Duodecim, although the story was appreciated.
    Anyways, it’s gonna be great to have my first taste of XIII-2, I kind of can’t wait for this weekend to be over with. 😀

  • Noctis

    Release Final Fantasy Versus XIII already!

  • Shadowcatdoll09

    Yes! Finally!

  • Faylo

    Here’s what I’m guessing that will happen, XIII-2 will release here, and in an interview, SE will say that there is stuff in XIII-2 that will be vital to Versus, just to increase sales.

  • Zanzetsuken

    Haha! It would be so weird if XIII-2 actually connects to VsXIII in a way.

    Oh wait… VERSUS XIII…

  • AntagonistGB

    I probably won’t be picking up Origins since I just got FFI PSP for Christmas, but hey, glad they’re not forgetting about their older, better games. Still enjoying the hell out of Chrono Cross on the PSP.

  • rattyinc


    It is related to Versus XIII that’s why it bears the XIII name. Also read up on the fabula nova crystalis compilation. They are connected but not directly.

  • Megacookie


    Two NES games for 10 bucks, what a deal!

    I’m glad S-E is a greedy-ass company that doesn’t offer old games for free like Bethesda and Rockstar!

  • LordGfet

    I won’t be buying XIII-2
    I’m didn’t like the history, historia crux anyways, i hate time travelling, it breaks the history ‘-‘
    And please square, don’t tell me FFXIII-2 will carry anything to Versus
    That will prove to us that you are just thinking in money =/

  • Chaser

    It’s releasing on the 11th in EU/PAL countries, so it’s not just America.

  • Zanzetsuken


    Haha, I read up all my Fabula Nova Crystallis information and notes a long time ago. Even went to the conference where they explained the details. Just a thought if it did happen. Doesn’t hurt to have other thoughts in mind.

    By the way, I won’t trust what most SQ staff would say nowadays. Specially with the latest games and from past reports such as XIII being on PS3 only.

  • von

    Can’t wait for this demo!

  • rattyinc

    @ Zanzetsuken

    Yeah, you mean gamewise tied to VSXIII? I dunno but it could be highly likely, SE are so coy on info about VS … i wouldn’t be surprised if there was a secret ending which led to a mega game where it all comes toegether … which they are already working on and just saying that VS is almost done. Likewise with XIII … im super sure the sequel was planned from the beginning, it takes about 5 years to make XIII (give or take) and less than a year (again, give or take) to make the sequel … im sure they were half way through when XIII was released.

  • Tony

    Well, there is an overarcing Fabula Nova Crystallis lore…

  • Cody

    I thought I remember reading something about the fabula nova games taking place in the same universe, or same planet or something of that matter.

    I’ve never quite understood what the similarities are in the lore. Except i’ve heard the mention of fal’cie and such in type-0.

  • Zanzetsuken


    Ugahhh!!! Mega-party of all FNC characters. XD That would be like my KH3 for FF.

    The Fabula Nova Crystallis consists of different stories with the same mythology. I’m sure…

    To note, cannot wait to play this demo :)

    2 days!!!

  • dave423

    I think it sucks how we get psone releases, when updated versions are on the DS. For instance we get the psone final fantasy VI, The one on the DS has updated graphics, and an even better translation, plus bonus dungeons, items and such. The same goes for Final Fantasy Origins, Why cant we get final fantasy 1 dawn of souLs instead

    another note.
    IMO Final Fantasy XIII is not that bad at all. It has all the makings of a final fantasy. Serpents Road, A Crystal soldier, IE: Lightning, Celes, Cloud, Cecil, a monk Snow, Sabin, Yang. A magic user Hope, Terra, Tella.

    This new idea about changing paradigms instead of giving individual commands, is pretty kewl and I think will have better uses when the game advances to having more than one party under the players control. I think a lot has gone into Final Fantasy XIII and it is a framework for the future of final fantasy we haven’t seen nothing yet.

    Its just retelling the same story in alternate universes.

  • lalik

    @dave423 there’s a FFVI on DS? When?

  • rattyinc

    @ lalik er….sometime inthe future 😛
    Also DS games have a shorter development cycle i guess. And these were originally nintendo titles so nintendo deserves some awesome FF stuff.
    BUT dawn of souls is licensed to nintendo so that’s why its not on the psstore.

  • I don’t see the point in buying Origins since the PSP versions ARE the Dawn of Souls versions. (Well, apart from the different MP system)

  • TheExile285


    dude get off your high horse. you act like they are selling the games for $20 each. no one is gonna hold a gun to your head and make you buy them.

  • TheExile285


    1. The PSP versions are NOT on the PSN (Meaning you can’t play them on a PSPgo or PSV)

    2. The PS3 cannot play PSP games BUT it can play PS1 PSN games. The PSV can play PSN PSP games and PSN PS1 (wait for FW update) games