Cloud Strife to join Super Smash Bros. as playable character

November 12th, 2015 by Arielle Haddad


Cloud In Smash

To the joyful surprise of everybody, Nintendo announced during during today’s brand new Direct that Cloud Strife will be entering Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS as a brand new playable character.

Nintendo did not reveal any release date or pricing for Cloud in Super Smash Bros. but nevertheless you can view the trailer below and revel in fantastic reveal full of Omnislashes and Chocobos.

Only One Gil 2 T-Shirt by Coinbox Tees Available at TeeFury!

September 26th, 2015 by Arielle Haddad



It’s not easy trying to find a shirt that represents your favorite video game series, but TeeFury has fans covered. For today only, fans can order this Final Fantasy VII-meets-anime-inspired t-shirt designed by Coinbox Tees to commemorate the remake of Final Fantasy VII!

“Only One Gil 2″ by Coinbox Tees can be ordered from TeeFury for $11 for today only, so if you like the design be sure to make your purchase before the 26th is over.

We are giving away 5 t-shirts thanks to TeeFury, so leave a comment below, on our forums, Facebook, or on Twitter before 6pm PT where you tell us your favorite Final Fantasy VII moment for your chance to win!

Also, don’t forget to check out their gallery of shirts, hoodies, and more in their shop for even more amazing designs that are on sale!



Square Enix has released brand new screenshots from World of Final Fantasy, their upcoming Playstation 4 & Playstation Vita game which combines classic RPG gameplay mechanics with toy-like visuals to welcome both fans and newcomers to the series.

The screenshots features Reynn and Lann, the twin duo who explore the world of Grymoire and encounter notable characters, locations and monsters that will be familiar to Final Fantasy fans, including Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, the town of Cornelia, Princess Sarah, and the Warrior of Light from the original Final Fantasy. The new screenshots also show off mysterious woman named Enna Kros who guides Reynn and Lann into the world of Grymoire, powerful creatures called Mirages that aid Reynn and Lann in battle, and shows off more of the unique stacking mechanic that increases attack power, HP, and unlock special abilities.

Among the iconic Mirages are Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit and Cerberus, ready to wipe out all enemies that oppose the duo. World of Final Fantasy also introduces train travel with the Cactuar Conductor for Reynn and Lann to journey across Grymoire.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases on smartphones in Japan

September 25th, 2015 by Arielle Haddad


Final Fantasy XIII-2

Through Broadmedia Corporation on G-Cluster streaming services, Square Enix has launched Final Fantasy XIII-2 on iOS and Android devices in Japan today.

Players who download the game can play the first 30 minutes for free, but must pay 2400 Yen in order to play the full game.

To run Final Fantasy XIII-2 on smartphone devices, 3Mbps through Wi-Fi connection is required to play with 6Mbps as the recommended speed. In order to run the app properly, iOS 8.1 and Android 4.2 is required to play.



Famitsu interviewed Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata during Tokyo Game Show 2015 on his current projects including Final Fantasy Type-0 Online, Square Enix’s WITCH Tech Demo, and Final Fantasy XV. Tabata discusses plenty of topics including brand new story details, music within the game, Noctis’ friends various influences on the gameplay, fishing, VR, and more which can be read in the summary, translated below thanks to Rin:

On Final Fantasy Type-0 Online:

Development preparations for Final Fantasy Type-0 Online began last November. From the start, the game has been developed to be a four player party hack and slash MMO. Characters will be acquired throughout the game as you play.

The Agito team is closely working with Perfect World in order to create Final Fantasy Type-0.

On the Meteor of Lestallum:

Because the story of the meteor is a part of the Final Fantasy XV world’s history, similar to that of the Genesis story, it is a something that will not be explored by Noctis and his friends while on their journey.

On the car radio:

They are currently looking into allowing players to play their own music while driving the car, or having Final Fantasy and Square Enix music play within the game. While the former is possible in Japan and the United States, there are legal issues involved with this feature in Europe–where the law are more strict–that have to be looked into. Tabata is more confident in the possibility of having Final Fantasy and Square Enix music play on the car’s radio.

On a potential theme song:

People have raised interesting questions about a theme song for Final Fantasy XV, specifically citing that Tabata should look at Final Fantasy X-2’s opening. A pop theme like in Final Fantasy X-2 wouldn’t fit in the Final Fantasy XV world, though.

On Moogles:

When Tabata mentioned the lack of Moogles in Final Fantasy XV at Tokyo Game Show 2015, he states “there wasn’t enough of a response from the audience, so in the end we won’t be adding them in (laugh)” Famitsu mentioned that they believed there was a lot of applause by the crowd, so he should consider looking at RTs online and looking into the possibility, and in response Tabata said he’ll consider it.

On the music:

There is a huge demand for Yoko Shimomura’s rendition of the Final Fantasy Main Theme, which Tabata is also excited to hear in the game. Songs, like the new Chocobo Theme heard at TGS, are making progress.

On collaborating with Avalanche Studios:

Talks with Avalanche Studios who developed Just Cause 3 have only just begun and they are also busy with their own projects, so there has not been any concrete progress as of yet.

On fishing:

There will be a record of what kind of fish have been caught in the game, and you can catch fish up to 1 meter long. Successful fishing does not have anything to do with your level, but rather how well you use the lure. Fishing can be done in lakes only right now, but Tabata thinks it’d be a really fun idea to be able to fish in the sea on a boat.

On Ignis, Prompto, and Gladio:

Ignis’s repertoire of cuisine will expand throughout the game. For a reason left unstated, Prompto takes photos on his smartphone while journeying with his friends on their road trip. Gladiolus likes collecting Coleman items, and also likes fighting so he researches different techniques and skills he can use, which can be applied to linked attacks.

