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Dissidia Duodecim in this week’s Famitsu

September 14th, 2010 by Tony Garsow

b_ddff012_logoFamitsu’s got a new interview with Tetsuya Nomura and Takahashi Mitsunori about Dissidia Duodecim, plus new scans as well! Stay tuned, because we’ll be posting all the sweet deets tonight!

+ Lightning is able to switch Paradigms with L and R.
+ She is able to use the Command, Ravager, and Medic roles.
+ The soundtrack is double the size of the previous Dissidia.
+ There is mention of a four-player mode, though it could be two characters being switched in and out.
+ There will be a four-character Assist System; two players use two characters each.
+ Funda Sugawara will be narrarating the Japanese version.
+ Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV will be voiced by Koichi Yamadera. (Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop)
+ Every character in the original Dissidia will return.
+ Your saved data from Dissidia: Final Fantasy will carry over, but Nomura wouldn’t divulge details.
+ There will be many new characters, not just three or four.
+ The game’s Story Mode will be different from it’s predecessor, currently it’s top-secret.
+ The orange bars below the character’s health bar pertain to Assist System.
+ Pressing L+○ or L+□ will execute an brave or HP Assist, and consume one segment of the orange Assist bar.
+ Pressing ↓L+○ will execute a Brave Assist attack, and consume one segment of the orange Assist bars.
+ Pressing L+□ will execute a HP Assist attack, and consume two segments of the orange Assist bars.
+ Nomura hints at adding more original NES music into the game.
+ All the maps from the original game will return.
+ There will be new Summons.
+ The ‘012’ in Duodecim’s title pertains to a specific and important story element.
+ Nomura says that the final build of the game will be playable “soon”.
+ The playable build at TGS will include new features that may impress fans.
+ All current characters and new characters will have a third alternate look.

Even more breaking updates!
+ Lightning’s Healer paradigm was designed to heal Brave points, and recovers a small amount upon use.
+ Some of the characters in Dissidia are changed almost entirely in battle. Firion is an example.
+ The team wants you to enjoy the third alternate outfits for characters, especially Garland.
+ Weapons and armor have been re-balanced, and will include bonuses to the Assist System.
+ There are many new maps that include locations from the franchise, but new ones as well.
+ Orphan’s Cradle from Final Fantasy XIII will be a map.
+ The battle theme from Final Fantasy XIII is in, and will be remixed by Takeharu Ishimoto.
+ Kain Highwind’s moniker is “Position Maker”, and he is able cancel and connect aerial Brave combos.
+ Kain’s battle style will naturally have the player doing a lot of jumping and moving over terrain.
+ Lightning’s moniker is “Optima Commander” as she makes use of three different battle styles.
+ Her Ex-Burst is called Scene Break/Army of One.
+ Lightning is able to use Scene Break/Army of One in EX-Mode.
+ Her Ex-Bust involves summoning Odin and entering Gestalt Mode.
+ The TGS demo will have three difficulty modes: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
+ Popular characters with a good direction of how to implement them in battle are chosen for Dissidia.
+ Kain and Lightning will have and alternate form based on Yoshitaka Amano’s artwork.
+ Kain has a HP attack called “Gungnir” that will strike his opponent and restore his HP.
+ In a conversation with Cecil, Kain says that “They are right, and you will lose this battle when you tire.”
+ Lightning is called a traitor by the Warrior of Light, as she looks upon Cosmos with scrutiny.
+ She has an attack named “Impact Break” in her Commando paradigm.
+ After completing Universal Tuning, Nomura and Takahashi expressed interest in expanding Dissidia further, and Duodecim was greenlit.

Update: Click the image below to view the new scans from Famitsu!

Thanks: Kagari, duckroll!
Via: FF-Reunion, AndriaSang, VideoGamerX, Bulletin@Vault