On Chocobos:

Battles can start even while riding on a Chocobo. You can’t fight while on a Chocobo, though. If your Chocobo does not have enough willpower, which is gained by what you feed your Chocobo, it will run away during the battle. The better the food, the less likely it is that they will run from battle and will instead avoid enemies. Because Black Chocobos are wild and rare to find, you can’t rent them to ride. They have not decided if you can ride them, and it is uncertain of how you will come to find them.

On Luna, Gentiana, and “a plague of the stars”:

Luna’s gaze in the Dawn trailer 2.0 was not a result of the soldiers she was surrounded by, but by the vision of the future she was seeing that awaits her. When it comes to Gentiana, she is not just Luna’s attendant but has her own special existence.

With Luna’s powers as the Oracle, she has a unique power. There is a “plague of the stars” that Luna is using her powers to keep at bay. Because of this plague from the stars, the nights in the world of Final Fantasy XV become longer and so Luna’s attempting to prevent the world from being plunged into darkness.

These long nights will also affect the game. As you progress further through Final Fantasy XV, the nights will grow longer.

On the dog and a promise:

The dog that is used to deliver messages between Noctis and Luna is not Noctis’ full-time messenger, nor is it a pet. Tabata implies that the dog has a role similar to Gentiana. The white dog shown during Tokyo Game Show 2015 will also make an appearance.

Noctis’ injury as a child allowed Luna and him to spend time together, and the promise that they made to each other does not have anything to do with their arranged marriage. It is something else completely.


The airships may end up being DLC. Gilgamesh may also be considered for DLC. Tabata wishes to prepare more things players can enjoy after finishing Final Fantasy XV.

On VR and WITCH:

Tabata is highly interested in VR, and they are currently developing the WITCH Tech Demo for VR presentation. Tabata also lightheadedly mentioned how he would have wanted to see Final Fantasy XV in VR but the combat in 3 would creates too much motion sickness to be enjoyed properly.

On the special March event:

They will not only be announcing the release date of Final Fantasy XV at the Mach 2016 event, but also providing the official name of the tech demo and specifications for it.

There will also be news at the event that nobody is expecting!

Square Enix will also be announcing more collaborative tie-ins with other companies similar to the Coleman tie-in in order to give a bigger sense of that “real-world” feeling they are trying to capture in Final Fantasy XV.


Final Fantasy Type-0 Online Announced for PC & Mobile

September 19th, 2015 by Arielle Haddad



During the Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report – Live from Tokyo Game Show 2015, Director Hajime Tabata discussed that while Final Fantasy Agito is terminating services in November, in its place would be a brand new multiplayer game called Final Fantasy Type-0 Online

Developed by China-based company Perfect World, Final Fantasy Type-0 Online is a free-to-play multiplayer action-RPG taking place in the universe of Final Fantasy Type-0 with a gameplay system that has been evolved from Final Fantasy Agito.

The game will be beta-tested this Winter in China, and Square Enix hopes to release the game Spring 2016 on Windows PC, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices.

Localization for North America and Europe is currently being considered.




Announced last year at Tokyo Game Show 2014, Square Enix had planned to release a Playstation Vita version of their latest social mobile game Final Fantasy Agito called Final Fantasy Agito+ at the beginning of 2015. Due to issues with its development, the release was put on hold as they continued development on the title and news about the game went quiet shortly after.

Today, the official Final Fantasy Agito Twitter announced that development on Final Fantasy Agito+ has officially ceased. This does not come long after the announcement that Final Fantasy Agito would be terminating services in November and that there would be a “rebirth” of the game to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2015.

Source: Official Final Fantasy Agito Twitter



Square Enix released new assets for Final Fantasy XV right before it’s next ATR at Tokyo Game Show 2015. Included was a new Dawn trailer, screenshots, and a HQ Key Art.



On September 18th, the brand new Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report will be broadcast straight from Tokyo Game Show 2015 where tons of new details about the latest Final Fantasy title will be revealed.

The Final Fantasy XV Twitter revealed today what this new Active Time Report will cover which includes a recap of all of the news revealed from Gamescom to PAX Prime, a brand new version of the “Dawn” trailer featuring new scenes, new details on Luna and Regis, more information about the lore of Final Fantasy XV, a showcase of new gameplay like chocobo riding and fishing, and a Q&A session by Director Hajime Tabata.

The Tokyo Game Show Active Time Report stream will be in Japanese only, but an English translation of the stream will be made available later on. Fans can view the stream on either NicoNico or YouTube, the latter of which has been embedded below:

Final Fantasy V Headed to PC on September 24th

September 10th, 2015 by Arielle Haddad


Square Enix has announced today that Final Fantasy V is finally headed to PC on September 24th for $15.99.

Originally released in 1992, Final Fantasy V weaves a classic tale of magic, monsters and friendship as players follow four unlikely heroes tied together by fate who embark on a journey to restore life to the world’s four elemental crystals.

If players pre-order Final Fantasy V on PC between now and its launch on September 24th, they will receive a 10% discount for the game through the Steam store.

Below is a list of the new features and updates made to Final Fantasy V on PC:

  • Veteran character designer, Kazuko Shibuya, has returned to recreate the characters and graphics from the Game Boy® Advance version for an enhanced experience.
  • Updated controls and a newly optimized active-time battle system for an even more fluid PC experience
  • A job and ability system featuring 26 unique classes that allows players to freely customize their four heroes to fit their unique play style
  • The Sealed Temple, an additional dungeon originally featured in the 2006 version of FINAL FANTASY V for Game Boy Advance®
  • Enuo, an optional boss created by renowned designer Tetsuya Nomura
  • Loads of obtainable Steam trading cards and achievements